Being Watched

Pictures: While out on my walk yesterday morning I could just feel the eyes on me 🧐

This squirrel had taken up a post on the cliff but it was in my walk way and the squirrel didn’t give it up till I was pretty close.

The Chipmunk was way up on the cliff, nowhere near my path and I near miss the little guy 🤔


City: I went into the city today and pick up some food items and order some parts for my truck. Maintenance … always fun and cheap …NOT! I am going to replace the front brake calipers on the truck, I have a front wheel squeaking and I replace both the brake pads and rotors on the front just about 4 or 5 months ago. I worry about the calipers when I did the earlier work …. may not be the problem but I am going to replace them.

Night Folks


Heron Lake

Pictures: Back in 2013 3 friends and I went to Heron Lake State Park in NM. Here is a couple of shots.

While out on a nice walk.Near-Heron-Lake,-NM-6-20-2013-_9446

Walking with friends.

Truck: I have had my old truck out in the desert for 10 years now and my Rain-Guards have had a little too much sun … Ordered some new ones today. The things are not cheap but with all the heat out here in the west, I feel that I need to always keep the windows open just a little and the Rain Guards stop the rain from getting in and helps with the dust. I always get surprises with the weather!

I need to get a set of tires for the truck, but I am going to try to put that off till early next year. Hey, all the tread are near gone but hey … they are 10 ply, I should have nine more …. right?? LOL, I wish 😦 I may have to make it happen sooner but we’ll see. They are one of my biggest expenses when it comes to general maintenance of the truck.

Night Folks

Some Maintenance Day

Pictures: Some this and thats.

B&W Weeds 20d_2526

Sunrise 20d_2513

Weather: It is a cloudy day, very overcast and cooler today too.

Maintenance: I got the generator out and changed the oil in it and ran it for half hour or so, just to exercise it. Also after getting the tires rotated the other day I thought that maybe I should check to see if they had lined up the valve stems on the dulies, so I could add air as needed ……. one side was fine but I had to pull the wheel off the right side and line it up myself 😦 I didn’t mind too much seeing as they only charged me $15 to do the rotation, but had they paid little more attention to what they where doing they could have save me some work.
Tomorrow I will check the air in the RV tires and make sure they are ready for a longer trip should I decide to make one 🙂

Night folks

Last trip to Blythe

Weight 186.0: I must have eaten some glue and it is keeping my food stuck to me 😦 Good grief, there must be a way to diet effectively and not be hungry …… Maybe not 😦

To do list: I’m debating on what to do today. It is time to do the last errands that are to be done at this location before moving time. I need to make one more shopping trip to Blythe, do my laundry, fill one of my propane tanks, one last water fill, put the solar panels down and start putting things away. I’m sure I could do all this in one day but I think I will break it into two days.

Shopping and laundry: Done! I did my bit of shopping and my laundry today. I now should be pretty much set to leave the area.

Walk? : I don’t think I’ll walk today, the knees can use the rest and I have stayed busy running the roads today so a little relaxing will be okay.

Truck maintenance: Today I crawled under the truck and checked the transmission and rear end fluid levels and all is well.

Defrosting the Refrigerator : Yep, these RV refrigerators have got to be defrosted, I do mine about once every two months. The bottom part of the refrigerator has some fins in it that ice up. The top part( freezer ) hardly ever ices up. To clean the bottom fins takes about ten minutes, not much of a job. I use a hair dryer to quickly melt the ice.

Night folks


Weight: 186 😦 To add insult to injury I have already blew my diet for today with a tasty sweet from Cinnabon. Even if I didn’t eat nothing for the rest of the day, I would still be in the hole! Unfortunately this sweet carbonated treat will leave me starved for more carbs later on today. Oh well, I am one that has to be bad now and then, maybe I can find a way to make up for it later on in the week.

Water: was the thing I went after this morning (drinking water, in gallon containers ) when I got into trouble with that bad cinnamon roll : shock: that tasted so damn good! I better get up and do some exercise, now! …… LOL.

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.80mi, time: 01:00:39, pace: 21:39min/mi, speed: 2.77mi/h.
If I did about 10 more walks just like this today I would make up for that tasty cinnamon roll I had this morning 😉

Another walk: No there won’t be 10 walks but there is 2! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.20mi, time: 45:24, pace: 20:41min/mi, speed: 2.90mi/h.

Washed the Truck: A thing that was much needed, it had been a while since I give the truck a good wash.

Night folks

Another full day gone

Today I took the truck to get new shocks put on and it turned into a full day of waiting along with other things that had to be done to the truck. I got back to the RV about 7pm and about $500.00 shorter on cash, well on the cards, Ouch. It is now about 8:30 and I am beat, so another short post to say Hi, and that will be about all. I think I will take tomorrow to chill out a little, and catch up on a couple of things.

I have not had time to exercise or stretch for two days now, so tomorrow will be a day to catch up on things I have been missing. I hate it when I miss days in a row.

It is pretty warm in the RV tonight, maybe time to start for higher grounds where the temperatures are cooler, very soon, I think.

Night folks.

Yet another busy day

This one should hold me for a while ………… I should be able to slow down a little and get back to a nice slow routine again. This morning I went off to have the oil changed on my truck and a few things checked out. Before being stuck at the garage most of the morning (nobodies fault, just busy like all garages, and I like this one) I went and sent my Nexus 7 off to Asus ( the maker of the device) to be repaired. I have no ideal how long this will take. I did this at Fedex and it cost me over $20.00 to send. The last thing I did in town was to pick up a friend and grab some lunch at Windy’s and then stopped at Walmart for a couple of things. At any rate, by the time I got back to the RV and then went out for my walk the day is just about gone. Just a few busy things that needed to be done, now they are 🙂 .

Trying to let all the folks I know around Deming, know that I am back in the area for a short spell.

Looks like we are in for some cool weather here in the Deming Area over the next few days, down in the 30’s at nights, just a bit of a change from AZ, LOL. I don’t think that kind of temperature will last long here in Deming. However the wind will go on for a while. It is always windy here in the spring.

I have a lot of email to catch up on, so I think I will start that now. Later.


I have gone to the bad side, I am now using Google Chrome for a browser! I am giving it a try anyways, it seems to have set up well and I have imported my bookmarks and added one of my favorite extensions (Lasspass). However from what I have read so far I don’t think I can add that extension to the mobile version of Chrome which is a killer for me. But that is OK, I can still use Dolphin Browser to go to sites that need passwords. I will be playing around with it for a few days to see how I like it. Another bad deal for me is that my phone (Thunderbolt) is not compatible with Chrome, the OS is too old. My tablet is compatible but again I don’t think it supports extensions.

Exercise; was a bike ride of 10 miles today. I stopped by the hardware store, the parts house and Jack in the Box while I was on my ride this morning. Later I had to go back to the parts house with my truck to pick up some things I had brought. They had all their filters on sale and I got air, fuel and oil filters for the truck.

OK, I am back to my Firefox browser, it is just the best as far as I can see. Well on a full computer anyway, for the devices I still like Dolphin Browser. Both of these Browsers will use extensions and I have a few that I don’t want to do with out. The three top ones are NoScript, Xmarks and Lasspass, there is also a couple of others that I like, but the first three are ones I just ain’t going to do without.

Today I took on the job of cleaning and repainting a little on my little 3 burner kitchen stove, a job that I have put off for a spell. I spent 3 hours messing with the thing. It had gotten some rust on it so a little repair was in line, along with the much-needed cleaning. 😯

Later folks.

Cold this Morning

Wow, it was colder than I expected this morning, about 30°. I think tonight will be another cool one and then it is to warm up Wednesday, a good thing! This morning while my friend Max and I where out I picked up some water for the RV and will add it later when it is warmer.

Max took off for Yuma today and will stay in the city for a week or so and said he may drop by here to stay for another week before heading to Deming for two months. It is always great to have my friends stop in and spend a little time.

Before leaving this morning my friend took a short walk with me and I will maybe add to that later today. Hopefully by Wednesday, it will be nice enough to get out for a good bike ride. Besides adding just a little more exercise today, I need to be sure to get my stretching done, I have been just a little lacks on that this week.

Tomorrow I will have to check my mail at the post office, I sent for my mail late last Friday and it went out on Monday, so it should be here by tomorrow. My new credit card is in that mail. 🙂

1:30 pm just finish a second walk, this one a little longer, should be well over 3 all together.

I have looked up my shocks and I think these are the ones I need. Shocks for 04 Dodge 3500 2WD.  Looking to order from eShocks, anyone deal with them before? I may very well put them on myself.

Enough for today, later.