The last long walk

Weight 184.6: Maybe a good walk today will help 🙂 Kidding aside, I’ll really need to keep my weight down to at least 180. I put in a lot of effort to get it off, and I dang well want to keep it off. Going up can happen in the snap of a finger but coming down is another story. I have stayed 5 or 6 pounds over for the last two months now, that has got to go! Today it looks like I’m about 5 pounds over 😦
Maybe I need to get a note pad and stick it to the Refrigerator door, and each day I need to write my weight right on the door! Hey, maybe I could take a picture of my belly and tape that to the refrigerator door. With something like that on the door it should scare me away, LOL.

Walk: Not sure how far I will walk today, it will just be one of those things where I’ll see as I go. I’ll guess 7 miles …. so we’ll see.

Ouch, I’m beat! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 11.36mi, time: 03:52:13, pace: 20:26min/mi, speed: 2.94mi/h. This will be my last long walk here at this location this year, by next weekend I’ll be in Quartzsite. This has been a fine place to walk.

Okay I’ve eat and now have the ice on my knees, let the healing begin 🙂

TV Antenna: Next weekend I’m going to help a friend install one of the bat-wing antenna on her RV. Should not be too hard of a job. Her RV has one of the little flat round antenna that they are putting on many of the newer RVs and they are not very good. The old bat-wing antenna is still the best all-around antenna for over-the-air TV.

Bird of the week: This weeks bird is a Robin, I took this shot a long time ago in Ky.

Fine stay: This place has been very peaceful this year and not real busy and I have had a great stay for the two plus months that I have been here. I may well come back next year now that I know it is a nice long term options, and again next year is a long way off and I may take a notion to see something different.

Night folks