Bad Day, food day that is

Birds: On with the Gold Finches.
Finch Gold photo GFF.jpg
Goldfinch photo Goldfinch1.jpg

Bad Day: Today is my bad day, meaning that I very well eat all the bad stuff I want! Tomorrow I will have to start paying for my sins 😦 rightfully so. I just got to have a bad day once in a while, but they are far in between, thank goodness, because if they were not long apart I would be as big as a bear … again!

New Links: I have added a couple of new Links to the right side of the page, MakeUseOf. and Twit, Both great tech links.

Night Folks

Another beautiful day

Another beautiful day for sure, this Nov has been one of the finest I have seen in my 5 years in the desert. I am loving this weather.

Exercise this morning was about 3 miles or so on a nice walk. I like walking in this kind of weather, it is good for the soul.

Ido Lanuel is one of the folks that comes by my blog now and again and I go see what he is up to now and then too, and in my visit today I found this interesting link from back in July. Now how did whoever wrote this know me? LOL. Ain’t this one on the mark? Ido has a lot of self-awareness post on his blog that I enjoy reading. You should give him a read if you enjoy little awareness tips.

OK I have been in my chair too long, playing with all the “devices” (tablets and computers) or as a friend of my says (fondling the electronics) LOL. Back later, I need to do some stretching anyway.

Later update; not only did I do a little stretching, I also added in a little walk of maybe 1.5 miles, so at least 4 for today.

Bandwidth usage; I have used a good bit of that lately. I am stuck on only 5 gig on my air-card but my smart phone is unlimited for now. I am using near my 5 gig each month on the air-card and a little over that on the phone. I use my smart phone for tethering to my tablet on which I watch the tech show from Twit. Video uses bandwidth fast. So for a total I am going through maybe 10 gig. When my  contract is up with Verizon I think I can do better if the same deals are open that are available now. I will be getting more internet and less talk/text.