Good bike ride toady

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrow and a Anna’s Hummer.

White-Crowned Sparrow 22_7D2_140116

Anna's Hummer 27_7D2_140116

Exercise: Today I rode the bike for about 14 miles, nice ride.

New Computer: Still liking my new computer. It has great battery life and is doing a fine job. Just a little more working with it and I’ll reset(reinstall Windows 10) my other laptop. Something I have not done sent I brought it 5 years ago, I’ve always just upgraded and a reset is much needed I think. Maybe I’ll add a copy of Ubuntu on it too.
At some point I will reformat my hard drives on the desktop and take it down too. When I get an Apple computer that will be my desktop replacement.

Night Folks


Another Beautiful Day

Weather: Today is the kind of day I’m here for, sunshine, mind wind and a prefect temperature, a fine day indeed.

Update; The day ends with a little rain.

Bird: Here is another Nuthatch (White-Breasted)
Nuthatcher White-breasted photo WhitebreastedNuthatcher.jpg

Computers: Today I’m playing on the Ubuntu Computer, always fun to switch it up. I still have not found a good speech engine for Ubuntu, the best I can do is to open Google Translator in a new tab and use it. Google Translator is not the best ideal because it first much upload to Google and than Translator  and download  from Google, which uses bandwidth both ways, would be best to have it stay in house.

Night folks

Playing with the Computers

Walk: Started the day with a good walk right after breakfast.I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.29mi, time: 01:02:45, pace: 19:06min/mi, speed: 3.14mi/h. Link to MapMyWalk

Ubuntu: Today I am using the older computer I got from my friend yesterday with Ubuntu installed on it that I installed yesterday afternoon. I like seeing just how much I can do with it as a Windows replacement machine and it makes a nice little back up computer if I keep everything up to date. Between yesterday and today I have configuring Firefox(it comes with Firefox installed), Thunderbird email, Everpad (compatible with Evernote) , Diodon (a clipboard manager), Gimp Image Editor, and one or two others. Today I am trying to get things synced up, such contacts, email, bookmarks, Firefox plug-ins and other things. I get hung up a good bit, I don’t know a much about Linux, yet.

Ubuntu Text to speech: That is the one thing I have not be able to get to work very well on Ubuntu. It makes no matter I am sating here next to my Nexus 7 tablet and I can just pick it up and use it when I need TTS, while doing my blog because WordPress is always synced. TTS could come in handy for other things though if I had it going good. i do have it working but it sure is not near as good as the ones on Windows or Android.

Internet: The internet is acting up a bit today. This is the second time I have had that problem here, always before my connection has been good with Verizon.

Weather: The weather is fine today but the man says it is to get colder once again. Hope it is not to bad on my moving day.

Sating: I have been sating way to long I have got to get up and move a bit.

Night folks

Ubuntu 14.02 LTS

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.77mi, time: 01:00:17, pace: 21:44min/mi, speed: 2.76mi/h. My walk for today

Added another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.32mi, time: 28:38, pace: 21:45min/mi, speed: 2.76mi/h.
Another Short Walk

Workout Summary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/21/2014 – 04/27/2014
9 workouts
8 routes
16.9 miles
7.9 hours
2,219 kCal burned

Computer: Today I have been playing on the computer with Ubuntu. I installed a new version of the OS(14.02 LTS) and I am playing in it now as I do my post. Needless to say this has been most of my day, it is already near 3pm. Hey, I’m having fun 🙂 It is so nice to be hooked up to electric and be able to run the desktop all day and do these kind of fun things.

One of the first things I had to work out was to find a way to get my Evernotes to Ubuntu and I did that with a program called Everpad on Ubuntu. They work well together but the Everpad is not as full featured as Evernote by no means, but it gets the job done.

Bird: Sticking with the White Throated Sparrows, here is another picture, taken in KY.
 photo cp.jpg

Silly Problems: My first problem is that one of my batteries up and stop being able to charge so I had to remove it for my 4 battery system, meaning that I had to remove two of my batteries because they are wired in series/parallel arrangement (I have four 6volt batteries in a 12volt system). This is going to be a problem when I go back to the boon-docking, I’ll be down to half my power. The good part is that I will only be boon-docking for 10 days after I leave here, then I’ll be hooked-up to electric for the rest of the summer.

My next problem is that my browser of choice for Windows 8 on my desk-top is doing something silly and messing up the letters it puts on the screen. But only on the desktop with Windows and Firefox. I have Firefox running here in Ubuntu on the desktop and it is fine. More than likely something in the Windows Register messed up with the latest update. I tried to un-installing  and  reinstalling but it did not help. Well, it will give me something to fix later on.

Weather: A couple more days and this little cold snap should be over, hopefully. I have not enjoyed it LOL. Boo to cold weather 👿

Night folks

Working ………..

I owe, I owe, off to work I go!! I would like to get over that some day!! LOL. No, here at this working camping job I make no money, I just earn my keep, site and utilities. However, it sure is a convenience staying here, so close to every thing and not to mention that I am not out on the road burning fuel by pulling around a 30 foot RV.

There will not be any exercise today, the 5 hours of work was enough for me, but I hope I can work in a little stretching later on. Labor is not the kind of exercise I would like but it will have to do for a while. If I can keep up my stretching it will be OK.

After work today I was a bit tired, I am not used to all this labor stuff, LOL.

Blogging ………. I talk about my blogging from time to time and what it is I am doing or not doing with it, and today I will do that again, just a little. One, anybody that stops by and reads a bit knows right off that as I writer, I suck, two, I have nothing real important to say about the big things in life, three I have no product to promote, four, I care very little about popularity, so …………. what the hell is it that I am doing? LOL, good question! OK, here goes, one, this blog is something I started when I started RVing full-time about 6 years ago and it is kind of my record of what I have done in that time. I have done nothing fancy or extremely interesting but still I can look back and see. Two, it is a way to share with a very small circle of friends just what it is that I am up too. Three, I don’t mind that it is open to anyone that would like to come by to see what is happening with me and I appreciate the look-see when they do and the comments too. I like the “likes and comments” as it gives me a good reason to go look around at other folks sites to see what they are up to, and I enjoy that. Four, this blogging thing is actually helping become a better writer, a skill that is much-needed in my case 😉  .

A little about who I am …………. I am just a plain worker ant of life, doing nothing more special than any of the other worker ants, I am not faster, better, worst or in any way much different, some that know me might think so 😯  but I really am not. You know, at this point in life I think it is the way I want it to be, I just want to be me, for better or worst. Is it not OK to be an everyday garden variety person? I think it is. As a matter of fact I like this kind of people most. The ones that want more than this, are sometimes hard to like, they get in your way and take up a lot of space and sometimes need constant attention, they make me tired, LOL. So, this is who I am, of course there is much deeper stuff with me, as there is with everybody, but the world don’t need to see all that, some things are best kept in small circles, yes? Each day I live life, I think, that I learn a little more about how to not be the person that takes up to much room, and how to help other with their space in life, mind you, I still have lots of room for growth! So there is why I am so dang boring and have no interest in changing 😯

OK, today there was more than most of you wanted to know about me, 😉  so I won’t do this again for a year or two. Hmmm maybe I should put this post in the About section of the blog? No, I will just keep them wondering.

I am on Ubuntu today and I have gotten lucky and got both pieces of my encryption software (Encfs and Turecrypt)  working on Ubuntu, I am happy about that. I like it when I can figure out how things work, or in this case with Linux, I am happy to just get it to work even if I don’t know how I did that, LOL!

Enough chitchat for today, later.

Day gone

It seems like my day has just gotten started and then it is gone. Maybe today is because I am doing something I enjoy, and that is playing on the computer. I have found a way to move my encrypted files from Windows to Linux, one that works for me. I still use Dropbox for the cloud but I have changed to Turecrypt for my encryption. I still have to look at a way to see my files on the phone and tablet but I have read there is a way to do that with an app called, EDS Lite, for mobile, and I will give it a try tomorrow. Hard to get all these devices talking with one another. However there seems to be a lots of cross-platform software out there if you look hard enough.

The weather has been unusually cool for this time of year but I think that is a good thing. The cooler weather is nice but it won’t be long before the heat is way to high.

Short post today, I am going to play, later.

Back playing with Ubuntu

This morning I am doing laundry and playing around on the computer with Ubuntu. First thing was to get it connected to my new router (the Ubuntu OS, did Windows yesterday)  and that is done. The set up on the WiFiRanger was not to bad at all, pretty easy once you understand what’s going on in the settings. I like it, and I feel a little safer, but I do know that I am still going over WiFi with all my data. The speed of the WiFi here is about 2.5 Mbps, not too bad but it could be better. I wonder what is available here in Deming, NM?

I am still enjoying Ubuntu, a few things I can’t get working like I want but I know so little about Linux and if it was not for the easy interface of Ubuntu I would not be this far along, they have made it pretty nice. Two things I have not been able to do in Ubuntu is, one; find a good speech to text software or  a speech to text plug-in for Firefox that has a nice clear speech. I did find one for Chromium Web Browser that I installed and that one works pretty well so I just do a cut and paste from Firefox to Chromium. The second thing I have not been able to do is to get my encrypted files working. On Windows I use Dropbox and Boxcryptor but for Linux the combo should be Dropbox and Crpytkeeper (encfs, the Cryptkeeper is the interface)  but no luck on that for me, I simple can not get the Linux combo to open my encrypted files from Windows. If any of you Linux folks read this and can help, do drop me a line.

I think today will bring a bike ride to my life. It will be much-needed exercise and I think the knees  photo crossfingers.gif will be all right too. On checking the weather closer, I feel a little wind blowing so hopefully it won’t get up too much.

Exercise update; I did get me a nice bike ride of about 10 miles and I may take another smaller ride later on.

Almost 3 pm and a slow day for me. I seen lots of folks show up to work on a water leak today but it seem to be leaking yet. Probably need a part or something they can’t get just yet.

Had just a few drops of rain today, a rare thing here in Deming so I did not get to ride the bike any more today, maybe tomorrow. I still need to do some stretching today.

Enough chat for today, later.

Easy day

Today I just did two hours work. I will probably work a half-hour or so tomorrow and then all day Thursday just watching for folks to come in. So ……. an easy week for me, a good thing for the old knees.

Today I am running Windows, for now, but I might switch to Ubuntu later on, so I can play.

I have spent some time today helping a friend of mine, to set up a WordPress Blog, and a link will be coming soon (Hint on the right) . I like helping people with stuff like that, it is fun to me. It is really good to help this friend because she once help me a great deal in an office setting that I knew nothing about what so ever. This blog thing is something I know a little about, so I was glad I could help.

I am not getting much exercise other than my work. Maybe this weekend I can do a little bike riding if the knees are behaving. It is hard to stretch too, when not getting warmed up. It is much safer to stretch if you have the old muscles warmed up a bit.


Back on Windows today

I have played around with Ubuntu for a few days now and I can get most things to work but now and then I run into something that sets me back. I could live with the OS if I needed to and it is fun to play around with, but I do know Windows a little better.

A friend of mine stopped by today to say “see you later” and that he will be hitting the road tomorrow morning. Good traveling  (Max)! I hope you have a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you again in Yuma next fall.

Today I went out and did my end of month shopping (on the 5th) Barry!  Barry my  friend is  in center picture below in this link LOL. Barry always fussed with me as to rather it is the end of month shopping, when I do it after the 1st. I insist that it is ❗

I will take it ease today with maybe a little stretching and that will be all. No bike riding, I’ll rest up for next week, so I can be on my feet for 15 hours. I did get a total of about 10 miles on the bike and my stretching done yesterday.

Bird of the week, this is an Eastern Bluebird and this picture was taken in KY maybe 6 years ago.

Have a nice day folks, later.

Can’t stop playing

That’s right, I can’t stop playing with Ubuntu, so much new stuff and things to figure out! 😯  Now none of you that know me would have ever figure that, right? See what happens when you hook me up to electric? Since I installed Ubuntu a couple of days ago I have not been on Windows to do much of anything. It is kind of fun learning how to do things in another OS. I will not take it too far, because there is a very deep-well of learning to do in Linux if one wants to dive in.  I think things go pretty good for me when I move to Ubuntu Linux because it has a great interface and I use much of the same software that it comes loaded with, like Firefox, Thunderbird, Keepass, Dropbox and others. There is a lot of software that is equivalent to Windows software and other software just works on both OS’s. For example today I installed Everpad which will sync up with Evernote just fine. There are others that I have done too. But it is getting to be too many to keep up with.

Exercise; I have done a little bike riding today, about 7.5 miles just riding around town. I am so close to everything that I just use my bike for transportation, a really nice thing about this job. I will take one more small ride to warm up for some stretching here in a little while and that will be it for today, exercise wise.

I tried my best to get Ubuntu and Windows 8 to duel-boot but it is not happening. I just unplug the Ubuntu drive if I want to go to Windows 8. I broke Windows 8 from booting yesterday and had to fix it, twice even! I had to put the install disc in and restore the boot-loader. Lucky for me I was able to do that, I sure don’t want to do the whole Windows 8 install thing again, I don’t guess it would be no big deal but I had rather not, it is kind of boring.

OK, I think I will take that last ride on the bike now. Later.