Old Nexus 7 (2012)

Nexus 7: I am updating the Nexus 7 again, from a factory reset. I have had a rebooting problem the since the last time so I am doing it all again 😦 I’m using McD’s WiFi so that will help on my data. The Lollipop update is going tough for me on the Nexus 7, I must say ….. in fairness, that I am rooting it as soon as I get updated so that may the cause of some of my headaches here. Maybe I’ll wait a day or two before I root it this time and maybe not ….. 😀

Female Cardinal.
 photo CF9.jpg
Yellow Rump Warbler
 photo yrw.jpg

Verizon: I got a call from Verizon and they said it would be yet another month before My Verizon site will show my data used and send me warnings about the amount of data that I have used. Well, at least they called me back this time.

Workouts 14
Hours 16.31
Distance 40.99
Calories 4965

Night folks.

I am now in Deming

I will be updating my location page soon, tomorrow maybe. I finally got on the road about 11am this morning and got here about 2:30 pm. Good to see old friends. I won’t be posting a lot tonight I am tired as can be. It is good to have full hook up again, electric, running water and waste.  I already miss my cool mountain though. It is nice and hot down here in the desert.

I like that I can now get on the desktop computer. Nice big screen. I also like that Walmart is close by, I have done been there 🙂


Day one

I get a few days to shake the dust off before I go to work so that is nice. I have things to catch up on like cleaning around the rig, run around Las Curces and check out the stores and a few other things, so I will stay busy.

I had better do my location thing on this blog so folks can see where I am if they like. So here is where I am, as of yesterday!

Running the Roads/VA

I have been out running the roads today with my friend and his foot is doing great. We stop by the VA and got appointments straight and changed addresses. The VA is such a pain in the backside when it comes to addresses for full-time RVers! Yes I have an address but it is in Emery SD so I don’t want my mail going there just so I can have it sent back here! So I must change me address each time I want to get something mail from VA because I am never at the same place for long. The VA will not call you about some things and will never use email …………. why ??? who knows??? No matter it always gets work out one way or the other.


I at least got a couple of things done. I set for the summer so I don’t guess there is no hurry.


Huge Windows update today. I was surprise to see one so soon after the last one. So update your computers if they are not set to do so by themselves!