VA appointment canceled: My appointment got canceled for the VA, that I had tomorrow. So that leaves me with another day to relax a bit. So, road trip 1 down, but the big one is still coming.

Running around: Today I did much of nothing. My friend and I just goofed off today, it was a nice day.

Pictures: White wing Dove.
White Winged Dove photo WWDove.jpg

Wild Turkey photo TT.jpg

Night folks.

Long day at the VA

Long Day at VA: It was a very long day at the VA but then I knew it would be. I left only an hour after light and got back about an hour before dark.

No exercise today and not anything else got done today, so tomorrow I will be busy doing chores.

Sorry no pictures today and not much blogging today, I’m just beat.

On a good note, I enjoyed visiting with my friend today as we run around the VA.

Night folks.

Few chores today

Chores: Little shopping, haircut and a trip to the local VA clinic to set up an appointment for blood work and see a doc, just to make sure things are working right o_O

Bird: Here is another Canada Goose.
Canada Goose2_5559

Windy: It is really kicking up today! I don’t mind the wind so much here because it don’t carry near the dust as it might in other places I stay.

Night folks

A fast post

This morning I will be leaving for the doctor’s appointment I have in El Paso today and I will not have time to play on the computer much, so I figure I best get my post for today done now.

Looks like it will be a nice day out to be driving around between towns today so that will help the day go better. I am hoping that I only have to have this one appointment with the knee doctor and I don’t have to go back, I will know one way or the other by the end of the day.

My contract is up with Verizon and I am thinking about what way to go on my phone and air-card. I really enjoy my smart phone but the thing is costly. I have about the best deal one can have from Verizon now, unlimited data, and 450 minutes talk time (I never use more than 100) on a 4G phone, for about $70.00 a month. The new plan cost about $90.00 and you have like 2 gigs of data , I think. With this in mind upgrading to a newer phone is not going to happen because I would have to switch to the new plan. I am never going to go on the new plan, so sooner or later I will have to drop Verizon. My Air-card is 5 gig for $50.00 a month. Option ………….. there are too many to go over, and they are all costly. I am thinking on it.

I best get off this computer and get the day started. Every one have a nice day.



I had a doctor’s appointment canceled, for my knee. It is a pain to get this reschedule because it is in a clinic outside the VA. I first much get VA approve and then set the appointment up with the clinic (in this case El Paso Orthopaedic Surgery Group). Oh well, we do what we must. Update on the appointment, 2 hours of my time later, I now have an appointment on the 21st of  May at 2 pm.

Maybe I will get around to some exercise today. I will see how the knees are doing later on.

Nice day, today, the temperature is mild and there is a light breeze, just right.

Time for lunch, 3 hamburger patties and a can of greens.

My friend Mickey, web site is now live,  Mixagypsy on the right!

OK, I only seem to have one liners today, so later. I am going to play with Ubuntu.


Weight,exercise and diet

Weight,exercise and diet, I am doing OK on all these but it could be better. My exercise is very good I think, I am staying with my diet and the weight is in a very slow mode. I knew that the last 20 lbs would be hard, the last 20 always is. I am keeping up the good fight with diet and exercise so that is about all I can do. I staying under 200 but I sure ain’t moving very fast in the downward direction.  This morning I rode my 10 miles on the bike and it was a good ride, I did a good round of stretching when I got done. I kind of come and go on the stretching thing but I have been with it long enough this time that is paying off a little, I feel stretched, LOL.

VA; Tomorrow I will be off to the VA for an appointment for my blood work. It is a good long drive. My appointment is late in the day (near 4 pm)  and I will be getting back late, would have been better to have it around noon or so.

The hot weather

It is staying as hot as can be with temperature near a 100° everyday. Hot is in down here in the desert.

Since I am in the city areas I am changing a few things and getting stuff done that I can only do when near the city. I want to go see a dentist while here in Deming, I think I will try to change my VA primary care to EL Paso, change my state residents to NM and a few other things. One thing at a time for me.

Watching the news and they are talking about the food prices going up, how fun is that?!?! You ever heard of a reason for prices to go down …………… ? No, me either! There has been some too, but you will not get them.

Blood Letting

I went to the VA today and when ask what kind of appointment I had by the young woman at the desk I said “blood-letting” she got a kick out of that one. I was in and out very quickly this morning.

I rode my bicycle to the appointment and back which is about 11 miles (lucky yes?) so I got my exercise done too. On the way back I stopped at McD’s and had a drink and two egg/sausage burritos and of course I threw out the bread.

Weight; I have not said much on it for a few days but I did want to let everyone know I am still on track with it. I am not losing as fast as I would like but like everyone else trying to lose weight, I could never lose the weight as fast I would like LOL. You know ……. just wake up tomorrow and it all be gone, now wouldn’t that be nice?

OK time to catch up on all the folks following my blog. Let’s see who is looking in. Hmmm …. lots of dieting bloggers out there. I guess we Americans are just big folks, damn you McD’s LOL.

Today I am going to add a link to my blog to a new blogger and friend, so everyone (both of my readers, LOL) go say hi to Judy!  Link on the right, what a talent writer, her blog’s name is whinotclown,  I’ll do the link now. Folks go check out her blog, and give her a comment by clicking on comments at the bottom of one of her post.

Think I will get up and move around a bit, maybe go to Walmart. 3pm I am back from Walmart and I got my shopping done for today.

How about a new look for the blog …………. What do you think? I will redo the colors on the RV John part, little too bright for me LOL. I will work on it in Photoshop later this week. I think this is my 3rd theme for the blog as best I remember.

5:30 pm; I decide to update the RV John part, still bright, but more to my liking. Night folks.