Out the door

Pictures: Here is the view out my RV door.

I can see the train in the distance but can’t hear it, I am about 7 or 8 hundred feet from the interstate and the interstate noise override all else.


My lonely feeder area.


Exercise : I rode the bike for about 7 miles yesterday and I have rode for a about 11 miles today, took two rides but I got there ๐Ÿ™‚

Night folks


More sunsets

Pictures: Playing with the foreground of the photos, I can use Photoshop to leave than very dark or light them up a bit or a lot. I try to find a place that fits for me in each shot and I miss sometimes, I am sure, but still I like to play.

The sun kisses the little tree good night.



Birds: I have stay in this area a few times and it is very open and I don’t see a lot of birds ….. but still I put out my bird bath and some seeds, so maybe. I have one tree next to my RV and than there is no more tree (or Anything over a feet or two tall) for a 100 feet or so. I do hear them in the distance, come on little birdie, I want to shoot you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Night folks


Pictures: Odds and ends. I took a walk yesterday and meet a fellow on the trail and got to chatting, so I wasn’t able to get close to any birds and just took some shots of whatever. All these take with the 100-400.

Kingman 1_7D2_120416

Cactus 4_7D2_120416

Cactus 2_7D2_120416

Moving: I am on the road again and not sure where I am going?!!?!?!

Night folks

Went on an adventure

I went into Deming this morning to do some things and when I returned I decided to take a walk, that turned out to be a three and half hour adventure. There is a very large mountain right behind Rockhoundย  (where I am now), and I decided I would hike up the mountain. One of the nicest views I know of around this area, you can see for at least 70 miles in all directions. I did not take my camera but I had my phone with me and took a few shots. If you are familiar with the area you will like these even more. The first two pictures point out well-known landmarks 40 to 70 miles away. The third shot is the park I am staying in, Rockhound State Park. I enjoyed the walk greatly.

Click these for a larger image.

I still have not gotten back to stretching and I may just get off the computer and do that now. Later.