OH, that’s right, I am …..

Yes cool and windy, you would think I was in the southwest desert! ………. OH, that’s right I am, and life is good  😉  . It is for sure too windy for the bike ride today so I will be off on a walk here before long. I took my usual trip down to Jack and the Box today and sat around talking with my Canadian friends,went and pick up some water for the RV, stop and bought a head of red cabbage and headed back the RV. So as you see my day is as exciting as usual, and all is well. Hey, what the heck do you expected for an old dude? Careful! You will get me all excited and I will throw-down on some serious weather details! Moving on ……………

Time for a bit of food, I think I will have turkey burgers(no bums) and a vegetable. That is a meal that will keep me on my Atkins diet. For those that don’t know I have been on the Atkins Diet since last March and I have lost 40 lbs so far. I am about 10 lbs from my goal of 180, and these last lbs have turn into a war, but then … I expected it to be harder as I got closer to my goal. So all is on track.

After eating, I think I will get out and take that walk and maybe take the camera along just in case I see any birds up close. There is a good bit of sunshine today so I will catch a little vitamin D while out and just enjoy. I guess I better fill the Humming feeder before I go. Back later.

4:30pm; I am exercised up and stretch out ❗  all good. I walked for 3 miles plus. While out on my walk I found a dead owl (Great Horned Owl) and seen a live one in a tree. Not sure how the one died, maybe fighting for territory but hopefully of old age. I will have to wait to see if any owls nest again in the same tree as last year.


Great ride today

Man I had a fine ride on the bike today (20 miles). It was a normal ride except the last 1/3 mile ……….. I stood up on that bike and pump my old rusty heart out and damn it felt good to feel the heart race wildly in my chest! What a great feeling of euphoria I had after getting back to the RV and parking my bike. I miss the days I got that feeling about everyday while exercising, I need to do that more often. My stretching went a great deal better too, after being so warmed up from the hard riding. All and all a fine first half to the day.

The little park I am in (West Pinal County Park) has at least 20 rigs here now. When I got here the first part of Nov there where maybe 8 rigs. This is a very poplar spot to stop for a while. Prehaps tomorrow I will get out and take a walk and a head count ……. if I don’t ride the bike again 🙂  . I find this place to be one of the most peaceful spots that I have stayed in boon-docking, well not one of the most peaceful, it is in fact the most peaceful spot I know of, for now, always on the lookout for the next best place to be. I evidently have a lot of company in that way of thinking.

One of the great things this year is the weather, that has been seasonally warmer, it has afforded great opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy it’s splendor. I just don’t see how it could be any better. Great for walking, bike riding or just being out to catch some vitamin D.

Comparing apps from Windows Store to Android’s Play Store.  Still a long ways to go for Windows 8.

Prehaps some of you readers remember a while back I was having a hard time trying to do “like’s” on other people’s WordPress blogs, well I got that problem fixes and it was as simple as enabling 3rd party cookies in Firefox. So now I am spreading my “like love” around everywhere, LOL.