Chilling and Researching

Today I was very lazy! I got on the computer this morning and spent the day researching VPN’s. I did a lot of reading and that has been the only thing I have done the entire day! I stopped to eat a few times but that has been it.

I did a test run on NordVPN and I didn’t care for it, it was a lot slower than the one I have now which is PIA. I did take a lot of interest in ExpressVPN and I may one day move to it but not for now.

Does anyone out there use ExpressVPN here in the U.S. Would love to here what you think of it and how it does for speed from this side of the water.

Here is a shot of Variegated Fritillery from my very old Photobucket files. Sorry clicking won’t get you a bigger image.

Same as above but this one is a Northern Pearly Eye.

Night Folks


Sorry I am really slacking

Slacking  on my blog is what I am doing , So hello everyone out in blog land, today I will at least get a hello in.


Often when I don’t blog, I am sating here at the computer doing something the other. Yesterday i was looking for a good VPN. Vpn is something that protects your privacy on the net …………… for me that is when I am using WiFi and want to do things like banking. I don’t want someone knowing how little I have you know!!!! LOL. Anyway I can’t find one that I like, some just to hard to use and some don’t work on Windows 7 others I don’t trust.

I’ll keep looking, there is a about thousands of them and many are paid but many are free and of course free is where I like to be.


Tuesday VA appointment so no ride( too hot for me to ride in the evening), Wednesday 10 + miles and today 10 + miles. Not bad I guess. Tomorrow I will ride also.

Mail (junk)

RRRRRRRRRR I hate real mail it always brings real trouble! I got mail from 2 banks one talking about an account I closed months ago so I had to call and tell them to stop sending me junk mail. The other, American Express trying to give me a card and I had to opt-out ( I somehow miss the opting in part) to stop them from sending me mail. I so wish that I did not have to have an address but then someone somewhere would miss a chance of getting money out of me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell can’t have that can we?!?!?!?!??!?!

If you get a lot of credit offers at least there is a way to opt out now.

Other mail was 2 bills one for my insurance on the RV and Truck and the other for my mail services ……………… well other than these things I can’t think of a reason not to like mail!

OK I am off the Loading !

Ok the day is done good night all.