Getting ready

Starting to get things ready for moving. I check all the fluid levels in the truck today and did a little shopping. I need to stock the refrigerator a bit more so I will be set to stay in the boon-docks for two to three weeks at a time, OK maybe 10 days at least. Ten days, is a good stay. I will have to get back into the boon-docking mode and get different day patterns going.  Much different for me in the boon-docks than in a camp ground, probably better.

I look forward to a change of pace.

Windows 8; I think I got it going as well as it needs to be and I am happy with it. I even think it is better than 7 , once you can move around in the new interface it is a snap. I still have not upgraded my laptop but I probably will before Jan. I will not do the full install like I did on the desktop I will move all my files and programs forward with the new OS.

Exercise; I have not exercised today and I may not or I may take a short walk later.