Once up on a Walk

Pictures: I once took a walk to the top of Wheeler Peak, the highest point in NM. About 5 to 6 years ago. The critters on top where about as friendly as could be.

Marmot, begging for food.

Chipmunk begging for food, Standing on my shoe and yes my foot was still in it!


Volunteering: My friend Barry and I took out a very large Pack Rats nest here at the RV Park today. We have at least two or three more big ones to take out. Not a fan of Pack Rats!

Night Folks


Wild Flowers with the 50

Pictures: Wild Sunflowers, I see lots of these in the west. I dug out an old lens that I have had for years, a old and cheap 50mm but I did get a few good shots with it, like these.



Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

Night Folks

Weeds and Such

Pictures: A thistle and a wild flower.

Thistle, looks like a little pollen has been carry to the top and a few ants hanging around on the bottom.


Exercise: ✅ I got a couple of miles done this morning.

State Park: This weekend the park was very busy, more so than usual. I guess folks are thinking about the last of the summer before kids are back in school and taking the opportunity to enjoy some summer fun with the kids. The fire restrictions have been lifted here in the park and folks are allowed to have fires in the fire-rings, so it was a smoky weekend 🌫🌫♨🌫🌫 ❗

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