Butterfly and Wasp

Pictures: Here is shots of couple of Butterflies and a wasp seeking in too.



Exercise: I walked 2½ miles this morning.

Friend: One of my friends(Dale) show up in the area today and it is always good to have a friend around.

Night Folks



Pictures: Of course I was too lazy to get up and go before the sun got harsh 😦 but anyways here is a couple shots of the the red rock cliffs.



Exercise: Yesterday I walked a couple miles near the RV and today I walked around the red rocks a bit.

Weather: It is pretty hot here in Sedona, hopefully it will cool off a bit next week.

Night Folks

Something Different

Pictures: My Friend Barry wanted to go to a car show in Flagstaff(it wasn’t very big) So we went and I snap a couple of shots of the rides.

My friend Barry admiring his favorite car.


These next two birds may not have wings but I am near sure they can fly!



Exercise : I walked 3 miles this morning.

Night Folks