Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Forgive the picture taken in the strong sunlight but I wanted to show you the type of camping I’m doing. I like to camp in the desert with a little space around me but not be total isolated and this area gives me room while not leaving me out by myself. Here are some of the campers around and the space they give each other.

Again, please forgive the picture they are just mid day snaps.


Location: My new location seems to be making for better habits for me, I am falling into a better day-to-day functioning pattern. Exercising more and running the roads less (and eating out less ), all better for me 🙂 I do like most everything about this spot with the exception of being far away from a large box store (Walmart). Mind you, there is a K-mart, couple good grocery stores, hardware store and many others as near as 10 miles away but still they are not Walmart. So, this means that I will make the 120 mile round trip to Walmart about once a month if I can plan my shopping good enough to get all the things that I need at once.

Exercise: A good 15 mile ride on the bike today on the 4-wheeler trails. Not sure I’ll be able to keep riding the 4-wheeler trails because the winter crowd is showing up now, with lots more 4-wheelers and toys, so the trails are being used a lot more and are becoming very loose and soft making riding the bike harder and harder.

Night folks



Pictures: Yet more pictures from Cloudcroft, NM. Man that was a great birding place.
Another Western Bluebird.
Western Bluebird 20d_7998

Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Yellow-rumped Warbler 20d_8003

Parker : Took a trip to Parker,AZ today (nearest Walmart) and did some shopping for things at the big store. About 50 miles one way so it took most of my day to go, shop and return. Shouldn’t have to do that again for a while now.

Exercise: Just barely squeeze in 2 miles. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.56mi, time: 01:04:59, pace: 18:16min/mi, speed: 3.29mi/h.

Night folks

Ready set, gone

Wind and Cold: Getting up this morning I find the wind blowing and the cold reaching with its cold fingers. What a fine day to leave Grants 🙂 The only bad thing is driving in the wind. However if I want to get to the warm weather I will have to drive far …. at least to somewhere on highway 95 in AZ and I am not sure I want to go that far that fast. Maybe I’ll put up with a little cold for a day or two. We’ll see, when I talk with Barry this morning (who is in a RV park with his RV) we’ll make a plan …. of somewhat …. neither of us are big planner so no telling what we’ll do.

Note; My favorite weather app has become Bing Weather for the computer.

Them little Walmarts: This morning I got up about 6am and after cleaning up a bit I headed for Walmart door just to find it don’t open till 7am. I am not used to that. There are not many non-super Walmarts left that don’t stay open all night any more.

New Location: Petrified Forest gift shop. We came off I-40 and headed south on Petrified Forest Rd though the Petrified National Park and stop at all the major stopping places and we are now just outside the National Park at the private owned gift shops, south of the National Forest. There is a free place to park your RV for 3 or 4 days at the gift shop and it is surrounded by petrified tree parts, there is one just outside my door, no more than 10 feet away. Big pieces too.

Most likely we’ll just stay one night here, and then ….

Pictures: Bird of the week and story 🙂 My friend Barry was feeding this begging Raven pair in one of the stopping areas of the Petrified Forest and I was taken pictures when he said “hey if you birds act right you can be Bird of the Week” so … here are the Ravens that my friend Barry was feeding. The new birds of the week 😉
Raven pair_1382

So you will have an ideal of the size of some of the stuff we are seeing, here Barry is setting on a Petrified Log that is at least 50 feet long I would guess, and maybe 3 feet in diameter. That is a big Petrified tree ❗

Big Petrified log_1420

More pictures later on.

Night Folks

Storrie Lake State Park

Wake up at Walmart: Ha, nothing like a refreshing wake up at Walmart (just kidding here). This is one of the better ones with a nice quite and peaceful area to park the RV. Some Walmart are like truck stops, in that they are noisy and crowded, but this one is good for a one nighter. The worst thing for me is that I go into the store and buy to many things. I guess that is why Walmart likes us RVers!

Move: I’ll only move about two miles today, the State Park is right down the road. I will be here in Las Vegas for at least two months and maybe the whole summer, we’ll see. I’m home for now.

All moved in: I am now at Storrie Lake State Park.

Humming feeders: I am making sugar water as I type this because when I was here last year I had lots of Humming birds.

Night folks

Another move

Weather: It is cool this morning but not as bad as I thought it might be. It was about 50° in the RV this morning, cool but not cold. It was a fine night for sleeping last night with the cooler temperature. The night before I left Lake Havasu it was way too hot in the RV for a good night’s sleep, much better here.

Where to? : Not sure where I will go today. I had kind of planned to stop in Winslow, AZ at McHood park, but the place had a sign that said no overnight camping. Another good one shut down to overnight RVing. Well maybe it will come to me where to go to as the day goes on, I’m in no hurry. We’ll see.

Propane: One thing I intend to do today is get a propane tank filled and the valve changed on it. There is a propane place here in Gallup that is very reasonably price so I’ll stop by there at some point today.

Update: Before leaving Gallup this morning I did get my new valve installed and the tank fill with propane.

Here: The Walmart here in Gallup is a very convenient place to overnight with many near by stores, there is a Home Depot, Dollar tree, sports store, fast food places and others near by. I’ll look around a bit before leaving today.

Moved: I have moved to one of my favorite areas here in NM, near El Malpais National Monument . I have done my major move of the spring, and will not move this far again till the fall. From here to my volunteer job for the summer is not to far, about another 200 miles, and I’ll make that move sometimes in April.

Night folks

Shopping in Parker

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.21mi, time: 01:01:43, pace: 19:14min/mi, speed: 3.12mi/h.
Nice walk.

My friend Max and I went to Parker today and did a little shopping at Walmart. I usually wait till after the first of the month to go, but Max was going so I went with, because that will save me a trip later on. I am very well stock up for now and I shouldn’t have to go back till after mid February.

On this 30th day of January 2014 the temperature here in Ehrenberg, AZ is just tops, we do have a good bit of wind and it is overcast, but over all it’s a fine day.

Short for today, night folks.

Chilling day

Woo, a dark dreary day, and that is the weather report, LOL.  The clouds have stayed thick and the wind has kept the dust stirred up. Looks like tomorrow could be more of the same but hopefully not.

I took a ride to Walmart and McD to hang out a while and when I returned I took a little bit of a walk, maybe an hour long, but not very hard walking, just kind of strolling.

Today has been one of those slow days for me and it is good to have one of those now and then. A chilling day.

Night folks.

Busy day

I have been busy all day and I don’t seem to have gotten a lot done but I have been busy. Ever have those days?

What I did do is ….. my laundry and some shopping. Sadly that is all I have gotten done. I did shop at 4 different stores if that counts, Walmart (3 or 4 times), Lows, Dollar Tree, and a shoe store. Bang, the day is gone!

Well I am not sure about where I will go tomorrow, I kind of want to kill a little time and I am not sure where I will do that …….. I guess I will just start driving and see where I end up. I had my mind-set to go to the Petrified Forest but that is not set in stone. My maps tell me that it is about 113 miles down the road, so we’ll see.

I still need to pick up a refill on my propane tank somewhere alone the line.

Tonight I am hold up at the Walmart in Gallup, NM.  I hope this works, I have never tried to set a location link with my tablet, if it is broken someone let me know.

I seem to have gotten plenty of walking done just going back and forth to all the stores, we’ll call it exercise at any rate! It made me tired and my knee hurt, so that counts 🙂

Night folks.

New tires tomorrow

I will be headed to Albuquerque tomorrow to have new tires put on my RV, at one of the Big O Tire stores. So …………. I need to get up early tomorrow morning and get headed out. Looks to be about a two-hour drive from the Walmart here in Grant, which I am at now. The round trip looks to be about 150 miles. When I return tomorrow afternoon I will head to the BLM Land about 10 miles South of Grants.

As you see from above, I moved this morning. Of course Blue Water had to give me a nice good-bye with one last rain on me this morning as I hooked up the RV, LOL. That’s OK, I still like the place 🙂

No exercise for today, except all the walking around I did shopping here at Walmart today 😯

OK, I have been busy all day so I am going to chill out for now. Oh, by the way, I picked today to be my bad eating day of the month. For those of you who might not know I am on the Atkins Diet and have been for the last 18 months or so (I will be staying on it) but once a month I allow myself one day in which I can eat all the bad things I want and today is that day for this month, and yes, I have pigged out big time!