Great Weather

Pictures: Couple more flowers out of the great spring we’ve been having in the southwest.



Exercise: Had a good walk this morning with my friend Jeanne, always nice to have someone to walk with. We walked a little over two miles this morning.

Add about 4 miles on the bike for my exercise today.

Weather: The weather here is cool nights for good sleeping and the days are nice and warm, prefect for hanging out 🙂

Night folks

Cold nights and warm day

Cold: Yep that is about it, no T-shirt and shorts today, brr. I ran the heater all night last night and I was glad of that when I got up this morning 🙂 it was nice and toasty in the RV.
Just looked at the weather for today and the highs are only in the low 60s. Yes a heat wave for some folks, but not for me, still I don’t mind the days so much as the nights when it drops near or below freezing. Even though I have spend most of my life in places where there has been a pretty good winter, after being in the desert for the last 7 years and staying in the warmer part, I just no longer like even the slightest cold weather. I’m getting spoiled in my old age 😉

Update; It is afternoon now, about 3pm and it is about as beautiful as it can get. I just love the warm days, I did get into t-shirt and shorts 🙂

Chores: The chores are on top of the list of to-do’s for today.  I will start with the laundry this morning and maybe by the time I get that done it’ll warm up a bit. Hope so.

Exercise: Yes after getting back from my chores I took me a little walk, just under 2 miles. I used Google My Tracks app to track it. A walk this afternoon. I even added a little stretching to the day, much-needed stretching.

Pictures: Let me see here …… Red-breasted Nuthatcher.
Red-breated Nuthatcher20_8816

Red-breasted Nuthatcher_5459

Windows Updates: It is time to do your Windows updates, second Tuesday of the month. I had near 200 MB this time. My updates are not set to automatic but they are set to tell me when they are available and I usually do all the recommended ones but not all the optional ones.

Night folks


Busy day: Yes another busy day here in my new volunteer job. These busy days go by really fast.

I am liking my job very well because so far, they are giving me a broad path when it comes to doing my job in both the way and order that I like, makes things so much better when it is like that.

Exercise: I am not adding exercise to my days when they go long like today, I figure my work is enough. I know it’s not the same but it will have to do. I have the next couple of days off so hopefully I’ll get in either a nice long walk or bike ride.

Weather: This morning was coolest but still I was able to get by with no kind of heat and started the day with a t-shirt and shorts, however I think my warm days will soon run out.

Pictures: Here are three from Sunday’s walk.
Hey you can’t see me!!
Fits in_1295

Time piece.
Time piece_1301

Can you read the petroglyphs …. not me!
Pet 2_1302

Night folks.

Is my time here shorten?

I may have to leave this beautiful place before I planed on it. Today a guy came around from the county saying that they where soon going to start a no overnight parking here?!?!? RVers have come here for years and are probably the better people who do come here and I would think since this is a main corridor for drugs out of Mexico, and they avoid this area because the RVers call in on them that we are a benefit here. I hear only “here say” but I am told by many that this place was donated to the county on the condition that it stay open for camping. At any rate there are many other places but this is one of the nicer ones. We’ll see.

I did my third 20 mile bike ride of the week, today. This will be the last one of those for a while I think 🙂  . It takes a toll on me after few rides like that, but I do like doing them. I have not done my stretching just yet. Each day I have read a little more about different ways of stretching and I think I will be changing how I do things.

The weather here has been just the best, I am liking it very much. The nights are cool and the days are warm, nice conditions for RVing.

More later.



Warm days

Warm days have been the thing of late, really nice days.

Last night when I went to bed one of my roof vents would not close so I had to go get a part for it today. After getting the roof vent fixed I work on my solar for a little while. Hopefully by the time I have to move this weekend(my 14 days are up) the solar will be done.

Not sure where I will spend the next two weeks.

TV. It is time to watch a little TV.