Just more Sunsets

Pictures: A couple of Sunsets, I like seeing the different colors from one evening to the next.



Exercise: I have taken a couple days off, but yesterday I work on my RV roof a bit and was up and down the ladder enough to call it exercise! I’ll get back to walking tomorrow, but still have more work to do on the roof.

Weather: It has been very warm over the last week but it is suppose to cool down a bit this weekend. The nights have still been just right for sleeping at around 50° F and the days a little warm at just over 80°. I think this is pretty dang nice over all 🙂

Night folks

Part of a Rainbow

Pictures: A little bit of a Rainbow, after the rain.


Weather: It has been fairly warm for this area and I thinking about moving higher but maybe it’ll cool off. We have not had any rain for a spell either.

Update; The afternoon has brought a good rain shower, which is good, except the area I am in is a muddy one when it rains. Lucky for me it will dry fast once the rain stops. Maybe the rain and the clouds will bring a nice sunset 🙂

Exercise: I rode for 10 miles on the bike today.

Night Folks

Nothing happening

Shopping : Today I went into Kingman to do a little shopping and took a two mile walk when I got back and that has been my day. I have no pictures today, nothing happening. I’m enjoying my stay here.

Weather : It is pretty warm here but it is better then the 90’s happening in Havasu now 🙂 There is a breeze all day too which makes it better.

Night folks

Yes! Back to warm weather

Pictures: When I post some of my bird pictures I will often pull them out of old file folders on my Computer and just pick ones I have not processed yet, put them in Photoshop and see what happens. Today I found a folder named (Sort Cloudcroft) this means that I took these shots deleted the bad ones and just left them to sort later into the right bird folders(which it looks like I never got around to doing). So it is kind of like new stuff to me 🙂 .I took these pictures about 3 years ago in Cloudcroft, NM, and it is one of the best places I have been here in the west for birding. Should you ever be in the area I would highly recommend camping out in the National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. Beautiful area with lots of birds.

Here is two pictures I took while there.

I’m not all that good at IDing Warblers, so if you don’t think this one is not a Yellow Warbler drop me line with the right ID.
Yellow Warbler
YellowWarble maybe 20d _7828

Western Bluebird.
Western BlueBird 20d_7794

Weather: Yes’ I talk of the weather a lot, well you know that good weather is an old dude’s dream? It is true, we live for the beautiful days with lots of sunshine and mild weather 🙂 You know what? It is a good day for me today 🙂 The sun is out and the temperatures are getting better. I think maybe the cold spell has pass by this little area of the southwest, a nice thing for all the other RVers and I, indeed.

WordPress: After getting the stats the other day I have been looking around the stats page and man, it sure has a lot of information about what is happening with your blog! Stats is not a thing I have paid the least bit of attention to during my blogging but after a good look around I can see the page has a lot of useful info and tools. I sometimes get busy and miss when followers join and then I of course miss out on their blogs. I see you can find a list of your followers in the stats, I didn’t know that 😦 because I just didn’t looked at them. I guess there is a lot I don’t know about blogging even if I have been at it a while. I guess it is never too late to learn.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.39mi, time: 45:04, pace: 18:50min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.

Night folks

Going well

Exercise: Took a small walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.47mi, time: 54:48, pace: 22:12min/mi, speed: 2.70mi/h.

Pictures: Last year I visited Chaco Canyon in NM and here is a couple of shots from that visit.


Weather: Wow, it is near too warm here in the afternoons but that is fine by me, I much prefer a little too warm VS a little too cold. Beautiful and sunny here, for sure.

Night folks


Weather: Man, these mornings are nippy! It was not all that cold this morning but it sure felt chilly!
Later …. the day is beautiful as can be this afternoon 🙂

Work: I’m not sure what I’ll get into today, but we’ll see.
Update; The hunters have kept me busy today, I have a full campground.

Hunters: Tomorrow starts deer hunting for muzzleloader and I have five of those hunters in here. Run Bambi, run!
No, not that way!

No,no you got to get out of the yard too!
Deer KY A7 033

Night Folks

Friend in the Campground

Full day: Today I worked half a day and this afternoon run around with my friend(Barry) who is here in the campground now and will stay for the rest of my time(till the end of the month). Great to have a friend around.

Pictures: Cassin’s Finch.
Caseins Finch photo cfinch.jpg

Gray Catbird
Catbird Gray photo Catbird.jpg

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing photo ww22.jpg
I have not been taking any pictures for a long time and hopefully I will find some time to do that, all the ones I have been posting are older shots.

After writing the above I got to feeling bad about not taking any new pictures lately, so I took a little birding walk and I’ll see if I got anything wroth posting, later on.

Weather: We are getting a little rain. I am surprised that it has rain as much as it has here this fall. The night are cool the days are warm, and as the month goes by, it gets cooler.

Night folks

At the BLM Land

Moved: to BLM Land just south of Grants. Map.

Walk: Only a short one today, I may add to it later on. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.10mi, time: 44:19, pace: 21:07min/mi, speed: 2.84mi/h.  Link to MapMyWalk I have not done any stretching for over a week, but today I finally got to it and it felt good. It didn’t even feel like I had lost much and that surprise me.

Update afternoon walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.10mi, time: 41:24, pace: 19:42min/mi, speed: 3.04mi/h. Second walk, same place

Bird: Another White-Throated Sparrow
 photo Sparrowold2_5337_zps9fbf357d-1.jpg

Weather: It has been a beautiful day 🙂 I end the day in T-shirt and shorts, that is just great! Tomorrow is to be even warmer, I’ll have to have windows and vents open, so much better than the cold.

Night folks

Happy Knee

Man, the knee is doing well today after yesterday’s long walk, I am pleased with it. Still I will not walk or do very little walking today and give it some rest. Maybe a small birding walk but not a long one. I like the knee being well.

Took a trip down to Ehrenberg to get water for the RV.

Weather, it is as good as it gets 🙂 We had a little sprinkle last night, just enough to turn the light coat of dust on everything to mud 😦 so the truck and RV could both use a washing. That happens often out here in the west. I would have like to seen it come a good hard rain to settle the dust a bit, but you get what you get. The temperature is in the sweet spot and I’m loving it.

I did take me a little birding walk but got nothing. I did see some but they stay their distance so no pictures. This has been a tough birding area for me. The only bird I have seen come to the feeder is a House Sparrow.

Here are a couple of Humming birds I have seen around. This first one is a Costa’s Hummer at my feeder and the second one is a Anna’s Hummer I seen while out walking the other day.

Night folks