More Cars

Pictures: Two more from the the car show.


What do you think ….. maybe this one needs a little work??


Moved: Today My friend and I moved south a ways, we are now south of Sedona, AZ – about 18 miles. Last night at our location west of Flagstaff it got down to 21° F, a bit cold for RVs I think. We moved less than a hour away but drop in elevation by about 3400 feet, it should be a bit warmer!

Night Folks


The new Area

Pictures: Two or three of the new parking area.


The line of green trees is were the creek runs.



Exercise: I walk a little with the camera this morning, not far but I had to climb a bit.

Weather: Wow the temperature has shot up a bit, in the 80s today. Not sure just how much longer I will stay in the area, farther north is on my mind.

Night folks

No more snow!


Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.21mi, time: 55:23, pace: 25:02min/mi, speed: 2.40mi/h.  Another short walk. Maybe I’ll add to that later.

Another walk, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.40mi, time: 02:26:45, pace: 61:10min/mi, speed: 0.98mi/h. Second walk

The time is off on both walks, the first one I stopped and chatted and the second one I forgot to stop the timer.

Weather: Hey, the weatherman missed, as in that it did not get as cold as predicted, I like it when they miss to the warmer side of thing. I think I might make it into t-shirt and shorts today. I’ll just call this happy weather 😀

and …..

Pictures: I am glad this is over!
Storrie Lake Snow2_1099
Storrie Lake snow_1097

Birds: I am seeing lots of birds around the area, Hummers, Magpies, Blue Birds, King Birds and others. I will be getting some pictures before long.

Computers and Devices updates: Today seems to be a day for updating, Windows updated and lots of my apps updated today.

Night folks

Last day

Walk: Last walk here at Blue Water for this stay. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.01mi, time: 01:08:18, pace: 22:40min/mi, speed: 2.65mi/h.  Last walk this stay

Weather: Each day is lighting up a bit and becoming a bit warmer and I’m glad to see it. Can’t wait for the better weather this weekend.

Bird: One more White Throated Sparrow.
White Throated photo WTS2a.jpg

Butterfly on Clover:
Orange  Sulphur photo ICFKB.jpg

Moving tomorrow: I will do a night at Walmark in Grants and than back to the BLM land south of Grants for a week.

Night folks

Shorter Sunday Walk

Moving slow today …. Debating whether I will take a walk and if I do, how long it will be. My day always starts with a little breakfast, a shave and cleaning up, doing the dishes, and then from there i can go in any direction. By the time I eat breakfast I usually know what’s next, however not today though. Well as it turns out, looks like a bit of blogging is the first order of business, LOL! That’s okay, as good a way as any to start today.

Weather: Man oh man, it looks and feels like it is going to be a fine day weather wise 🙂 , just as the weather person predicted. Okay, I’m going to get up and move a little, and see what happens next, I’ll let you know later.

Walk : I did walk but not as long as the last two Sundays. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 7.55mi, time: 02:53:09, pace: 22:56min/mi, speed: 2.62mi/h. Still felt like a pretty good walk to me. I will not walk tomorrow. I think this week I will set my weekly walking gold to only 16 miles, that should be enough.

Being older : The evening it’s setting in now, and I feel the chill out mode coming on, oh wait, that is what I’ve felt all day, LOL. Being older does have some benefits 🙂 . Maybe it is better to fuss over the few things you can’t do anymore vs fussing over the things you don’t want to do (you know, like go to work everyday). I guess it is good to see some things pass by. However, I try to be careful and not wish time away, when it is gone, you are gone!

This week bird of the week is Double-crested Cormorants with friends. Best I remember this was a very long shot.
Double-crested Cormorant photo TB1.jpg

Night folks

Blogging in a small Screen

This morning I am at the local McDonalds enjoying a cold drink, people watching and blogging. I am also being reminded that the keyboard on the old Thunderbolt smart phone that I carry around for data use is so much smaller than my tablet. I have not try to use the phone to blog any for a very long time. I would replace this phone if it was not too costly, I would just love to have the new Nexus 5, but at the price of $400.00 that is not going to happen. I don’t even use the phone part of the Thunderbolt anymore, I just carry it around for data over WiFi connection, for times like now. I have looked around for a data only device that is small enough to carry in my pocket but I have no luck finding one I like. There is the iPod, but a 4 inch screen don’t work for me, just too small. I would like something with a screen size of about 5.5 to 6 inchs, that would be tight for the pocket but it would work and it would give me a little bigger screen to navigate around. I don’t guess it’s no big deal, because I don’t do a lot while I am out and about anyways.

Back at the rig, good to have the tablet back in hand 🙂 . A 7 inch screen is much better than a 4.3 screen.

Okay let’s get on to the good stuff ….. Weather! Okay I won’t go on forever but I just got to tell you it is getting so much nicer with much better temperatures. The sunshine just warms my heart.

Man, I have missed my exercise! The knee still feels just a bit out of whack but I may try a small walk tomorrow, not sure just yet and kind of think maybe I should give the knee a bit more time. If I do walk, it will be a short walk of no more than 2 miles, but we’ll see.

A fellow RVer that I know (Tom) came by to say hello. Always good to see someone I know.

Night folks

Blogging according to me!

Ha, nothing makes this old dude happier than to see signs of warmer weather! It’s a’comin soon, thank goodness! The weatherman says warmer temperatures starting about Sunday and I so look forward to it.

About writing a blog, according to me.
The best thing about writing a blog and not being a writer is … Well you see since I just kind of scribble incoherently I never, never have to worry about that thing they call writers block, note; this is an excellent plus when you are trying to write a blog 😉 Most importantly since I am not a writer I don’t have to be correct by not talking about the same things over and over, so my favorite subjects are always open to me. It’s okay, I’m not going back into the weather anymore today (Ain’t you just lucky now?). I think that one of the things that helps me , is on some days when time is short or I am not feeling the sharing thing I can make a very short post and move on. One of my favorite things about reading others blog’s is that they have something to say, on a regular basis, so I can look forward to reading it when it is time. Don’t have to be everyday or every week, but I like it when it is consistent. This is one of the reasons I write everyday, the reader knows I will have something there to read (the other reason is personal, and that is I am keeping a record of my RVing life for me to look back at one day) . I try to keep my post short, because when I read others blogs I am not looking for a book but just a short ideal of what is happening in their life. (Just me, maybe I have a short attention span?) LOL. There are exceptions, I read one blog where the person is writing a book, but it is usually not that long of a post to read.

When I started blogging I really didn’t think I would get any better at writing but I have improved just a tad maybe. So at this ripe old age I am still learning a lot about grammar and writing in general, and it is sure not because I am putting a lot of conscious effort into it. It is just kind of happening, by doing. LOL, for those of you thinking “What, he actually wrote worst than this at one time” just go back into my blog a few years and you’ll see it is so 😦

The biggest and best thing about it all, is that I have begun to really enjoy doing this silly blog, and if there is a few out in the cyber world that enjoys this blog, bless you and thanks for reading along!

Okay enough about blogging, now back to the weather ….. No, I am just kidding! But it sure is pretty outside …………… 🙂

I have a few things to do around the RV when I get to them. One is the roof work, finishing the repairs of the solar panel’s mounts and two, is the always ongoing type of things like battery maintenance, air pressure in the tires, cleaning around the outside and other such little jobs. It will all still be there when it is nice and warm 😯 .

The knee is still feeling kind of funky and I won’t know the full story till I take that first walk in the next couple of days to give it a good test. It is a replacement knee and to tell the truth I don’t know if they heal like a real knee might or not, I am just a tad worry with it, but we’ll see soon enough.

Enough chit-chat for today, night folks.

More connected

I think that my tablet has cause me to become more connected (neither good or bad, just is) . I find myself reaching for the tablet often, it’s just so easy to get on the internet with it. A Quick check for email in the morning and also in the evening, I often watch a podcast in the evening just after going to bed, it puts me to sleep 🙂 Alone with the smart phone’s internet connection it sure makes a handy little device. It makes for a great search tool, “where is this” or “what is that” and so on. If I wonder where a bicycle shop is, I simply pick up the smart phone or the tablet and ask Google, if I hear something on TV and I don’t know what it is, I ask Google. So handy.

This refers to yesterday because I wrote it last night; Today has been just about too close, to being too warm. Got up to something a little over 80 today. Of course this is the evening before this post I’m sitting around the RV and it is just about too warm in here. I do like the warm better than the cold though. The desert night will cool it off quick enough.

Well, it is Saturday night and TV sucks tonight. So I’m here trying to figure out something to do with myself. Perhaps I’ll set outside and enjoy the cool weather of the night.

930 p.m. Saturday night, the evening has cooled off nicely. Maybe a podcast or Ted show …………  should put me to sleep.

By the way, all the above was done with voice recognition and the Nexus 7. Had to do a few corrections.

OK, it is Sunday and today is a little cooler with overcast skies. Cooler …………. but no solar happening(sunshine), still I’ll be fine on power. I get just enough solar power to keep the batteries going on these kind’s of day, but I cannot use much power during the day. 3:40 pm; Little update here, the temperature got to 80 today, but still it did not feels as hot with the clouds covering the sun.

This morning I took off to the laundry mat for a couple of loads, so there is one chore done. Later, I took a bike ride of 10 miles with a fair pace, and I may add a little walk to the mix here in a bit. It look and feels like it would be a good day to walk.

3:40 pm; I did take a walk and when I got back I did my hamstring stretching. So I am set for today. Tomorrow I will be off to Yuma to shop and visit with friends, so no exercise or stretching for tomorrow. I look forward to visiting with my friend.

OK, enough for  today, later.

P.S. Almost forgot to post a new bird of the week. So here it is, a Goldfinch and I am not sure where I took the picture.

Goldfinch photo Goldfinch2.jpg

Heat wave?

Wow it is almost 50 ° and it is only 11am. I like it, and tomorrow should be even better. The weather man says it will make 62 today so maybe I will get to ride the bike for exercise. I will give it another 2 hours to see where the temperature and wind is, and then decide.

Computer/updating/bandwidth; I updated LibreOffice on the laptop yesterday and it was a big one, little over 200 mbs. Updates uses a big part of your bandwidth when you only have mobile bandwidth type provider, in my case Verizon air-card. I get 5 gigs on the card. I do have the smart-phone from Verizon too and that is where I try to keep my video type downloads. I use more on the phone than the air-card, on the phone I use near 10 gigs a month.  I will be switching to someone else when my contract is up this spring. The air-card will go first and in its place I will probably get the Millenicom 20 gig plan(which rides on the Verizon backbone ) it will cost me $20.00 more a month but I get 15 more gigs, a good deal you ask me. The Verizon smart phone is just too costly and I will drop it at some point, and look for something cheaper. I know I won’t have the unlimited data on it no more but with the 20 gig from Millenicom I can do what video I do on the laptop. Maybe for a smart phone, I will look at T-Mobile if they go ahead with plans to drop their subsidized phone contracts and go with cheaper monthly plans (this is rumored to be happening).  Best part of Millenicom is they have no contracts. Not sure how the new plans on T-mobile will work just yet.

Just got done with my stretching, after a 10 mile bike ride. I enjoyed being back on the bike after all the cold weather keeping me from riding. I feel like I have satisfied my need to move, for today. My knees fuss some during the ride, but not to bad after the ride, so hopefully they won’t get to hurting much, later on this evening.

On my second glass of tea for the day, and it sure taste good 🙂  . It is of no matter, next week I will be cutting back to one glass a day. Once off the tea I will give it a month to see if my weight moves any at all, if not I might  allow myself to go back to a couple of glasses a day. I know that I will miss my tea 😦 . First I must break the habit before I can allow myself to start it again, LOL!

It sure has been a fine day, weather wise. Tomorrow promises to be even better. I think I will get out and enjoy some of this fine weather.

Later folks.

Bright sunshiny day

Bright sunshiny day it is here in Wellton,AZ ………. nice indeed. Last night it got very cool, with the high humidity we had going on, it made it seem even cooler. Lucky for me that is not the normal weather here. I like that I have gain 10° with my move west and not that bigger one either.

I have already gotten my first walk in my new location, maybe 3 miles. I may add some more later on, or maybe not.

Here is my new locations for those that would like a good boom-docking spot. I had better update the Locations of Pass Stops (top of page) and Where I am Now (on the right) link, before I forget.        La La La …………………… There, my blog is all updated! Good to get the chores done, LOL.

OK I think I will get out the Humming feeder and decide where I want to put it. Also time to get up and get some vitamin d going too!

Got my feeder out, took a short walk, did my stretching and got me some vitamin d, all and all a good way to close the day. On my walk today I watched for birds and I did see the Owls that I seem last year here but I did see a few other birds. I was happy to see the Phainopepla (both male and female), Mocking bird and Hummers. I will keep a watch and see what all is around.