Near the Last, Western Bluebird

DPictures: Couple more of one of the Western Bluebird from Flagstaff. I am not sure I will get many bird shots from here, just not seeing many but time will tell.

As always click the pictures twice for the bigger images.



Chores: Barry and I was off to the city of Cottonwood, AZ to do the chores this morning, laundry, gallons of water for drinking, large containers for the RV and a little shopping.

Water: I usually use a little over 20 gallon a week(plus I drink about 7 gallons from my drinking water (gallon jugs)), I fully bathe each day(which uses most of the water from the RV), do dishes, and other small things. If you conserve a bit you can get by on very little! I have two tanks and get about 33 gallons a load, so I have 10 gallons or so left over that can be used to wash the truck or the RV if I like, or other things. Mind you, I have a 50 gallon fresh water tank in the RV and I could use that much a week if I wanted to and a lot of newer rigs have much larger tanks and do use a great deal more water, it is all in the way you like to do things.

My friend Barry has a pressure washer and we can use the generators to run it and that thing can do some good cleaning. We both have DC water pumps for pumping water into the RVs and other light work/spraying. Full-time RVing is a interesting way of doing things and one learns a lot of tricks to make life pretty much like living anywhere else, only you get to pick from a lot of different yards and views 🙂

Night Folks


Pictures: A couple of sunset from two different places I have stayed this summer.

Sunset in the woods.


Sunsets across the open field.


Chores: I went off to town today and did my chores, laundry, shopping and water for the RV.

Weather: It rain hard yesterday evening but I think we are going to get a little break from the rain now for a few days.

Night Folks


Pictures: Okay I am done with the Cabinets for now. Nothing special mostly square cuts and improper mounted hinges :/ I had most of the hinges already and I didn’t realize till I was ready to mount the doors that they where not the right ones, so I said the heck with it and just went with them. The square part should be on the inside of the door. No big deal to me. I made a cabinet for each end of the 12 foot slide, both the same, 28 inch tall 38 inch wide and 16 inch deep. I give around my kitchen table because I just ended up piling things on it so now I have a place to put things away. So goes the old bachelor’s rig 🙂

 photo Cabinets 7D1_2732_zps0gz18f64.jpg

Time: Now I have back my time to enjoy birding and computer stuff, like blogging and such, a good thing 🙂 Tomorrow will be catch up day on chores, laundry, water for the RV and such.

Night folks

City and chores

Pictures: I have three folder of pictures from the area and I am still on the second one, so …… more to come. I was lucky to have some overcast days when I came and it made for good photographing 🙂

Kingman 18_20d_181015

Kingman 20_20d_181015

City: Went into Kingman today and did a few chores, pick up water for the RV, pick up a few gallon jugs of water for my drinking water, did the laundry and little shopping. Such is the exciting life of an old dude out in the wide RVing!

New Lens: Ha, that is probably a year out, only one toy at a time. I have been looking at the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens a lot but that thing is just too costly for me just now. The 100-400 with a 1.4 ext would give me a nice reach of 560mm. I think in a year the price will drop some and maybe by then I’d be ready to buy. I have looked a lot at the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C lens too, a much cheaper lens with about 90% of the ability of the Canon lens. The Sigma would be great competition for the Canon on the long end seeing as I would have to use the 1.4 ext on the Canon but from 100-400 the Canon would be the top dog for sure! Given the choice and money not being a considerations, I would for sure go with the Canon but seeing as the Sigma is half the price and money is a considerations, well ….. Just thinking on it all 🙂 Jump in with comments if you have thoughts on it.
My long lens for now are the Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Lens and the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens with no IS. Both great lens but I would trade the two of them and some dollars for the new Canon 100-400mm II. Oh I do have the Canon EF 1.4X II Extender, would be nice to upgrade to the III. Of course I could go on with a long list of all the gear I would love to have …. but I’ll make do I guess! LOL

Night folks

Ash Fork

Pictures: Looking out my front door in the evening.

Welch 1-011015_20d_

Welch 2-011015_20d_

Exercise: My short walk again today. The two miler ain’t much but it keeps things moving even if it is a bit slow!

City: Took a little trip into Ash Fork today for water, eggs and checked on mail(not here yet). Ash Fork is a really small place but it had the things I needed, for now. It won’t be long till it’s Wal-Mart time or some big store anyways.

Night folks