Ugly cool spell coming

The weather is about to turn cooler and even forecasting a freezing day or two. Today is the start of it all with heavy overcast skies. I don’t like the overcast days much ………. I miss my solar charging and my solar heat from the slide side of the RV which has 4 windows to let in the sunshine. Even on cool days if there is sun I will have some heat in the RV by mother-nature but not today it is about 55° outside and the very same 55° inside the RV. Today is support to go to 66 but it needs to get busy because it is already 11am. The highs for the next two days is just over 50° and the highs for the next 10 days are all in the 60° and below, so Jan will be a cool month this year. That is OK, Feb will come soon enough and it will warm up.

Thinking about what I will do today …….. I could head into Yuma and goof off a while but I think I will hold off till tomorrow for Yuma. I could fire up the Honda Generator and do a few things that need lots of power, like running the vacuüm, updating the Desktop computer and I could maybe run one of my small electric heaters for a short spell. Of course if I really want heat I can fire up the Wave 8 heater and I might because I feel a little chilly.

OK I have decided ………….. I am going to go run the roads so I will catch you folks later!

City Chores done! It is near 5 pm now and I am back from the city and got the things done that needed done. The weather looks like it is starting …….. lots of wind blowing around and I bet it will bring the cold weather with it before the night is over, the high tomorrow is not much as I stated above just in the 50,s . I wash the truck today so a nice coat of dust coming in with this wind to get the truck started back to its desert state of mind, LOL.

No exercise today, trips to the city take up the whole day, pretty much. OK catch you back here tomorrow, everyone have a nice night.


Well looks like my first day out will start with the day being a little overcast, not great for solar but my batteries seen to be in great shape so it makes no matter and I always have the Honda 2000 Generator to fall back on if needed.

Not a lot of people here in the park and looks like there don’t have a host this year. I may spend a couple of weeks here, we’ll see.


The forecast sure looks to be a bit warmer here in the nights and that is what I was looking for. Click below to see ….

Hot Water/ Water supply

When I boon dock I only heat my water twice a day, one in the morning to give me hot water all day and once in the evening for my shower. That works out very well for me. I use between 4 and 8 gal a day as best as I can figure and that is not bad. I have a 7 gal can that I use to get water when I go out anywhere. When I boon-dock I just keep it in the truck and if like now I am a few miles from the city I will put back my gal water jugs that I drink up and add maybe 5 or 6 of those and then I have water for some times from one load. I don’t mind these things so much.


I heat with a Wave 8 Catalytic heater and it does a good job in this weather. As a matter of fact I had turn it off last night because I was to warm. I am running it this morning to warm the place up a bit but it will be off soon.

Time to get out and get things done, later today my friends! Getting a little sun now, nice!


I took a little 10 mile ride on the bike going was kind of down hill so coming back was a little up hill.


I did a little trouble shooting this morning and it seems that I am not getting the power from my truck for charging my RV battery. I have no ideal way but I can get by a while without it. Not sure I can fix it out right but I could easily put in  a wire to work around it.

Time to call it a night.

Night my friends