Finally getting some sunshine after 3 or 4 days of overcast weather, but it is still cloudy with the sun only peaking out now and then. The temperatures are staying just fine, nice warm days and good sleeping weather for the nights. Just ain’t getting much solar love, that is okay in the big picture, things are great weather wise.

Pictures : Brewers Black Bird
Brewers Black Bird photo Brewers1.jpg

Brewer's Blackbird photo Brewers.jpg

Tablet : I’ve been doing all my blogging with the Samsung tablet for the last two day, mostly to see if I can. It is taking some getting use to but I’m getting there. I find myself both typing and swiping on this keyboard, LOL. It is really too big to swipe with and I’m still getting use to the ideal of typing on screen, so I end up doing a mix of both.

Night folks

Beautiful day coming down

Yes it is! My luck on weather for the last few weeks has been tops, nice warm days in the 80’s or so, and nights around 50, that’s my kind of weather. This beautiful morning and I am setting around in my chill-out-mode just taking it easy, enjoying the peace and serenity of the day.

My friend and I took a trip into Q and goofed off for a while, well at least that is what I did, he picked up his mail from the post office.

I got a call today from the New Mexico state park system wanting to know if I wanted to work next summer as a volunteer in one of the parks (I would be hosting). This coming summer just might work for me, I am thinking that I will do this. The place I would be volunteering is a place with great summer weather and very convenient to a small city, … so it sounds pretty good. I have the winter to think it over.  I started to volunteer last summer but the timing was not right, it was too late in the summer to get the needed paper work done.

Been a long time now since I workamped …………… should I? I think the place where they offered me the job has some very nice laid back folks running the place, and it would be a good place to work. We’ll think on it this winter.

Exercise off for today, got to rest the knees now and then.

Night folks

Work and waiting

Today should not be a hard day but it will be a long day. I think I would rather have the hard day 😯 Someone is coming by today to do some work on the water lines today and I will need to be watching for them and I hate waiting.

The weather today seem to be just about right for working or whatever, just a nice day, weather wise.

I should be receiving my new Router (WiFiRanger Go)  today, according to UPS tracking 🙂 I look forward to playing with it and setting it up. It is a little more difficult to setup than other routers, but still, I look forward to giving it a go.  If I run into trouble I can always call tech support seeing as it is new. Hopefully I will understand things enough to get it going safely.

OK, time to start my day, Later.

Update; I got my WiFiRanger about 2pm today so I now have it connected and all my toys connected to it. Both computers, Smartphone, Nexus 7 tablet and my printer.    🙂  Took me a little while to figure everything out but I got it.

Everyone have a good night.

Cooler it is

Old man, weather is giving us a blast of cool. I am glad I got the southwest desert version of it 🙂  much better than what some other folks are getting across the country. The clouds are coming and going today.

We have a few more RVs in now maybe 13 or 14 now, total (In the small boon-docking area that I am in) .Folks come and go a lot here, I guess us RVer’s are a restless lot 🙂

Well the afternoon is well in it’s midst and I have yet to do any exercise ………….. So I am going to get out of this chair to see just what will happen ❗  Back later. OK 3:30 pm and I have done a mini workout with the gal jugs 😯   Sure was not a big workout but at least it was something. It was warm enough to ride the bike today …. but the cooler, damper weather and persistent amount of riding I have been doing is all taking a toll. Got to give the knees a rest. Added a good stretch to this and I am done for the day.

Night folks.

Oh Boy it is Lazy Sunday

I like my lazy Sundays, it is a nice day to just chill out. I will spend my day reading about all the tech goodies, computers, Smartphones, Tablet and such.  I may just skip exercise altogether today!  😕  One day a week off should be OK, I think. The weather is too hot to do much anyways. Looks like it may cool off a bit by the end of the week.    Better weather (cooler) later this week, a good thing.

I am going to try an app that I tried once before but it was not ready for prime time but it has good reviews now so I will give it a try, again. I will try it on the tablet first. Let you know in a few days. I use Firefox only  in Windows but on the devices it is not the same, but getting better I think.

Nice overcasted day

Yes down here in the desert I like the overcast days because they are cooler. I liked the sunshine up in the mountains because the solar charged  my batteries and it would be nice at about 80° . Here I am hooked up to electric and it is very hot so overcast is good. Yes I know ………. us old men just have to talk about the weather, it is a mandatory thing after about 55 years of age and we never tell young people why! LOL

Exercise; I rode the bike for about 14.5 miles this morning and I did about 15 mile one other day this week, maybe that will help make up for the two days that I missed.

Computer; This morning I have read a little about solid state hard-drives and they are starting to come but the price is still way too high just yet, but it is starting to move and they are becoming big enough too. The ones I read about this morning, where in the 500 gig range. Here is one of them. There are a bunch of them now.

4G; I am enjoying the faster speeds. It is working well here in Deming and has started out far better than it did in Las Cruces where it had some growing pains. I am not having any disconnects at all.

The hot weather

It is staying as hot as can be with temperature near a 100° everyday. Hot is in down here in the desert.

Since I am in the city areas I am changing a few things and getting stuff done that I can only do when near the city. I want to go see a dentist while here in Deming, I think I will try to change my VA primary care to EL Paso, change my state residents to NM and a few other things. One thing at a time for me.

Watching the news and they are talking about the food prices going up, how fun is that?!?! You ever heard of a reason for prices to go down …………… ? No, me either! There has been some too, but you will not get them.

Slow Sunday

Today is a windy day in Deming, NM. Nice temperature this morning but will be hot later today.

I have ridden my bike the last two days for exercise but today is windy and I will have to do something else for exercise. Maybe a walk later. 10:30am There, I did a short walk, real short, 2 miles. I need to stretch some too.

Sunday in the woods

It is a nice day to be here on the mountain. The weather was cool last night but the day is warming up nicely. It is near the end of the month and it has gone by fast. At some point I will have o leave this beautiful spot but no hurry for now. I have really enjoyed my time here and it has been one of the most peaceful spots I have ever been in. Most of the places I have boon-docked I have had a few others around pretty close by and I kind of like people at a distance. Here I have had no one too near me and that has turn out great.

One bad habit I have gotten into is to sleep way to late, LOL, the mornings are cool and I just like staying under that warm cover. Don’t guess it matters but I don’t like sleeping too late.

I have spent much of my day reading about Windows 8 that will be coming out in Oct. The upgrade cost will only be $40.00 so I will problem upgrade both my computers. The change from Windows 7 to Windows 8 don’t look like it is going to be too painful. The top end of the user interface looks a lot different but once under the hood it will be much the same. About the time Windows 8 comes out there will be a new (and first) Windows tablet come out too. I will be getting a new tablet I think within a year but I will hold off to see which ones look like they are going to do well in the future, Apple, Google or Windows. I love the ideal that there will be more choices. I think we will have to wait for at least two years before we start seeing good deals on Windows tablets not to mention when we will start seeing lots of app choices. Both Apple and Google have a really big start over Windows in the area of apps. We’ll see, it should be fun to watch as the big dog(Microsoft) jump in the water.

Exercise; I have taken a short bike ride already and now I think I will take a short walk. 4:30 pm and I am back from my short walk. So ……. 3.5 miles on the bike and 2 miles walking, over all not a lot but enough to keep an old dude’s heart going. 🙂 .


On the weekends up here on the mountain you see a lot of RVs coming and going. The weekends come out and have a good time and that is OK because I am in a good spot and the coming and going don’t bug me any.

The weather is starting out like most days up here for this time of year, partly cloudy and a little cool but if it don’t rain it will turn into a nice day and even with the rain it just gets a little cool.  Don’t know if I am ready for the 100° weather down in the desert or not 😕  . I guess I don’t mind the hot days too much it is the night that don’t cool off that I don’t like. I like sleeping with no AC, I can live with a fan going but I just hate running a AC.

The internet is going good this morning, I have 3 bars in Verizon Manager.

I went off to Cloudcroft to do my laundry and pick up some power steering fluid for my truck. It is the first time I have added any power steering fluid to the truck, likely not a good sign, if I added, it had to go somewhere so maybe a leak. I will have to keep an eye on it.