The feeling of hard work

Pictures: American Gold Finch.

American Gold Finch 20d_9386

American Gold Finch 20d_5456

Weed eating: Today I did a little weed eating and sidewalk cleaning. Worked on it for 3 or 4 hours and I’m a bit tired. I did the same yesterday but today seem a little harder on me, surely it can’t be an old man thing! LOL. They say that a hard work won’t hurt you, but the older you get the less you’ll believe that 😉 Still, I enjoy the fact that I can still do a little hard work now and than, even if it is only 2 to 4 hours at a time any more. After doing hard work there is something that makes me feel good about it, even as it hurts LOL.

Night folks



Yep, busy again: I stay at it pretty hard today, a good days work for an old dude. I did a lot of clearing of bushes and weed-eating today (real work) so I am beat. Mind you, this is nothing I have to do, just things I am volunteering to do.

Rain: We had a good rain yesterday and we’re having a good rain now. Late in the season for this area but we are getting a good hard rain with a good bit of lighting too. A lot like a summer thunderstorm ❗ The rain is making it feel cool in the RV, I may run some heat after a while.

Pictures: Salinas Pueblo Missions This is near Manzano Mountains State Park.

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai2.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai1.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai4-1.jpg

Exercise: The work I did today was plenty good enough to call exercise.

Night Folks

Wheels rolling …. in my mind

Pictures: Here are a few little Cactus. I took these pictures at Jim Kortsen Park, 25 miles West of Casa Grande, AZ.
You can see an RV in the background on this one, just for size comparison. They are big, at least 30 to 40 feet high.

Exercise: Today I did a little weed-eating around the park so that will serve as my exercise.

Where to: Still thinking on that one. I want to stay cool, like it is here so going south is out for now. I want evaluation of at least 6000 feet this time of year. I have an ideal of what way I will go but it could change in a second o_O , the good thing about wheels.

Night folks