Getting dress

Pictures: This is a Blue Grosbeak just starting to get dressed up in it’s Blue suit.

Blue Grosbeak 20d _5687

Blue Grosbeak 20d_5688

Friday: Yes, Monday is my Friday 🙂 I will have two days off starting tomorrow. Around the camp ground I do pretty much the same thing on days on vs days off, but I don’t mind so much. If I need to go somewhere for the day I can, so that is nice.

Night folks

In the better Weather :)

Weekend: We are into the the weekend and lots of folks coming and going. All the working folks are coming out to play, fair enough, I’ll share 🙂

Weather: Yesterday was a very overcast day but today is mostly sunny so far with a great temperature. I love being here in southwest AZ this time of year and most of the US folks knows why right about now, with the cold front kicking every-bodies weather temperatures down along with other bad weather, snow and such.

Pictures: I’ll change my Bird of the Week and it will be a female Cardinal. What do you think, does she have a Beak-Ring ❓
Cardinal photo AfterC.jpg

Male Cardinal on a rainy day.
Male Cardianl20_9677

Night folks

Relaxed weekend

It has been a very relaxed weekend for me. The weather has been very nice with great temperatures and mild winds. Today I went and visited with a friend of mine, out at the LoW-Hi, and now I am just chilling out.

I have notice when I type now with the big keyboard (on the desktop) I seem to miss the smaller keyboard of the laptop. In lite of that I think if I should ever buy another keyboard for the desktop, I will look at buying one that is tighter/smaller, and I think I like the shorter keystrokes better too. Maybe being able to type a little  better helps. I have seen some smaller ones in  Best Buy and places like that lately, so next time ………….

I get very little input from the boss on what she wants done and that in most cases is a good thing,  😯  so I just need to figure out what has priority. There is always a ton of stuff to do around a RV park, but different owners like to do things different ways, so I will do my best to help out in a manner that is suitable to the boss.

Come Tuesday of next week I have a Dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned, not much else going on over the next week. My life is just too exciting, yes?!?!? LOL. Life is good.

I think I will keep the exercise down for the weekend and see how my knees are going to adjust to all the time on my feet. I will keep up my stretching. I should have a pretty good ideal how things are going to go with the knees by the end of next week.

We have a few trees around the park so I have a few birds to watch too, I like this. One that I hope to get a shot at is the Painted Red-start. I’ll keep an eye out for him.


Weekend ………

It is the weekend and it feels the same as it did all week, not sure if that is good or bad, but it is.

Down here in the desert the temperature is giving us a little break, staying in the low 90°’s. Next month the temperature should start being at a good place with some 8o’s for the high day temperature. I like the 8o° for the day and 60 or so for the nights. Sept and Oct should be the best months to be here in Deming, temperature wise. Man! I must be getting old ………. there I go talking about the weather again LOL!

Update 3:30pm looks like we are a bout to have a storm. That is OK.

Internet/4G; I know I have talked about it for the last two or three days but it sure is nice to have high-speed internet! If you have not read my blog for a couple of days I am talking about Verizon turning on 4G LTE speeds here in Deming. It you are one of the people who use the WiFi here at the Ranch, I don’t think there is much help on that front, if you are a light user the Ranch WiFi is fine. On the other hand if you have Verizon you all good here at the ranch.


On the weekends up here on the mountain you see a lot of RVs coming and going. The weekends come out and have a good time and that is OK because I am in a good spot and the coming and going don’t bug me any.

The weather is starting out like most days up here for this time of year, partly cloudy and a little cool but if it don’t rain it will turn into a nice day and even with the rain it just gets a little cool.  Don’t know if I am ready for the 100° weather down in the desert or not 😕  . I guess I don’t mind the hot days too much it is the night that don’t cool off that I don’t like. I like sleeping with no AC, I can live with a fan going but I just hate running a AC.

The internet is going good this morning, I have 3 bars in Verizon Manager.

I went off to Cloudcroft to do my laundry and pick up some power steering fluid for my truck. It is the first time I have added any power steering fluid to the truck, likely not a good sign, if I added, it had to go somewhere so maybe a leak. I will have to keep an eye on it.

On my weekend

Monday is my weekend 🙂 . I had a pretty good work “week”  😉  start I think. The first two days went will well and the third was a bit of a catch up and remember how to do things day. When I take 6 months off I do forget a few things and become kind of rusty. It is all coming back fast enough, I guess.

OK It is time for me to get out on the bike and ride! Back later.

Exercise; I had a good bike ride and a little body workout afterwords along with my stretching. After getting done with all that, I had to have me some caffeine so off to the Circle K  for a good cold diet coke! It was good LOL. I pick one up for the other 3 people working here today too. I want another one ………… but I can’t have it 😦 . I can drink the things all day but I am trying to be good ………… ( I am being good!).  It is time to find me some food and I am not sure what I want.

I need a few things from Walmart but I think I will wait and go tomorrow.

One Last workday

Yes Monday will be my weekend 🙂 . I will be off 3 and then work one, off one, and on for two(Sat Sun) . There is only two of us in the office for now but a third is coming in at some point I hear. Once we get three in the office I should be able to get all three of my days together.

I am whipping up my breakfast now, two eggs and sausage. I must admit that I really miss my toast LOL. It is not so bad that I can’t stand it, but I do miss it a little. Milk is a thing I miss too. But over all I have lots of stuff I can put in place of these things.

Yesterday was not too busy in the office so I did get out to do a few things outside and I enjoyed that. I did a good bit of walking and moving around in general . I think I will have time for that today too, a good thing. I need to do this moving around to get just a little exercise.

Time for work, later.

The weekend

The weekend is moving on by pretty fast. I manage to stay busy doing this and that’s around the office and the time melts away. Today will be the same.

This is Saturday and I will not ride the bike today, let the legs take a break.

Baby Computer

I am updating my apps on the smart phone (Thunderbolt) today. The smart phone is just a baby computer that needs all  the time the big computers need LOL. I do love messing with the thing. There should be a OTA (over the air update) coming soon and the update will be GingerBread, it is a OS (operating system)  update and after that I may do a thing call rooting the phone . That is like a hack to the phone that let you do more with the phone them Verizon wants you to do. I like that kind of thing LOL!

Off to work

It is the weekend and time for work, for that is! Well OK I will go make my keep today, for the next 4 as a matter of fact.

Yesterday I did get out for a bit and looked at a couple of new store(new to me) around town here but found nothing of much interest.

This morning I got in a good bike ride and I have been to Walmart already. I have over 50 miles in on the bike for the week and I have tomorrow to go yet so I should have at least 60 miles by the time it is said and done.


The exercise and watching of the foods I eat (not the best job on food but better than I was doing) have paid off a little bit ………… about 20 lbs off and gone. As best that I remember the last time I lost a lot of weight, the first 20 lbs was the ease part and it got harder as I went. I could be in for a very long haul. I’ll keep at it and see where it goes. I am sure that I will have to make changes as I go along. This time I will have to work harder on the food part because I know that I can not keep exercise at the level of intensity that I did last time. So that will make everything slower for sure.

I’ll just keep at it and this time the changes must be permanent, much tougher. I got to learn to love food just a little less LOL!

I much say that the first 20 lbs lets me know that I can more the weight if I stay at it and it is encouraging. I just got to work hard in order to not do any back-sliding LOL!

So everyone out there send me some will power this way because I will need it. I want to set a gold of 5 more lbs loss by the end of Aug. I’ll let you know where I am at when the time comes.

Near time for work so I best get ready, later.