Chilly Morning

Yes it is a cool cool this morning. A friend of my is to come by later and we will go walking, it will be nice to have a walking partner. Kind of cold and wet this morning, had a bit a rain last night. There is a little wind blowing too, may put on a sweat shirt for the walk.

I am debating just how much longer I will stay here on the mountain. I like the cooler weather for the most part, when it is not raining it is prefect. I come get some things I need done down in the desert, but it will cost to stay in a camp ground, while up here is free and money is a concern too. The desert will be very hot too 😦  .

Weight; I was hoping to break 200 lbs by the end of the month, but it is going to be close if at all. We’ll see.

Well I got my exercise this morning with a walk and my friend went along with me today, I took him on one of the long ones about 6 miles and we both where pretty tired by the time we got back. Maybe we will do it again tomorrow.

Bird of the week has been updated with a Mountain Chickadee.



Exercise/weight/diet. I have talk a lot about exercise of late because it has been on going and I am staying with it. Just to let you know I am still staying with my diet(Atkins) and the weight is moving but much slower now. Over the pass month I have loss around 5 lbs, so nothing to brag about. I knew as I got around the 200 mark it would get much tougher and slower. If I can lose 5 lbs a month it is still very good …….. in only 4 months that would be 20 lbs, and I will sure take that! I have high hopes of breaking the 200 lbs mark this month and I am getting close. Back to exercise, I did walk about 6 miles this morning.

Well the weather has been very good for the last 3 days and I am enjoying it very much. No rain has fallen and I like that but I guess the area sure could use some more rain. This is July and this area will be getting more rain but hopefully from my point of view, it will not sat in for a week at time like the last round.

Birds; I have been so enjoying the birds up here on this mountain. I got to see some that I have not seen before and have added some to my life list.

Smartphone; well I will be enjoying my smartphone till next spring and then I will be dropping it. The cost for a smartphone is just gotten to high. There are other ways to do the same thing , just a little harder to do. Maybe I will get a hotspot, a small tablet and some cheap pay as you go phone. Yes a lot more hassle but if I can save $50 to $60 a month, I will just have to make do. I don’t talk much and text none so I be damn if I am going to pay for it.  Unlimited my back side ………………!!!! Stick it, Verizon. LOL.

5pm; Update on the weather …… it has been the prefect day!

Night folks.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good, bad and the ugly is all about exercise and weight. The good; After my long walk yesterday my knees ain’t half bad, which is super good! The bad; Wow, my leg muscle are sore as the devil and I am not sure I will walk today. The ugly; last year I weight 70 lbs more than I do now and I could not have done that walk I did yesterday. The 210 lbs vs 280 lbs is sure making things better for me, now to get off that last 30 lbs. My knees are doing so much better each time I take off 10 lbs. I can’t wait to get the next 10 off. Maybe today I can do a short walk just to shake off the soreness, maybe a 2 miler …..? We’ll see.

To update new readers I am doing the Atkins diet and it is working very well for me, well that along with exercise. Over the last 10 years I have always enjoy exercising but I have not enjoyed trying to control my food intake. The Atkins diet has help me with that. The Atkins diet lets you eat all you want but not all foods. It is a low carb diet. Meats, eggs, fish, sea foods, chicken you can have all you want but carbs is a no-no. Yes it cuts out a lot of foods but there is a lot you can eat and you don’t have to ever be hungry. That works for me, I don’t like hungry!

What will I get into today? I have no ideal but my mind is working on it.

Oh wow, I just noticed it is a bit overcast today. Looking at the weather it looks like a good chance I will be enjoying some rain this week. I have not been in much rain over the last couple of years, hanging around in the lower desert. Maybe on the mountain I will see some rain. I sure am enjoying the cooler weather that the mountain offers.

OK it is time to do something other than sit here, so I am off to it whatever it may be.

I got out for a nice ride in truck, took a trip down to the Solar Observatory. Somewhat interesting if it is your thing. I didn’t have anyone with me and it was just so,so for me. I also rode around the area near here and there are some interesting camping areas. I do like the one I am at best though.

It is now time for some food and tonight I am having a cauliflower salad made just like potatoes salad but with cauliflower substituted for the potatoes, pretty good. I am also having a heaping helping of meat, turkey and chicken. I am hungry tonight too!

Man that was a good meal! Time for dessert …………. some crush walnuts, sugar-free jello, blackberries and good topping of sugar-free whip cream. Oh yea baby, good, good, good. Not just yet though, I’ll wait a spell. All allow on my Atkins diet by the way 😉  .


I will start with a celebration! I celebrate every 10 lbs I lose.
PhotobucketI may bounce back up a bit over the next few days but I have held on to 210 lbs for the last 3 days. When I get three days in a roll I call it a victory.  Hopefully I can keep it going down. Shoot, if I can keep if going like this, I may even break the 200 lb barrier before summer’s end. I am feeling good. Lost so far 70 lbs in a little over a year.

Exercise today will be another walk. I am really enjoying the woods here in Cloudcroft.  I will walk on a trail across the road that is 14 miles long. I will not be doing the 14 miles but I will walk out a ways on the trail and then return. I wish I could walk the 14 miles because I would really love to. If I stay here too long I may give it a try. If I do, I am sure, I will be down for a while LOL. My knees have really took some of the finer pleasure out of life for me. I grew up in the woods and as a kid I would spend the day by myself out in the woods just playing and learning about life. Maybe that has something to do with my poor people skills?! LOL!

I went into the big city of Cloudcroft, NM( a wide spot in the road) today and found free WiFi, water, post office, a place to buy propane and what stores are about. Of course it being Sunday nothing much was open.  I may check with the post office and see if I can get general delivery for my mail tomorrow.

I am liking my boon-dock spot here beside the road but I am not sure how long I can stay or how long I want to stay. I am adjusting to the things I have here and the things I don’t have. Like poor TV,  poor internet, poor phone service, great privacy, peace and quiet, tall beautiful trees and lots of other differences. You know the changes in life are the spice of life don’t you think? I mean you will miss some of the great things that you had but then you will relish in the new ones that have come your way, yes? Well, it is so with me.

I think it is time to get some of that exercise.  Time 3:50;  back from my walk. I did about six and half miles and here are my tracks. It was a really great walk. I am beat, but I so enjoyed the walk. My feet are tired but my knees are not too bad ……….. well for now they are not bad anyway. I’ll let you know if they start hurting. Tomorrow will tell the tell as to how my old bones will handle this large of a walk. While on my walk a couple a days ago I took this shot with the camera on my phone.

For those new to my blog I have bad old knees and one has a total replacement, done about 3 years ago. About one year and two months ago I weighed in at about 280 lbs, so I happy to be at 210 lbs now. My over all gold is to get to 180 lbs, so 30 lbs to go. For folks who don’t know me, I am a 60-year-old man, and as grumpy as all get out!! LOL.

I love my days off

Yes I do love my days off and I am enjoying this one very much indeed. I have not done anything very interesting but I have had a great day.  I have done the routine stuff like go by Walmart, take the truck to the car wash for a good bath (much-needed) and got my exercise done.I have yet one more of these days coming before hitting my big 3 day work week this weekend. LOL, man I got life rough don’t I? There are a few things good about being older and not working a full-time job no more, yes there is.

On the exercise front I rode the bike over the 18 mile travel today, so I got 3 long rides in a roll now. I am picking up the miles but I don’t know if I can keep that up for the long haul. Maybe now that I have some of the weight off, I can do a little better than last year, at least. We’ll see as we go.

If the summer keeps going as it is with the weight lost, I could be hitting or getting very near that 200 lb mark by the end of the summer. Man, that would be sweet! I will just keep working with it and see where it goes, I am feeling good about the weight thing now, for sure. Friends…….. send me some good vibes.

Time for me to found food! Later.

Back to public

Today I will be taken my blog back to public again. I set it to private to get a few things changed and I have done that. There are times when I want to vent a little and this is a public blog so I must be careful now. I guess I have people reading this that don’t like me much and are telling folks that where not meant to hear it, what it is that I am writing. Hey “John you dumb-A,  it is a public blog on the internet” LOL.  OK, OK, John gets it, lesson learned. I have never use names of people I make a fuss about but someone who was close to me at one time took advantage of the knowledge they have about me and my surroundings in order to tell tells. Again lesson learned.

I now have a second blog ……….. (Bad RV John) and this is where I will do my venting about things. Still I will never use someones name.  The new blog will be sit to private and only a few people I trust will have access to it. I need to vent sometimes and I don’t have a lot of people around my person at times that allows that kind of trust. My good friends that know me, know that I need to blow a little steam now and again. LOL. Sorry to all offended on RV John, but over at Bad RV John ……….. well only my friends will know. 👿

Enough about my mistakes … moving on!

Exercise; This morning I did about 18 miles on the bike with a break in the middle for a nice cold Diet Coke at McD’s. The ride felt good. Hopefully I will get in a little stretching today. I need to give my bike a good cleaning today and wax up the chain real good.

Weight; It is going good with my weight moving slowly down, a lb or two a week. I am feeling better all the time. A fat guy like me don’t know how much better they can feel till they start to lose a lot of weight, it is a big differences for sure.  Hey what is my final gold ……..???? I think that will be about 180 lbs, a ways to go. I don’t know how much harder it will get as I start to get closer to my gold. I know from the last time I lost weight by exercising only (for the most part) I had to really get with it to get that last few lbs off. This time I will be doing much less exercise but still a fair amount, plus the Atkins dieting.  I am so surprised that I am getting alone with this dieting thing, I would sure have never thought it.

It is time to hit the public button! Welcome back to all my friends ……. and any others that must read my blog, LOL!

Back to a work day

Time is moving by pretty fast this summer, it is already hot and the summer is well on its way. I am having to run the AC at night now in order to sleep. Unfortunately it is just going to get hotter, still I like the weather here far better than back east or south. The dry temperature is just a much better feel and my old bones like it better. If I did not have to worry about where to keep it later I might buy one of the portable evaporating coolers, but it is something I would have to store or haul around with me all the time so I will pass.

Speaking of bones I have added two supplements to my daily intake of pills(all optional) and they are Calcium and Glucosamine Chondroitin. I have taken a Multivitamin, Green Tea, Red Yeast Rice, Fish Oil and a baby Aspirin for the last 3 years or so. Could be there is something good in there for me and hopefully there is nothing bad in that mess of pills. So now I have a hold hand full of stuff I take each morning. The two I mentioned first are supposed to be good for the bone and joints. Silly habits, we get into as we get older, LOL!

Today at work should go pretty fast for there will be a lot to do. I think I may be the only one out of the office that works much outside this year. That is OK by me ….. I just need to do something with myself beside sit in the office. On the work front the new guy in the office is working in very well.

On with the good things in life! After eating out yesterday I see my weight jump up 2 lbs LOL. It is kind of bad to watch weight on a daily basis just for the reason of weight moving around 2 or 3 lbs all the time. I think that yesterdays morning’s weight may have been down due to dehydration because I had not drink my usual amount of water(1 Gal) the day before. Also the day before I had rode the bike for 20 miles, so I was missing a little water I think. No matter I liked seeing that 216, LOL. I will see it again in a week or two, yes I will.

It is time for work, everyone have a nice day.

Enjoying my last day off

Man I have enjoyed my four days off. It was great to just hang out and do much of nothing.

Exercise; this morning I did about 12 miles on the bike just riding around the city, so the exercise is in the can.

I am thinking about going out to eat this afternoon. Maybe Golden Corral …….??   😕  Sure sounds good. It is coming up on two pm so it is a good time to go, at 2pm old dudes like me can get all you want and have a drink for about $7.00 …….. ends up being a bit more because I tip. Yes, It will be happening because it is already 1:30 and the low prices start at 2pm so it is going to be a done deal.

4pm: Update, the Golden Corral was very good and I did not do to bad today. At least when I came out I did not feel completely stuff like I usually do.

Weight; I hit a new low number today 116 lbs …….. it will likely jump around for a few days  but I am at least starting to see numbers I like and they are headed down 🙂 . All good.

A few months ago I talked about replacing my paper checkbook with my tablet and my smart phone after a good run of tests to see if I like it or not. Well the test is over and I do like the electronic check book better , I keep two of them so I have a backup and I have kept the paper checkbook up but I am about to drop the paper and only use the two electronic ones. Of course I have online banking so that is the top rank checkbook but again, electronic. Can I make the leap and do away with paper? I think I can, no more paper!


Blood Letting

I went to the VA today and when ask what kind of appointment I had by the young woman at the desk I said “blood-letting” she got a kick out of that one. I was in and out very quickly this morning.

I rode my bicycle to the appointment and back which is about 11 miles (lucky yes?) so I got my exercise done too. On the way back I stopped at McD’s and had a drink and two egg/sausage burritos and of course I threw out the bread.

Weight; I have not said much on it for a few days but I did want to let everyone know I am still on track with it. I am not losing as fast as I would like but like everyone else trying to lose weight, I could never lose the weight as fast I would like LOL. You know ……. just wake up tomorrow and it all be gone, now wouldn’t that be nice?

OK time to catch up on all the folks following my blog. Let’s see who is looking in. Hmmm …. lots of dieting bloggers out there. I guess we Americans are just big folks, damn you McD’s LOL.

Today I am going to add a link to my blog to a new blogger and friend, so everyone (both of my readers, LOL) go say hi to Judy!  Link on the right, what a talent writer, her blog’s name is whinotclown,  I’ll do the link now. Folks go check out her blog, and give her a comment by clicking on comments at the bottom of one of her post.

Think I will get up and move around a bit, maybe go to Walmart. 3pm I am back from Walmart and I got my shopping done for today.

How about a new look for the blog …………. What do you think? I will redo the colors on the RV John part, little too bright for me LOL. I will work on it in Photoshop later this week. I think this is my 3rd theme for the blog as best I remember.

5:30 pm; I decide to update the RV John part, still bright, but more to my liking. Night folks.

One last day

One more day at work here and then off to Deming for 3 days. I will either hook up tonight and go on down to Deming or hook up tonight and go early in the morning. We’ll see.

Weight; after 4 days of teens I am at 220.6 again, LOL. I seem to be holding in a spot for a couple of weeks. It goes like this and then I lose a lb or two. It is that way now, I have been within three lbs of the same weight for about two weeks now. This weight lost is already starting to get tough. I have to watch my exercise routine ……….. I have to keep on it. I may have to start fining time to ride on my work days and that would be tough with the 9 hour days. I fear that at some point my weight will just stop moving down if I don’t change something a bit. On food, I will have to cut back on some small things. Little less nuts, whip cream and strawberries 😦  . Me and food ………… I find something I really like and can have, I eat one at first and then I have two, LOL. I got to watch that. Counting crabs is not near as hard as counting calories but don’t look like it is going to be a push over either. My work is laid out for me I will have to get to it.

Exercise next week will be a problem, with working three full days setting up the computers for the RV park and on the fourth day I will be moving back here again so again hard to find time for exercise. I may have to get up early and do some walking. I think I will need to do something for exercise. Lot of things getting in the way this year it seem, I need to work harder on making sure exercise happens no matter what. On a good note, I did walk a lot yesterday.