Once up on a Walk

Pictures: I once took a walk to the top of Wheeler Peak, the highest point in NM. About 5 to 6 years ago. The critters on top where about as friendly as could be.

Marmot, begging for food.

Chipmunk begging for food, Standing on my shoe and yes my foot was still in it!


Volunteering: My friend Barry and I took out a very large Pack Rats nest here at the RV Park today. We have at least two or three more big ones to take out. Not a fan of Pack Rats!

Night Folks


Less than a week

Near time: and yes, I am counting the days. It is not that I have not really enjoyed my time here but I have restless soul and it need fed!

Pictures: All of these pictures taken last year while traveling the NM State parks with my friends.

I took this picture on my walk up to Wheeler Peak last year.

Here is why all the people stopped at El Morro and left their signatures, yes, it was all about the water.


Over looking Coyote Greek State Park form the mountain above it, I do like walking up them mountains 🙂

Coyote top_0061

Exercise: I have rode around the park a good bit today but not too hard.

Night folks


Some pictures: Here is what I call a hard-back chair ….. It is Petrifly o_O I took this shot at the gift shop of the Petrify Forrest in AZ. It was cool trying it out 🙂
Rock chair_0448

Here are some ruins at Chaco Canyon. This is a great place to see if you get near by.

Ever seen a Marmot up close? If not, all you have to do is walk up the the highest point in NM, which is Wheeler Peak these little guys are very friendly 🙂

Exercise: I rode the bike both today and yesterday, short rides but enough to call exercise.

Yesterday, I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 6.84mi, time: 36:40, pace: 5:22min/mi, speed: 11.19mi/h.

Today, I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 8.68mi, time: 40:37, pace: 4:41min/mi, speed: 12.82mi/h.

Night folks

Got to catch up

Today I will start doing my catch up on all my computer stuff and there is a lot. So if you have sent me email or comments on the blog, I will be getting back to you soon.

Exercise; I am back on the bike and this morning I rode into Las Vegas. It is just under two miles from my RV to Walmart and about 4 mile to McD’s and I like that. All my exercise and eating right is starting to pay off nicely now, today I brought a pair of pants that where 34’s 😯 It is good to be 180 after weighing in at 280!!! I am pleased with myself.

I have a lot of pictures to do so I best get started. Added a post just for the pictures of Eagle Nest.

Wheeler Peak updated with a few pictures Click Here to see the updated post. Click the pictures link to see pictures.

OK I am getting near done with the catch up, just need to update my Bird of the Week, I guess this is more like the bird of the month now 😦  I posted this shot earlier but I like it so here it is again, Female Red Wing Black Bird. Click Here to see the picture again.

Well, now I need to do some email but first I will do a little chilling out and maybe walk around this Park (Storrie Lake)  a little.