Last day

Walk: Last walk here at Blue Water for this stay. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.01mi, time: 01:08:18, pace: 22:40min/mi, speed: 2.65mi/h.  Last walk this stay

Weather: Each day is lighting up a bit and becoming a bit warmer and I’m glad to see it. Can’t wait for the better weather this weekend.

Bird: One more White Throated Sparrow.
White Throated photo WTS2a.jpg

Butterfly on Clover:
Orange  Sulphur photo ICFKB.jpg

Moving tomorrow: I will do a night at Walmark in Grants and than back to the BLM land south of Grants for a week.

Night folks


Ubuntu 14.02 LTS

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.77mi, time: 01:00:17, pace: 21:44min/mi, speed: 2.76mi/h. My walk for today

Added another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.32mi, time: 28:38, pace: 21:45min/mi, speed: 2.76mi/h.
Another Short Walk

Workout Summary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/21/2014 – 04/27/2014
9 workouts
8 routes
16.9 miles
7.9 hours
2,219 kCal burned

Computer: Today I have been playing on the computer with Ubuntu. I installed a new version of the OS(14.02 LTS) and I am playing in it now as I do my post. Needless to say this has been most of my day, it is already near 3pm. Hey, I’m having fun 🙂 It is so nice to be hooked up to electric and be able to run the desktop all day and do these kind of fun things.

One of the first things I had to work out was to find a way to get my Evernotes to Ubuntu and I did that with a program called Everpad on Ubuntu. They work well together but the Everpad is not as full featured as Evernote by no means, but it gets the job done.

Bird: Sticking with the White Throated Sparrows, here is another picture, taken in KY.
 photo cp.jpg

Silly Problems: My first problem is that one of my batteries up and stop being able to charge so I had to remove it for my 4 battery system, meaning that I had to remove two of my batteries because they are wired in series/parallel arrangement (I have four 6volt batteries in a 12volt system). This is going to be a problem when I go back to the boon-docking, I’ll be down to half my power. The good part is that I will only be boon-docking for 10 days after I leave here, then I’ll be hooked-up to electric for the rest of the summer.

My next problem is that my browser of choice for Windows 8 on my desk-top is doing something silly and messing up the letters it puts on the screen. But only on the desktop with Windows and Firefox. I have Firefox running here in Ubuntu on the desktop and it is fine. More than likely something in the Windows Register messed up with the latest update. I tried to un-installing  and  reinstalling but it did not help. Well, it will give me something to fix later on.

Weather: A couple more days and this little cold snap should be over, hopefully. I have not enjoyed it LOL. Boo to cold weather 👿

Night folks

Cloud Computing

Still cold: Yes, I’ll hush about it when it is warmer and hopefully that will be this weekend. This morning didn’t seems as bad but I think it got cooler as morning went by. We will warm up a little today but no heat wave.

Office chair: When I use my desktop computer I have an office chair I sat in, and it always takes me some time to get back use to using it after sating in the recliner all the time where I use my Table and laptop computer. It makes my back and neck a little sore for a few days and then after that, I think it is probably better for the back and neck.

Cloud Computing: Using internet clouds have become a very useful tool in most people’s life’s that use handheld devices and computers. For me they are the easy way to move small amounts of data back and forth, for instants I’m using my tablet now to write this part of the blog on the night before the post will be used and I’m using Evernote to write this on the tablet as I watch TV ( during the commercials 😀 ) and tomorrow I’ll likely use one of the computers to write the rest, and post. Cloud base data in small amounts is great for me. Thinking a bit more on that, I don’t think cloud base software is a good ideal. Why? Many, many folks are using mobile devices more and more, and don’t know of any reasonable deal to get much bandwidth on a mobile device. If you run software through the clouds it takes a lot of bandwidth to do that. So, with this in mind, I don’t understand way Google one of the most used mobile OSs (Android) is pushing the clouds so much. Now if we all had lots of bandwidth at a reasonable cost, it would be another thing, but for those of us that must live with only mobile bandwidth it’s not something we want to see. I want my apps and most of my data to live on my computers/devices.

Oddly I find networking my computer/devices more difficult than using clouds. Actually with Windows machines after about Windows 7 and up, networking has become pretty easy but try mixing operating systems and different versions of OS and it gets to be fun. Clouds have none of these problems. I think that if I had a stick and brick (house/home, not on wheels) I would use the clouds a lot more, for things like my music and photos which are big data wise, and would chew my mobile bandwidth up like candy. Maybe one day.

Don’t know that I’ve got any big point here, just saying mobile bandwidth is not the best way to do cloud computing with some of us being stuck using only mobile bandwidth, except with small amounts of data.

Bird: Another shot of a White-throated Sparrow, Eating a seed. I think he is saying “Don’t bother me now, I’m eating! ”

Sparrow White throated photo YTSCU.jpg

Walk: It is about time for me to get out and about. There is a little wind blowing so I will likely walk in the canyon again. Back in a bit.

I’m back from my walk and it was not a long one but enjoyable. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.16mi, time: 51:30, pace: 23:53min/mi, speed: 2.51mi/h.
Short but enjoyable walk

Night folks


Snow: This is Not the weather for me, cold, windy and snow. The weatherman says the whole week will be this way and not warm up till the weekend. Highs only to the mid 50s and the low at or just below freezing. Snowing this morning and way too cold for my taste.

Last night I stayed pretty toasty with two electric heaters running and this morning I have one electric heater running along with the Catalytic Wave 8 heater.

It may be fun to get out and take a few pictures but I’m not much in the mind of going out into the cold!

Pictures: Okay, Earlier, I dragged myself out in the old cold wind and walk maybe a mile and took these shots. It is about 11pm now and the snow is pretty much gone but these I took earlier.

Bird of the week: This is a White Throated Sparrow, picture taken in KY, on a rainy day.
Sparrow White throated photo OWTSIR.jpg

Exercise: Just my little mile walk this morning will do in this weather.
Update on exercise 3pm: I had a change of heart and decide to do my walk anyways and it wasn’t bad after I got started. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.70mi, time: 01:02:44, pace: 23:16min/mi, speed: 2.58mi/h. Link to Tracks

Computer: It is fun to be back on the desktop computer with the nice big monitor to look at 🙂 Couple more weeks and I’ll be able to hook-up the rig for the summer. It took me all of yesterday evening and some of today to get all the updates caught up on the desktop, there where a lot. Near 2 gig of just Windows 8 updates.

Playing with Google Maps: Wow, I have not played with the iframe in Google and this looks pretty neat. This is where I am now. Play with the map, it is interactive 🙂

Night folks