Wild Flowers

Pictures: Some flower shots from the old files.



Weather : Much nicer today 🙂

Night Folks


Wild Flower, Yet Again

Pictures: Couple more Wild Flower shots.



Chilling : ✅ Yep that gets the Check Mark today! I be back walking tomorrow.

Clipboard Managers : I have used Ditto Clipboard Manager for years now but I have moved to one called ClipClip. Ditto worked beautiful for me for many years but ClipClip has a thing that I like that Ditto don’t have. ClipClip does all that Ditto does and this other thing which is, it keeps all my clip(or to the number I set it at) until I shut down windows at which time it clears the clipboard and that is the feature that I like. Now if I happen to leave a password in the clip it will be deleted when I shut down. I could not find a way to do that in Ditto.

Night Folks

Wild Flowers

Pictures: These shots taken in the first year I had my first DSLR (20D, kit lens 18-55mm non IS) in 2005. I still have both 🙂 You can likely buy that lens now for $50.00 but it is still a capable lens.


Exercise : I walked a couple miles this morning.

DPP4 – 4.8.30 : I have not used Canon software for my Raw images much. Today I downloaded the newest version of DPP4 – 4.8.30 and give it a try and I may play around with it for a while ….. that way I can keep my Adobe Photoshop CS6 for the next 10 years and not have to buy Adobes CC and pay a $100.00 or more a year to them 😈
I’ll post a couple images tomorrow that I used DPP4 to process from Raw.

Night Folks