Out of Africa

Pictures: My friend and I went to the Out of Africa wild life park and here are some shots from that. Today’s pictures of animals are unfortunately behind fences 😦 I am going to have a few of these. What are these animals you ask …? Sorry I don’t know, things went way too fast for me to keep up and take pictures too, but if someone would like to add the names in comments I’ll label them.

Update: Thank you (Boeta and gang) Our Rumbling Ocean For the IDs. Also, check this one Having fun with my Camera

Sable antelope (not mature) Here is a link to Wikipedia now that I know it’s ID.
OutofAfrica 66_7d1__250416

Eland (biggest in Africa). Here is a link to Wikipedia
OutofAfrica 1_7d1__250416

Weather: Still got the wind but it is a very nice day even with the wind. The temperatures are golden!

Night folks


Front Door

Pictures: Couple shots out the front door.

The white mountain in the top right is San Francisco Peaks (Highest point in AZ)
Camp Verde 8-7D2-160416

If you look close you can see the mountain in this one too.
Camp Verde 9-7D2-160416

Weather: I can’t remember this much wind in AZ but I am here later than I normally am. I have talk to others that think it has been unusually windy too. It is a pretty nice day other than that with temperatures about mid 80s.

Exercise : I walk near 4 miles today and partly up a mountain, good exercise for an old dude.

Night folks

Lawn Mowers

Pictures: Yesterday the gang came by and mowed the lawn for me 😉

Mowing the Lawn.
Grass cutters 300915_20d_2661

The sheep dog, with a bit of a attitude. Looks like it is saying “Hey, don’t even be looking at my sheep!”
Sheep dog 300915_20d_2650

Exercise I only took a short walk today, about 2 miles.

Weather: It is going to take a cooler path starting tonight, but still too soon to go any farrier west just yet, so I may have me some cool nights. Not sure how cool it will be, my weather apps varies greatly. Today is beautiful with a little wind.

Night folks

Cooler Weather but still better

Weather Change: The cold front has gotten to Lake Havasu but it is still far better than all the other folks are getting throughout rest of the US. The lows here are only in the mid 40s and high all the way up to upper 60s, so compared to all the other places it is still very good. The wind is blowing pretty hard, makes for a lot of dust.

Weekly Exercise: Here is a weekly summary. Finally did enough walking to have a summary 🙂

WEEK OF 11/09/2014 – 11/15/2014
Workouts 5
Hours 4.79
Distance 11.62
Calories 1421

Exercise: Today’s walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.78mi, time: 01:27:32, pace: 23:10min/mi, speed: 2.59mi/h.

Pictures: Took these today while walking.


This picture from yesterday evening at sunset, this is the view out my window.


Night folks

End of the Blue Jays

One last Blue Jay: Time to start thinking about a new bird for next week.
BlueJay Sat_5706
Here is a Cactus bloom, Picture taken in AZ.

Stats: Ha, they are coming back down! Sure glad all those people are not looking at me now, I was getting paranoid, LOL!

Weather: The wind is being very persistent today as it was yesterday, but today’s winds are a little stronger, still I don’t mind it too much. It is warm and sunny so all is well.

Night folks