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Pictures: Couple of Eastern Swallow Tail shots from 07. I am not a 100% sure on the first one ….



Exercise: I rode the bike 7 miles this morning.

Windows 10 Pro: I have an old version of Windows 8 Pro lying around and I am going to try to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 Pro using the Windows 8 Pro key …… so if you don’t hear from me for a few days you know I broke something!

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Playing with the computers

Exercise: I have been doing fairly well on my exercise, nothing special but staying steady with either walking or riding the bike. Today was a 3 mile walk, yesterday was a 10 mile bike ride. Starting to get back to eating a little better too. I seen to have just loss my way totally during the holidays.

Windows 10 : Still playing with a few settings in both my laptops seeing as Windows 10 is fairly recently install on both. I am still learning to use some of Windows 10 features and some of those go back to Windows 8 …. Yes us old dogs can learn new tricks but we don’t get in no hurry about it 😉 One of the things I have let go is the Start menu that I have always added to the task bar since Windows 8, as I have became more comfortable with Windows 10 Start menu. I still dislike that you can highly modifier the icon side but have no control over the text side of it. I much prefer text menu to icons/ribbons menu and add text menu any time there is an option to do so. The Windows 10 Menu is alphabetical and I would prefer categories organization but I am starting to learn to live with it being alphabetical.

Laptop: The new laptop is doing okay by me and I am liking it a lot. Even with it being kind of low end it is still way better then the 5 year old one that I have.

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More Windows 10

Pictures: House Finch and another White-Crowed Sparrow, these are the ones coming to the feeder.

House Finch 6_7D2_200116

White-Crowed Sparrow 1_7D2_200116

Windows 10: I have reset my older laptop and I think I did a good deed for the old computer, it runs much better 🙂 I have been upgrading it since I got it with Windows Vista, so 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 where all upgrades and I think that it lost something on the way up. Having two up and running Windows 10 laptops will give me a second backup of all my files plus a whole computer backup should one bite the dust. Now what to do about the desktop replacement? ….. still thinking Apple but I waiting to see what they do this year with their updates to the Macbook Pro. I will go with another laptop but one that will run a nice 4K monitor, that way I can have the low power use of a laptop and the nice big screen of a desktop when needed (or wanted) 🙂
The reset went pretty good, the only thing I lost where the USB drivers and after a bit of hunting on the internet I found the driver I needed.
My favorite site for my settings is here. This site pretty much has all the things I like to change in one place.

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Windows 10 …. continues

Pictures: More older Pictures.

Red Spotted Purple photo RSPa.jpg

Skipper photo S12.jpg

Windows 10: My friend got a new computer and it has Windows 8.1 so today I was trying to update the thing to 10 and seems like I just got to wait till it is ready. I look up the Product ID but it is a Lenove brand and they put their Product ID in place of Windows 8.1 so I can’t get the key to do it by using my ISO file. Manufacturers and their bloatware! Hee, I did get most of the Bloatware out 🙂 now I’ll just wait till the Windows 10 update is ready.

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Windows 10 from RVJohn’s eyes

Pictures: Here are a couple of shots of more wild flowers in the area.

Wild Flower 20d_2321

Wild Flower 20d_2319

Windows 10: Now that I’ve had it for a while I thought maybe I’ll share my views and opinions about it.
About the install of Windows 10.  I have installed about ever version of Windows since Windows 95 and only once or twice have I had an install go completely without at least one or two little problems, Windows 10 had a couple for me too. I installed Windows 10 on a friend’s tablet and it was a perfectly smooth install but it was not to be for me. I did things a little different by first downloading a ISO file of Windows 10 instead of just letting Windows do it for me because I wanted a copy for my other computer and I like having a backup. On my friend’s computer I let Windows do the downloading, it was a much smaller download and as I said earlier if went perfectly smooth, maybe that made the install go better or maybe that had nothing to do with it, who knows?
So ….. The first problem that I had was getting the installer to start, after about five tries it did start but it crashed on me at least 3 times during installation but in the end it installed. After everything was installed my video was messed up, so I had to fix the video driver for it and updated a few other drivers while I was at it ( I think this broke some things because of the way I did it with a internet installer for drivers). At any rate after this my computer was running like a champ on Windows 10.  But ….. LOL. A few days later I notice that I was not getting my Windows updates. When I discovered the fact that my updates where not working I spent the day trying to fix this problem and in the end I could not 😦   This caused me to do another install and after the last install everything is doing fine, updates and all. By the way, I did all installs as upgrades and not clean installs so I could keep all my files and programs in place.
Now, with Windows 10 installed and everything working fine I turned to the privacy issues that many are talking about with Windows 10 and I agree there are a few. If you run Windows 10 on a Windows phone or a Windows tablet with apps and a Microsoft account you are going to give up some privacy just like you would on an Apple or Android device. However ….. if you just want to run a desktop/laptop and have desktop apps and only do desktop things you can restore a good bit of your privacy.

Here are the things I did.

(1) Microsoft Account; When installing Windows 10 don’t set up a Microsoft Account, do a Local Account instead, this will kill the use of the Cortana, the Microsoft Store, OneDrive and others so if you want those you can’t do a Local Account. I don’t need them. Here is a link with a How-to.

(2) Privacy Settings; Go to Start/Setting/Privacy, then start at the General tab on the left and turn off everything on the right, do this for the whole list on the left From General to Background Apps. This will kill many of the new fancy things too, but nothing I can’t live without on a desktop/Laptop. Shut them all off if privacy is your thing.

(3) WiFi Settings; Go to Start/Settings/Network and Internet/Manage WiFi Setting/ and turn off WiFi Sense, turn both to off. This kind of sucks if you ask me but if you really want to put a nail in it go to your Router and rename the SSID to whatever with ” _optout ” (no Quotes) on the end of it. This tells Microsoft not to store your WiFi password on their server for that Router. You can read more on this if you Google “WiFi Sense” . This is what I did.

(4) Windows 10 Updates; Go to Start/Updates and Security/Advanced Option/Choose how Updates are Delivered, and turn this off if you don’t want to be part of Windows new torrent net! Again give this a Google if you want to know more about it.

(5) Windows Search (In the task Bar); When I do a search in Windows I just want the search to search Windows and not the Web with Bing search engine. You can make it do just that, but you need to dig a little deeper into Windows. Here is a link to one way of doing it, I forget just what I did to stop it, but I did something because my search engine only searches the computer now 🙂

(6) Windows 10 Feedback; Windows 10 wants to know how you are using it and their privacy statement don’t read in a way that sounds like you get much privacy out of it. so …..
If you go to Start/Setting/Privacy/Feedback and Diagnostics set windows feedback to never (if you like) and the other one gives you three choices pick “Basic” for the least info to go to Microsoft. “Ha”, you say “I don’t want them to have any info!”
To shut off all feedback (the way I read it anyways, I may be wrong I’ll give a link and you decide) you got to do a little deeper hacking by going into the Windows register and services, stop here if you don’t want to do a little hacking 🙂 Here is a Link that shows how to hack the register and change some services. Mind you folks you can break Windows doing these things so if you are not comfortable getting inside Windows don’t go there!

These are the things I have found that you can do if you like and there may be others I don’t know about that stops more of the nosing. These will help stop some of Microsoft’s nosing but not all but I believe these help. None of this is needed but I like to play so ….. 🙂

My opinion of Windows 10. Windows 10 seems to be solid in function to me even if it is a bit nosy, LOL. The big change on the outside is the Start Menu returned. What do I think of it? …. Well Let me start on the right side, that is the only side that works well if you ask me. The Start menu has two sides to it, the right side is the Metro side and the left side is the text side. The right side (the Metro side) is greatly improved with lots of controls and settings you can make it your own. The left side does bring back a Text menu but I think it kind of sucks and does not offer much setting and controls to make it your own. But if you look back in my blog post you’ll see a way around that, that will give you a very good text menu on the task bar. Here is a Link to the post.

I like Windows 10 overall but as is with all OS’s now-a-days, I wish it would do less nosing!

OMG (as the young folk say), I am long-winded today 🙂

Night folks

More Windows 10 fun

Pictures: More older pictures. This is of Downy Woodpeckers on my homemade feeders.

Woodpecker, Downy photo ponfeeder.jpg

Woodpecker Downy photo Dwood.jpg

Windows 10: I notice that my Windows 10’s updates where not installing yesterday so after working on it for 4 or 5 hours yesterday, I got up this morning and did a reinstall of Windows 10 and it went very well but took a long time, 3 to 4 hours. Better than the first install which took longer and had half dozen crashes! The end results are good though, Windows 10 is running well now and updates are working.

The downloaded ISO file I have save me from having to download the whole of Windows 10 again but I did have to download a few updates (maybe 300MB or so), beats the devil out of downloading GBs 🙂 One of the reason I did the ISO file was just for cases like these.

Night folks

Windows 10 working fine

Pictures: Here is a sunflower that is not far from my rig just now.

Sunflower 20d_2280

There is a airport some miles south of me and I see places coming in now and again. The airport much be smaller because I only see mid size airplanes going in, some jets but not the big ones. Oh, there is two planes in this photo, I didn’t even see the second one till I was working on the photo in Photoshop, it is the smallest white dot in the picture and straight in front of the bigger airplane.
Airplane 20d_2277

Windows 10: As best I can tell I got most of the kinks out of the Windows 10 install and things are back to normal. It sure makes things much easier using a upgrade vs a clean install, Had I did a clean install I would have weeks getting all my software back in place. The one other thing I need to do today is to make a backup image of the install that I got now. Oh, and a recovery disc too.

Update; Backup and recovery done.

Night folks

Windows 10 ….. 3

I think I have most of the kinks worked out now …… hopefully! The first thing I did today was start looking for a way to stop the crashing when I shut down the computer each time. I got that done but ….. however being in a hurry I used a online scan to do that and it worked fine and got all my drivers up to date but … it give me a computer full of Malware which I think I have cleaned up now. I should have taken a little more time and watch what I was doing. I took out all the obvious stuff and run a quick malware scan(now doing a deep one, which will take a few hours) and found nothing so far. I had to uninstall Firefox and it’s data folders then reinstall to get it cleaned up but I got that done and think I am running safe now 🙂

Wheeee, this has been fun 🙂 LOL.

Okay I am still liking Windows 10 better then 8.1 … so far :/ I don’t have a touch device so I’m not sure how that side of things works but it is looking good on the laptop after much fixing of things. If you are not a fixer of things when it comes to computers you might want to wait till you buy a new one to do this. On the other hand some folks are not having any trouble what so ever. In Windows defense my computer is a bit old (came with Vista if that tells you anything) and I did download a complete ISO file and install from it, instead of letting Windows do it’s own thing, may have been better if I just let Windows update do it and then again maybe not, who knows?

To the folks that I follow and folks that follow me, I am sorry if I have not gotten back to you yet, I’ll try to catch up a little soon. Oh, and I’ll be getting back to photos soon.

Weather; There was a big rain yesterday about 4pm that stay around for a few hours and it looks and feels like that is going to happen again today. I have had to run the generator a bit seeing as there has not been a lot of sunshine yesterday or today either.

Night folks

Windows 10, continue

Windows 10 was a tough go on this computer with a lot of starts and stops! I finally have it on here and running after much fussing with it. If you don’t like sharing there is a lot of settings that need to be turned off, right down to sharing Windows updates with people everywhere, Wow. It took me 7 gigs of data to get my computer running and the way I wanted but I did downloaded an ISO file so I could use it on my other computer or friends computers if needed. The ISO file was 5.5 gigs and I had to do another gig and half of updates, nuts!

One of the first things was the ISO was too big to burn to a DVD even if Microsoft said you could, my computer said no this file is to big to burn to the DVD 😦 So ….. I say OK I’ll burn it to a USB drive, I could not get my computer to boot from that at all ( turns out I didn’t need to anyways). So I rip the ISO file to my C drive and after about 5 tries I got it started to install and I’m thinking OK it will do the first part and not be able to find it source after it reboots but ….. it did and continue to install. I had at least 3 good crashes but it recovered each time 🙂

One of the things that still bug me a bit is that Windows 10 does have a better start menu but does poorly on the context part of the menu. So I like to add a work around to the context menu by using this hack to add one to the task bar and one that I can organize too by going to C:\ProgramData\Start Menu and hacking away. I use a program that adds “take ownships” to the right click of the context menus in order to have all the needed permissions to do this. I do think the right side(titles) of the menu is done beautifully.

This is a little more to my liking not prefect but better for the text menu.
 photo Mymenu_zpsydoozc8v.jpg

Here is a link to build a better start menu on the task bar and this works fine in Windows 10.

Privacy, I turn off most everything, I don’t need this stuff on a laptop. I go down the whole list on the left clicking the off buttons off on the right for each one.

 photo Privacy_zpseiwshpjb.jpg

Getting a crash every time I shut down the computer, I guess if you’re going to crash that the time to do it 😦

Night folks