Caught up

Caught up …………well somewhat anyway. I have at least got all my computer hardware working. Still adding software here and there. All the main stuff is in. I have a week to play with the desktop and by then I should know whether I want to upgrade the laptop or not. I still have a few things on the hardware side I will try with on the desk top. One of them is when I boot Windows 8 is that it gives me a choices between Windows 8 and Windows 7 ( I left Windows 7 on the other hard drive) (added a new hard drive for Windows 8)  Soooo ………… Windows 8 know that Windows 7 is there and I need to see what happens when I remove the Windows 7 drive. Also I have not added Ubuntu to the mix ………… yet. So some stuff to try yet.

Today I will wait and do my exercise a little later today, when it is warmer.

Update 3pm; I got a good bike ride in and did some good stretching, and I feel well! The computer is starting to come along well now and just kind of doing things as I need them.

The weather has been fine here in Deming. I remember the first time I come here in 2007 Oct and Nov was pretty cold.

I got a couple of small chores done today, one: I got my house batteries check and added a little water and two;  I also took care of my mail forwarding service, now paid up till next July. The only big bill I will have to pay this winter is my truck insurance, which is due in Feb, so about Jan, will be time to pay.

I have not talk about typing any of late, but I am pleased that I am doing pretty fair at typing, never going to be fast but it least it don’t take me all day to make a sentence any more, LOL. I am content with it. I do just well enough to get by, and over time I have gotten a little better with my speed.

Change up the bird of the week, this Swainson’s Hawk was enjoying it’s meal when I took this shot.

Setting up Ubuntu

I have really like how ease it is to set up Ubuntu this time, they have come a long way on making it user-friendly. There are some things I have not tried yet but the ones I have been very ease to get going. For example my email, browsers setting (such as bookmarks and password manager), the look and feel of things are just great. Folks this is a free OS (operating system like Windows or Apple) and it has gotten to be very good. I have not yet found any software that I can not get or find an equivalent to and most of my favorites are available, such as; Firefox, Thunderbird, Plug-ins for the before mentioned, Keepass ( I had to change-up the version a little form 1.x to 2.x), and many others.

I will relax today and enjoy the doing of nothing. I like that at least once a week. 🙂

Weight; I am still fighting the 190 mark, I go up a bit and down a bit, staying at or near the 190 mark but I am staying on my diet and I keep on exercising so maybe I get some pay off in the end. Just 10 lbs to go to make my gold.

My computer now has 4 Hard-Drives in it, LOL. In the end I think it will only have 3 but in the change over(Windows 7 to Windows 8) it will have 4 for a bit. The last 3 will have Windows 8 on one drive(1 TB), the second dives(640 MB) will be a back up dive and them I will have Ubuntu on a third drive. Something I need to look for is a boot manager that will install and remove easily. I caused myself a lot of trouble the last time I took out Ubuntu and the boot manager, it kind of fried my Windows install. I had to reinstall Windows, I didn’t care for that. Of course, I will keep Windows 7 on one hard drive for a while or at least till I know I am going to be happy with Windows 8, at this point I see no problem.

This morning I put the version 2 of Keepass on all my computers.

Clean install

The Windows 8 upgrade will make whatever you upgrade from no longer able to be activated by Windows. For example; if you upgrade from Windows 7 that copy of Windows 7 is no longer able to be activated by Microsoft, making it useless. Sooooo …………. I don’t think I will do that just yet. I will use an old copy of Windows XP that I have to activate Windows 8 upgrade making the XP copy no longer useful but I will still have Working copy of Windows 7 if I need it.  To do this I will need to do a clean install ( not bring any of my programs or setting with me to the new Windows 8). I will do this, it will give me a very clean running machine and it will not be that hard to get everything back together, beside it will be fun. It will also give me a chance to get rig of a lot of stuff that is lying around that I don’t need anymore. I have a ton of software on my Windows 7 machine that is never used any more. Some will be hard to replace but I will get there.

My biggest problem with this upgrade will be to find a place where I can download this huge file or buy/get a copy of the upgrade on a disk. I have only 5 gig a month on the air-card so I am limit somewhat by that.  I think this upgrade will be around 3 gig (the preview was) so that is about all my bandwidth. By the way, a big thanks to my friend Bill in Las Cruces for downloading the Windows 8 preview for me.

I have decided to install Windows 8 on  a new hard drive (1TB), that should last me the life of this old computer.The hard dive is Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache Internal. Lots of space.

I have played with Windows 8 for a few days now and I have decided that once you get under the hood it is a good piece of software. It is a bit hard to get going with it, but once on the road it rides very nice! I think the thing that will make it shine is the tablets and phones that come with Windows 8. I will probably never get a Windows phone but the tablet will one day, make it into my hands, maybe not soon but one day. I think the Pro tablet will be tops, because they will run all windows software. I wonder if Apple will come out with a tablet that runs the full version of Apples OS, at this point I kind of bet they will.

Silver City

Went with my friend up to Silver City, mostly just out riding around but we did stop and look at some RV (Arctic Fox RVs). They are nice 4 season rigs. I have always liked these rigs.

I did not ride the bike this morning so after we got back I walked about two miles and did a little stretching, so I am good for the day. The two-mile walk is probably less trouble for the knees than the 11 mile bike ride and if nothing else it breaks up the exercise a little.  It is always a good ideal to do different kinds of exercise. I do get stuck doing only one thing.

Windows; Wow a large batch of updates today for Windows 7, think they may be getting ready for the Windows 8 upgrade? LOL, no, I don’t think so but we may be getting some of the improvements that will come with Windows 8.

Not sure rather I will download it somewhere or just go buy a copy, there is $30.00 difference. If I had a fast connection and lots of bandwidth I would download for sure ………..  but I don’t have those things. I will upgrade the desktop first and then the laptop, if all goes well.

Rally; Here at the LoW-Hi RV park they will have a Rally at the end of the month and the park is starting to get full.

Later folks.