Long day

Today I kind of blew things off and went with my friend to Las Cruces and that pretty much took the whole day up. That is OK I can do one of those now and then, but I don’t want to do one often. I guess the bad thing of it all is that I blew off my exercise and have done very little stretching. Only those of you that do these kind of things will understand that blowing them off leaves you feeling bad, both mental and physical. I will have to get back with the program tomorrow. My knees needed the day off I guess but still I hate taking them off.

Computer; I have not taken the time I want on the Windows 8 preview that I have loaded on my second hard drive and the 26th will be here before you know it and I would very much like to know my way around when I install the new Windows 8 on my computer.

I need to get a few things done around the RV too. Nothing that can’t get done in a day or two but just some of the brainless things that I just hate doing. Much rather spend my time doing something I find more pleasurable, like learning something new on the computer, LOL. I guess I minded a lot less doing maintenance type things when I was young but anymore I just hate maintenance type chores.

OK I got to do something, maybe a short walk anyway. Later.

Windows 8

I talked with my friend(Bill) up in Las Cruces and he has a copy of Windows 8 preview downloaded for me, so all I have to do is pick it up. Maybe next week some time I will get to play with the new toy.

It is lazy Sunday and I am taking the day off from exercise and just relaxing. I will likely not do much today and that is OK for Sunday.


Weekend? What is that? It is good that it feels the same as all the other days, life is good. At least there is something good about being older!

Had a good ride on the bike and an excellent stretch this morning. I am making good head way on my stretching because I am doing more of it, I guess. Mind you I am a 60-year-old man so I am not standing between two chairs like Bruce Lee, but I am doing OK for an old fat dude! LOL.

I had two people come by today while I was stretching and comment, one had not seen me in over a year and ask where the rest of me was, I like that one 🙂  and another person ask me if I was getting ready for a ballet dance LOL, I like that too and got a good laugh out it! I wish my old body could do more. I need to find a way to do a little something for the upper body because I am losing a lot of muscle along with the weight, maybe if I keep reminded myself I will finally get to one day.

Well it is about time for the Rally here at the LoW’s  They have them once or twice a year here at the park. The president of  LoW’s (the Club) show up today so things are starting to kick off. I don’t like so many people at once but I can stay hidden, LOL.   I could be working here now if I wanted but I am just glad to be hanging out. Hanging out is just much more fun!

I got a friend(Bill), of my in Las Cruces, that is downloading a copy of Windows 8 Preview for me, so next week one day I will go pick it up, will ride up with another friend (Barry) when he goes for his VA appointment. I will install Windows 8 preview on a second hard drive on the desktop just to play with it and get use to Windows 8. The final version of Windows 8 will be available to consumer on Oct 26th.