The Weekend is on

Yes time to relax and chill out. I have a friend that will be leaving the area (Deming) on Monday so today we are going to hang out. My friend, like me, is on the Atkins diet but today we are going to do bad and have us a pizza. I have already started to eat bad with a Biscuit and gravy from Denny’s and then a Cinnamon melt from McD’s, so I will be on a roll all day! It feels good to eat the junk food once every now and then. I have made a rule of no more than once a month for bad food days. Over all however, it feels better to not be too far over weight, so I will be careful with the bad food days.

Weather; It is cool here today, just 56 ° inside the RV, but I think by the end of the weekend it will warm up. Looks like nice weather for next week with temperatures in the 80’s for the day and 50’s for the nights.

Computers; I am enjoying playing around with Ubuntu. I just now was figuring out how to do the Character code for the degree symbol in Ubuntu. In Windows you do ALT+ 0176 and that gives you this little guy ”  °  “, but in Ubuntu you do Ctrl+Shift+U and while still holding the Ctrl+Shift you do Letter “B” and Number “0”    so pretty much like so   Ctrl+Shift+UB0 . In Windows you can find a list of Characters at Accessories/System Tools/Character Map. If you are doing Linux you can find a nice list here. It is fun to me to learning little things like this.

On FireFox I found a new Plug-in that I like and it is “DONOTTRACTME” by Abine. I don’t know why I bother with these privacy plug-ins, if you are on the web, everything is pretty much out there.  I think I just like making it hard on all the marketing folks ……….. yes  photo yes.gifI do!! I all so use Noscript and BetterPrivacy, All that should give the marketers some work to do.  I got to remember to add DONOTTRACKME to my Windows machines. I am pretty sure I lose all my privacy when I get on my Smartphone or Tablet, I think they are pretty open to all kinds of tracking.

If I find the time today maybe I will get me a haircut. Update 3:30 pm I got that hair cut.

Playing around with Ubuntu and Windows 8 booting order a little, hope I don’t break nothing. 😯


Borke spoke

Broke spoke on the bike. Yesterday after riding I notice that the wheel was wobbling more than it should so I got a tool to adjust the spokes and found one broke. I will have to find a bicycle shop to buy a spoke or a wheel or just have them fix it. If I had been smart I guess I would have kept a few spokes when I had the wheel replace last time. I need to start doing my owe work on the bike anyway. We’ll see. I will stop at the bicycle shop one day next week when I go into Casa Grande.

For exercise today I took a very short walk of 2 miles. I will probably walk tomorrow too, seeing as my bike is kind broke down. I don’t mind walking for a few days.

Windows 8 and metro apps, I am just not finding much need for metro apps on the computer. I have everything I need in desktop apps. I am sure one day I will find a metro app that I can not live without, but not just yet. I can see it being handy if one is totally used to getting their information this way but I am not, not just yet. I think as smaller device take over more and more of the jobs of computers the metro apps will become more center to our life’s. It is taking me a while to make the switch, but I do find myself reaching for the phone or the tablet a lot more lately, even when I am on the computer. Maps and information is just so fast on them as compare to the computer. For example, I pick up the tablet just a bit ago hit the “Google Talk” button and asked “Bicycle shop in Casa Grande, AZ”   and had a phone number and address in about 2 seconds. Shoot that’s better than a smart wife ………. and a lot cheaper  ❗     LOL. So maybe if Windows 8 starts to get that kind of apps on the desktop with the controls to turn speech recognition on and off as needed, maybe I can see using them.  As it is now it would take me a minute or two to get speak recognition going.  After writing this I had to try things out and it don’t work near as well on the computer. LOL , not yet.


I couldn’t help myself this morning it was just to nice not to get out and take a walk. I walked about two miles. I am now in my chilling mode for sure. Lazy Sunday is happening. 🙂  and it is a beautiful sunny day for it to. Life is good. Maybe I will get out and take some pictures today.

I think for now I will catch up on my blog reading and see what all the other folks are up to.

Windows 8; A lot of folks seem to make a fuss about Windows 8 and the Metro screen but after I have become use to it I see no big deal at all. It is there if you want to play with the metro apps and tiles or you can just not worry about it and stay with the desktop. I think Windows 8 runs a little better but maybe that is just me.


How deep

I like playing around with computers some but there is a limit to how deep I like to get into it. For example I like knowing a lot about Windows new version but I don’t get into Linux much. I do like Ubuntu but it is pretty user-friendly now a days. I kind of would like to have an older laptop just for Linux. I loaded Ubuntu on an extra hard drive I had for the desktop (did not set up dual-boot) and when I want to run it I just plug-in the hard drive and that is not hard with the way I made my computer case. At any rate I don’t play with it much out here in the boon-docks (takes too much power to run the desktop) but it I had it loaded on an old laptop I might be into it a little more.

One of the things I am learning about Windows 8 is that this version of Windows has more benefits from keyboard shortcuts than earlier version and that is due to the split desktop I think. I did add my version of a start menu which I told you about when I did it on the desktop. The same here and to do this ………….

Just right-click on the task-bar  then select Toolbars/New Toolbar/C/ProgramData/Start Menu/  right-click on Programs and then click Select Folder at the bottom of that screen. That is all I do and it works great for me. I am careful not to use it too much till I am very good at getting around without it, so if I sat down at another machine (one that is not my) I can get around.

Oh, by the way, Windows 8 will not play DVD movies, but you can download software that will. I use VLC, free, open source and cross-platform multimedia player. The thing I love about Windows is that there is software for about everything, no need to wait on an “app” for that, LOL.

Well it is lazy Sunday and I think I will be lazy today …….. OK, maybe a little walk, but no more.


I have played around with Windows 8 on the laptop, there is always some bumps but they always come out with a little effort. I could not get the computer to shut down proper at first but now it is shutting down nicely. I could not get the app store to work but again, I now have that working nicely. I will just have to keep working on things and trying things out as I go but it is doing excellent so far.  I am working through my 50 tips again. Oh the one piece of software I could not get to work on the desktop with Windows 8 (Ditto, my chipboard manager) is now working fine and I am very glad because that is one I use a lot.

One day I may have a device that is a Windows 8 device and that would be the time that Windows 8 would really show it stuff. However it is very good without the metro part, you just got to get use to it. My one big thing is the missing start button, however there are many ways around that with software and other if you get a little geek going. Don’t really need the geek part ……… just Google it. LOL.

Oh if you are one that might upgrade if you didn’t see a problem on how to get to all your setting easily, just add the God Mode. This works in Windows 7 too and it is just great little tool when you just can’t find that setting in your windows machine.

Exercise; Man I had a great 20 mile ride on the bike this morning(fast one) and top it off with a good stretching and I am feeling fine. This walking/riding every other day is working great. Tomorrow (Sunday)is my day off to let the old body parts rest up a bit.

Weight; My weight is staying the same at 190 lbs 😦   I am keeping up the good fight regardless with exercise and diet.

Weather; Yes I am an old dude so I must talk about the weather ………. whether you want to hear it or not! It is beautiful, that all!

Windows 8 Now on the Laptop

Laptop is now running Windows 8. Today I went to Walmart in Maricopa today and while there I pick up a copy of Windows 8 Pro (upgrade) and now have it installed. This time (unlike the desktop) I installed keeping all files, setting and programs/apps and I must say it seem to have went very good but I have not have time to go over everything just yet. On the desktop part it even put the icons right back where they where, how good is that??? Nice, I say. Of course the start button is gone  😦   LOL. So I have done it both ways now, clean install on the desktop and keeping everything on the laptop and both ways it worked excellent. Old Microsoft is getting down right good at this upgrading thing. The one bad lick is that like all new software anymore it needed a ton of updating right away ……… to the tune of half GB. I hope I manager to stay under my 5 gig limit.

I did find time to get in a short walk and do just a little stretching, so I am keeping the old body tune-up.

OK I am off to play with Windows 8 for a bit. later

Getting ready

Starting to get things ready for moving. I check all the fluid levels in the truck today and did a little shopping. I need to stock the refrigerator a bit more so I will be set to stay in the boon-docks for two to three weeks at a time, OK maybe 10 days at least. Ten days, is a good stay. I will have to get back into the boon-docking mode and get different day patterns going.  Much different for me in the boon-docks than in a camp ground, probably better.

I look forward to a change of pace.

Windows 8; I think I got it going as well as it needs to be and I am happy with it. I even think it is better than 7 , once you can move around in the new interface it is a snap. I still have not upgraded my laptop but I probably will before Jan. I will not do the full install like I did on the desktop I will move all my files and programs forward with the new OS.

Exercise; I have not exercised today and I may not or I may take a short walk later.


Caught up

Caught up …………well somewhat anyway. I have at least got all my computer hardware working. Still adding software here and there. All the main stuff is in. I have a week to play with the desktop and by then I should know whether I want to upgrade the laptop or not. I still have a few things on the hardware side I will try with on the desk top. One of them is when I boot Windows 8 is that it gives me a choices between Windows 8 and Windows 7 ( I left Windows 7 on the other hard drive) (added a new hard drive for Windows 8)  Soooo ………… Windows 8 know that Windows 7 is there and I need to see what happens when I remove the Windows 7 drive. Also I have not added Ubuntu to the mix ………… yet. So some stuff to try yet.

Today I will wait and do my exercise a little later today, when it is warmer.

Update 3pm; I got a good bike ride in and did some good stretching, and I feel well! The computer is starting to come along well now and just kind of doing things as I need them.

The weather has been fine here in Deming. I remember the first time I come here in 2007 Oct and Nov was pretty cold.

I got a couple of small chores done today, one: I got my house batteries check and added a little water and two;  I also took care of my mail forwarding service, now paid up till next July. The only big bill I will have to pay this winter is my truck insurance, which is due in Feb, so about Jan, will be time to pay.

I have not talk about typing any of late, but I am pleased that I am doing pretty fair at typing, never going to be fast but it least it don’t take me all day to make a sentence any more, LOL. I am content with it. I do just well enough to get by, and over time I have gotten a little better with my speed.

Change up the bird of the week, this Swainson’s Hawk was enjoying it’s meal when I took this shot.

Sometimes this afternoon

I will get my copy of Windows 8 some time this afternoon from UPS ……… hopefully anyway. So today should be install day. I am thinking on another dual-boot system. The dual-boot would be Windows 8 and Ubuntu. Not sure I want to get into that or not. Today while I wait I am playing on Ubuntu and having a fine old time learning new stuff! I don’t guess I will be able to play after I get out in the boon-docks in a week or two.

Exercise today was a 3.5 mile walk, it was cool this morning and I did not want to wait till it warm up to ride the bike.

3pm, and still waiting on my UPS delivery of Windows 8. Hmmmm?!?!? LOL, I hate waiting on anything. We spend way too much time in our life waiting on things.

Setting up Ubuntu

I have really like how ease it is to set up Ubuntu this time, they have come a long way on making it user-friendly. There are some things I have not tried yet but the ones I have been very ease to get going. For example my email, browsers setting (such as bookmarks and password manager), the look and feel of things are just great. Folks this is a free OS (operating system like Windows or Apple) and it has gotten to be very good. I have not yet found any software that I can not get or find an equivalent to and most of my favorites are available, such as; Firefox, Thunderbird, Plug-ins for the before mentioned, Keepass ( I had to change-up the version a little form 1.x to 2.x), and many others.

I will relax today and enjoy the doing of nothing. I like that at least once a week. 🙂

Weight; I am still fighting the 190 mark, I go up a bit and down a bit, staying at or near the 190 mark but I am staying on my diet and I keep on exercising so maybe I get some pay off in the end. Just 10 lbs to go to make my gold.

My computer now has 4 Hard-Drives in it, LOL. In the end I think it will only have 3 but in the change over(Windows 7 to Windows 8) it will have 4 for a bit. The last 3 will have Windows 8 on one drive(1 TB), the second dives(640 MB) will be a back up dive and them I will have Ubuntu on a third drive. Something I need to look for is a boot manager that will install and remove easily. I caused myself a lot of trouble the last time I took out Ubuntu and the boot manager, it kind of fried my Windows install. I had to reinstall Windows, I didn’t care for that. Of course, I will keep Windows 7 on one hard drive for a while or at least till I know I am going to be happy with Windows 8, at this point I see no problem.

This morning I put the version 2 of Keepass on all my computers.