Pictures: Okay, what today …..? I have been very lazy over the last couple of days, dragging my feet on everything.

I know I have newer camera ….. but my old Canon 20d and I have history 🙂 Anyways here is a couple old pictures of turtles.
Turtle 20d _4078

Turtle _20d 2052

Weather: This has been a very windy fall here in AZ, as it has been for the last two days. The temperature has not been bad either and I hope that holds.

Night folks


Visiting with a friend

Pictures: Butterflies, Cabbage Whites. I took these shots a log time ago in KY.

Cabbage White 20d_6282

Cabbage White 20d_5568

Friend visiting: Had a friend come by this morning to visit and had a great time catching up. You always have lots to talk about when you don’t see each other for a year 🙂
While in the boondocks I don’t often see friends so it is always a subject I will mention when I do see them, because it give me great pleasure to visit with friends.

Exercise: Another day off I think 🙂

Weather: Not bad today, it is nice but windy as can be.

Night folks


Merry Christmas

Windy : Today is a windy day here at the Tom Wells exit off I 10 about 5 miles from the California border. The temperature is about 60° at 12:30 pm. I’ll stay in for the bigger part of the day but I did go out for a while at 11 this morning. The truck stops are open even on Christmas and the one in Ehrenberg has a Cinnabon in it, so I did bad and had me one. It was mighty good.

The truck stops has a Wendy’s restaurant too and it was full of people eating hamburger and french fries, I was surprised.

Pictures: Black-headed Grosbeak, these pictures taken in Cloudcroft, NM.
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg
Black-headed Grosbeak Female
Black-headed Grosbeak Female photo Black-headedGrosbeakF1.jpg

Tablet: My tablet is fitting my restless ways well. I often get up and wonder around and than a few minutes later I’m back on the tablet blogging, browsing, or whatever. This fits good with the fast on and off of the tablet, the low power use of the tablet is a plus too. When I’m not using the tablet my Hotspot set’s resting peacefully and is ready as soon as the tablet is on. All a good fit for me.

Bug: It is not gone but it is sure in a better place for now.

The Interveiw: The movie (The Interview) is on Google Play but I’m not all that big on comic or I would have rented it. At any rate it is out there for those who want to see it.

Night folks

Ready set, gone

Wind and Cold: Getting up this morning I find the wind blowing and the cold reaching with its cold fingers. What a fine day to leave Grants 🙂 The only bad thing is driving in the wind. However if I want to get to the warm weather I will have to drive far …. at least to somewhere on highway 95 in AZ and I am not sure I want to go that far that fast. Maybe I’ll put up with a little cold for a day or two. We’ll see, when I talk with Barry this morning (who is in a RV park with his RV) we’ll make a plan …. of somewhat …. neither of us are big planner so no telling what we’ll do.

Note; My favorite weather app has become Bing Weather for the computer.

Them little Walmarts: This morning I got up about 6am and after cleaning up a bit I headed for Walmart door just to find it don’t open till 7am. I am not used to that. There are not many non-super Walmarts left that don’t stay open all night any more.

New Location: Petrified Forest gift shop. We came off I-40 and headed south on Petrified Forest Rd though the Petrified National Park and stop at all the major stopping places and we are now just outside the National Park at the private owned gift shops, south of the National Forest. There is a free place to park your RV for 3 or 4 days at the gift shop and it is surrounded by petrified tree parts, there is one just outside my door, no more than 10 feet away. Big pieces too.

Most likely we’ll just stay one night here, and then ….

Pictures: Bird of the week and story 🙂 My friend Barry was feeding this begging Raven pair in one of the stopping areas of the Petrified Forest and I was taken pictures when he said “hey if you birds act right you can be Bird of the Week” so … here are the Ravens that my friend Barry was feeding. The new birds of the week 😉
Raven pair_1382

So you will have an ideal of the size of some of the stuff we are seeing, here Barry is setting on a Petrified Log that is at least 50 feet long I would guess, and maybe 3 feet in diameter. That is a big Petrified tree ❗

Big Petrified log_1420

More pictures later on.

Night Folks

Only A few more days

Hook-ups: No not that kind (I’m an old dude) the kind where you plug into electric! Just a few more days to go. I don’t mind not being hooked to electric when my batteries are doing good and I’m in a place where there is lots of sunshine but I have neither going on here. I am down 2 batteries and it has been cloudy a lot here in NM over the last month. I won’t do it like this next year, if I come to a cooler area, I’ll be hooking into electric. If I didn’t say … it is a bit cooler today and cloudy too, and you know that makes me fussy. LOL. I am running the heater this morning. After today I should either be on the move or hooked-up, so maybe this cold stuff is about done for me. At any rate summer is coming.

Weather: Snow (just some flurries ), hail (very small), rain and lots of wind. Old dude not happy 😡 I guess it’s okay, it’ll pass 😐

Walk: Today it was kind of short and quick. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.13mi, time: 36:07, pace: 16:57min/mi, speed: 3.54mi/h. Short and quick.

Night folks

Too Windy to Ride

Weight 186: 

Weather: Wow, surprised to find the wind blowing and a cooler temperatures this morning. May have to put on some long pants and a sweater. I’ll hold out for a bit, the forecast says it will be near 80 today.

Walk: It is too windy to ride the bike today, so off for a walk I went. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.04mi, time: 01:26:48, pace: 21:29min/mi, speed: 2.79mi/h. http://mapmywalk.com/workout/504061377 Pretty good walk.

Night folks

Only a stroll

Weight 187: I’m sad that this seems to be where my weight wants to settle 😦 I sure hope it don’t get higher! I’m having a go at trying to see where I’m going wrong on this weight thing. One possibility may be where I have changed my exercise from bike riding to walking because I get a little harder workout riding the bike. I can push harder on the bike because it don’t hurt the knees as much. Not sure if that is it or not, maybe.

Wind: It is starting out to be another windy day, we’ve had a few in a roll now. Well spring is on its way, and the southwest has it’s wind in the spring.

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.09mi, time: 01:34:39, pace: 30:36min/mi, speed: 1.96mi/h.
http://mapmywalk.com/workout/501059127 As you can see from the pace it was much more like a stroll than a walk but at least I was out moving.

Night folks

Chilling day

Woo, a dark dreary day, and that is the weather report, LOL.  The clouds have stayed thick and the wind has kept the dust stirred up. Looks like tomorrow could be more of the same but hopefully not.

I took a ride to Walmart and McD to hang out a while and when I returned I took a little bit of a walk, maybe an hour long, but not very hard walking, just kind of strolling.

Today has been one of those slow days for me and it is good to have one of those now and then. A chilling day.

Night folks.

Moving slowly

I am at the south end of the Petrified Forest near Holbrook, AZ. I am at a gift shop just before the south entrance to the park. I will put up here for tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see.

I spent most of the day driving through the park and enjoyed looking at all the (now rock) trees. I stopped at most of the stops along the way and took my time.

I am glad that most of the day was spent driving slowly while looking at things, because it has been a very windy day, not good for traveling.

I took pictures and will post tomorrow.

I’m beat, Night.