Day two

All is well, today I will keep an eye out for check-ins while my Boss is away on an appointment.

Yesterday I was on my feet for a little over 3 hours and the knee is making a fuss about it (the right knee, the one that has been replaced). I hope this knee don’t cause me too much trouble. Maybe today I won’t have to be on my feet so much. All the walking I did while up at Rock Hound State Park may not have been good. We’ll see.

I like the ideal of being here in the city and close to things. I rode my bike to Walmart the other day and it is 1.2 mile from my RV, to the front door of Walmart. Kmart is even closer and many more stores are within .5 miles more distance. My mail service is maybe two miles down the road, everything is just really close by. Handy.

I worked for 3 hours outside this morning, just to make a showing, and I am now just kind of watching out for RVers coming in, till the boss gets back.

Time for a little lunch, hamburger and greens, that will work.

Click for a larger image.
Running really late on my Bird of the Week, so here you go. This is a Red Tail hawk and I took this picture 5 years ago in KY. The hawks will fly pretty close to the ground sometimes and I just laid back on the ground , face up and took this picture.

Everyone have a nice day.