Wind and a bad one

The wind has picked up to a point where it is a heavy brown out, one would do good to see a 1000 feet in any direction. I was in Deming earlier today and it was getting bad with the dust blowing across the road. It is even worst now, the air is so thick with dust and sand. The wind is rocking my RV like a boat. Welcome to Deming in the spring. The dust is so bad that all my sunshine is gone 😦   Well at least this should be only for today. There will be wind for the rest of the week too, but not this bad.

Today I checked on a new set of tires (4 each) for my RV and it looks like it will cost me around $650.00 from Big O tires with their brand. I am at that point where my RV tires are about 6 years old and like most RV tires they are not wore out but are beginning to dry rot. This price is without road hazard, to add road hazard for 3 years it will cost me another $80.00. Nuts!

Exercise was another very short walk today, just enough to warm up my legs for a stretch.

While out today I did stop at a few places to ask about work camping jobs at some of the RV parks and  a couple of them at least took my name and number. So, we’ll see. This is the first time I have ask about work camping since I left Sunny Acres early last summer. I could use a little pocket-money.

Asus sent an Email today saying that they had shipped my Nexus 7 but I see FedEx has not shown any movement yet, but maybe I will get it by the end of the week. I will be glad to have my tablet back, I have missed it.




Only about a month before I start easing east. I will leave out of here no later than the 23rd of next month and maybe before that. I am ready for a change and I am looking forward to it. Workamping will leave me thinking that sometimes I have no time to do things but now I feel I need a little something to do. By doing things a few months a year it makes life a lot better. I would like to put in a 3rd section of something to do and I am thinking on it. Breaking the year into 3rds would be nice.

Exercise and stretching is on track and feeling OK. Just the normal aches and pains, nothing too harsh. I am beginning to ice the knee again but only sometimes. Feels pretty good to ice the knee after a good bike ride.

The weather is nice and heating up pretty high in the day time, the night temperature are to kill for as far as boon-docking goes. Looks like it will cool off about Sunday but the nights look like they will still be at good temperatures.

Click for larger image.

Summer job set

I will work in Las Cruces again this summer. The folks I work for are just too ease to get along with and I love Las Cruces too. I will work long days too(which I don’t like but…..), better to work 2 or 3 days and get work over with than to work 5 or so and not have 4 off in a roll, I like 4 days off in a roll. So it is set. I am kind of glad of it, no more wondering about what I will do for the summer. I really don’t think I could find a better place to work, I like the area and I like the people and both are important for a good workamping environment.

Maybe I can lose some more weight, while I am there this summer it seems to be a good place for me when trying to drop a few pounds. I have stayed about the same all winter and last summer while I was there workamping I loss about 35 lbs. Sure would be nice to do that again.

So what will I get into between then and now……… ???? Who knows, I could just chill out or …………..? This is the busy time of the year to be in this area and I got me a great spot so maybe I’ll stay put, as far as the RV goes.

Exercise; walk down to Jack in the Box for a sandwich I am thinking around 3 miles. By the road it is 1.8 miles one way but I cut across country so I am sure I cut a good bit off that. It was a good walk at any rate. I did a fair amount of stretching when I got back so the only bad thing was eating the fast food.

Air-card doing well

My air-card is working fine today, checked it first thing this morning and all was good. Verizon called me back later and said they would replace the air-card if I liked, I told them that I did think it was my air-card and I would keep it for a bit. I think they have some tower problems here now and again. It could be that I am near where armed forces do a lot of stuff with air-craft maybe they are doing something to affect the signal, who knows? I just don’t see an air-card shutting down for a day and then starting back the next day, not the way things usually break. If the air-card was going to work intermittently, I think that after disconnecting and restart it 15 to 20 times yesterday it would have work at least one of those times and not start fine today every time I try it(3 times so far). Anyways it is doing fine today so all is well. Man I miss my internet when it is not there!

Workamping: Well I am in talks with my boss of the last two summers about maybe working there again this summer, we’ll see how it goes. I kind of hope it works out because I like the Las Cruces area. The folks I work for are great too, and that is always a plus.

Exercise is in the can. I rode the bike today for the first time in a week or so and it felt pretty good. I did my usual 10 miles. I have done some of my stretching and will do more later on.


I am doing chores this morning, laundry and such. I need to get back to doing a few more RV things, I got most of my sealing done. I need to get all the tires on all the vehicle check for air pressure. Few other things too.

I did get my refrigerator defrosted. Needed done pretty bad LOL!


I think this will be my last weekend to work here at Sunny Acres. It has been a good workamping experience in the Sunny Acres RV park this summer. I am not too sure what I will do next summer.

Computer/Smart phone

I am really liking the voice recognition on my smart phone. When I can’t spell a word I can just say it to the phone in a dictionary app and it will pop up. It is both fast and accurate. I have started using it a lot, of late, much faster than the PC.


I got out this afternoon and had a nice ride on the bike. About 11 miles and my knees are feeling OK for now. I hope they stay that way.

Well I at least got a few things done today. Later.

Time to work

Well it is time for my week to start, just three days this weekend. Should go pretty fast I think because there will be plenty to do,will be over before I know it.

Calling friends on the phone to see what they are up to. It is good to check in with friends now and then. One in  Fl and one in AZ, good to talk with each.

The friend in Fl is having RV repairs done and it is the same as usual, you get a job done then have to take it back and get it done again. Very frustrating.

The friend in AZ  is trying to lose weight, like me, so it was fun to talk weight loss with a friend. My friend has loss 48 lbs and starting back in Nov. Unlike me my friend is really controlling food intake. I work hard exercising but still eat pretty hardy. Food will continue to be a big fight for me. Could I really cut back on food to lose weight ??? I problem could but then, could I always eat that way, it would be very hard for me. I want to do food in a way that I can continue, on and on. Can I find the right path and stay on it? That is the job ahead of me, find the food path that is right for me, get on it, and stay on it. One hard job for me.

Anyway it was just super to talk with my friends!


Today was my last exercise day of the week and I finish with 63 miles on the bike. Sunday will start my next exercise week. I did a little stretching last night and hope to add to that today.


I will more than likely stay put here in Las Cruces right up till it is time to head to SD to get my Driver license in Oct and problem near the end of Oct. After which time I will for sure head toward Yuma AZ.

Will I come back here next summer ……… not sure. Will I go to Yuma again the winter after this one, not sure. I think I should find some changes soon. It is good to go to where you know and feels safe but it is not exciting after a few times. This year will make three winters in Yuma for me. This summer was 3 in the lower NM area.

Maybe next year will be the year of change for me. I almost made that change last Spring so maybe this spring, We’ll see.

Work time is here so everyone have a nice day. Later

Day 3

Day 3 of my work days is here. LOL I know that I have a boring life when all I have to talk about is that it is my 3 work day of the week. It is OK I like that I still have life left in me and I’ll take what I can get! Hell I even enjoy it! I find that I have enjoyed working here at Sunny Acres this summer, it has been a good summer.

Workamping Jobs, wow there is a lot of differences in places! My first workamping job was with the Loners on Wheels and it really sucked compare to this job. It is so much better working here. Not sure what I will do next summer, maybe a different place to workamp?? Just not sure.

Anyways to anyone that is looking to workamp I would say whatever you do don’t work for any kind of club! Too many people want to be the boss.

Walmart/Groceries app

This morning I took a trip to Walmart and did a little shopping. I love my groceries app on the phone …….. I now never forget my list and that is a step up for me! I can add things to it no matter where I am because I always have it with me, it is the simplest things in life that I end up enjoying the most. Now if we can get it to the point where I can just speak the item I want to add to the list without taking the phone out of my pocket ………… LOL, yes there is room for me to get even lazier!!!


Of course it being Saturday I am taking the day off from riding my bike. I have done so well this summer with keeping to the plan of my exercise(riding the bike) with so many miles a week. It has help that I have three things here, one; is a friend that rides with me often(makes me more likely not to miss days)  two; many nice flat miles of road to ride on, and three; I have a good disposition and attitude this summer (well at least after my truck got fix, mostly fixed anyway. Still leaks just a little.). A good combination of things going on.

As the time passes

I simple can’t believe how fast time seem to be rolling by. The days, weeks and months are gone before I know it anymore. I found myself looking forward to some things that are coming up but I don’t wish for them to come in a hurry no more. I would like to keep all the time I can!! LOL


Took a bike ride this morning and got in about 11 miles. That makes the week have about 60 miles all together. I did good for the shape I am in, and I feel good. For an older over weight dude I am doing very well indeed. My blood pressure is coming down slowly along with the little bit of weight I have lost, all good stuff.

I am doing fair on the food I eat, with better foods mostly and I am eating smaller amounts but more often. More than likely less over all. I am not hungry at any time, I don’t do hungry! Things are working but slowly.


I have worked extra days for the last 3 weeks but I think the other person(Judy) that works in the office will be back next week so I will work less I think. I have enjoyed the extra I get out of working but I have missed my time off too. Either way has worked for me, extra time for money or time off to enjoy life.

Day 3

This is my 3rd day of work here at my workamping job and all is well. Boring but well. I will keep myself busy with little this and that’s throughout the day and it should go pretty fast.

For those out there that do workamping I highly recommend this place (Sunny Acres RV Park in Las Cruces NM). Good folks to work for.

Exercise is off for today, I will give the old wore out muscle a break for today. I have always been told by those that exercise hard that one should let the muscles rest about ever 3 day. Of course I could work a few different muscles if I would, but I think I will just rest.


Did the Walmart thing this morning so I am set for a couple of days at least. LOL. I sometimes hate that I do not shop hardly any other place but it is just so damn nice to go to just one place and get all the things you need. I wish I would shop other places so as to keep competition up between the stores but like most Americans I am a bit lazy! We will all probably pay for that one day. I sometimes tell people that “if it was not for Walmart I would be naked and starved to death” LOL! Of course we all know that we would learn to shop at all the places we needed to pretty fast if we had to. Walmart has us all spoiled.


My Windows speech recognition on this computer makes me nuts sometimes! It is probably because I keep trying to use the laptops mic and have lots of background noise. But still I think my smartphone is much better at understanding me then the computer and just how good of a mic can the smartphone have???  Oh well I will get by, just makes me nuts when I say a simple word that should be easily recognize and it put all kinds of silly stuff up and not the word I want!!!  Surely it can’t have anything to do with my southern drawn!!!! LOL.

I think the worst thing about trying to train a speech recognitions engine is that I don’t  always have the same background noises around. In the summer there will be fans and ACs running in the background and there is no way around it.  So there are things that make a differences, but we will get by and I am glad that I have the tool to work with.

OK time to give up the blog and get ready for work! Later


I got my 40 miles in today on the bike (just 10 today) for the week! I will have at least two days off now from the bike and just do a small amount of walking for the weekend.


Still in the shop! Hopefully today I will get it out today! They where awaiting parts yesterday.

The weather

Today’s weather will have temperature near 100 and some winds such as it is in the High DesertThe wind gust are sometime pretty high in the desert and that makes for a lot of dust. I think a little wind is so much better than a lot of the other places in the country. The rain and tornados in the east are causing a lot of trouble, so I guess we in the high desert of NM are lucky.


My first work day of the week, as you know Friday is my Monday. I don’t mind near as much this year because the days are so much shorter. I stay pretty busy and the 6 hours goes fast.


Always fighting to keep the amount(serving size) down. It will take some time for me. I am doing much better on the kind of foods, more fruits veggies and non-fat foods, better breads and less breads, no deep-fried food, cookies, cakes and candies.

I have changed my drinking habits too. I now drink much less soda and when I do drink pop now it is diet 7 up. I drink at least a gal of water a day too and I have drunk a lot of water now for years.  I am trying to add a few other drinks to my diet like juices ( I don’t like many juices) tomatoes juice, apple juice and that about the only ones I like. Just a few sips of orange juice and I am done, have never care for orange juice much. Don’t like the tart taste of juices at all.

I do still have some bad meals but they are becoming less often now. Slowly doing a little better on this eating thing.

OK time to get ready for work.