Pictures: More Cardinals, I have a lot of Cardinal pictures and many of them have never been process. It is fun to dip in and pull one or two out now and then. Cardinal 20d_2477

Cardinal 20d_2366

Exercise: A little longer walk today but not much longer. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.21mi, time: 57:38, pace: 17:59min/mi, speed: 3.34mi/h.

Weather: I have not spoke much of the weather of late, but that is because it has been so dang good here, while most of the US is having really ugly weather. The days have been 80/85 which is prefect for t-shirt and shorts and the nights hit the low 50s which is prefect for sleeping, just downright prefect 🙂

Night folks

Nature Walk

Fast day: My day has gone away before I knew it. My time here goes really fast but I like the things I am doing and that makes it very pleasant. I think when I come back next summer it will be over before I know it.

Today was one of the days my boss took a group out for a nature walk, and he likes for me to go along. It takes most of the day when we do one of these walks. I will call this my exercise for today too 🙂

Pictures: More Roadrunners, this time a couple of head shots.
Roadrunner photo RR2a.jpg

Roadrunner photo RR3.jpg

Weather: Last night was fair and today was beautiful, I am enjoying the fact that it is not as cold as it could be.

Night folks

My Workout

I didn’t much think I would walk today after yesterday’s big walk but I found myself wanting a short walk this morning and the knees where okay with it, so I did a little walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi/// time: 42:29/// pace: 18:35min/mi/// speed: 3.23mi/h. Maybe I will take tomorrow off.
Update, late in the day my knees are feeling the walks, so yes, tomorrow will be a off day to give them their due respect.
Here is last week walking’s totals.
6 workouts
5 routes
29.5 miles
10.0 hours
3,338 kCal burned From what I have read these Kcal are about the same as a calorie.

This morning started out as gloomy as it could be, but it has now progress into a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and a nice warm temperature 🙂 The weather this winter has been just the best and I have enjoyed it greatly. I sometimes think about wintering in TX but I sure would not like to give up this fine weather.

Night folks