Yellow-rump Warbler

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of a Yellow-rump Warbler.



Bookmarks/Passwords: Today I have been looking at the way I save and sync my bookmarks. I have used Xmarks for years but I think I will move over to Firefox Sync for my bookmarks from now on. Also I have been looking at my password manager “Lastpass Premium ” and wondering about it and my continuing use of it. I have been looking hard at “BitWarden” a free open-source password manager.

I have all ready started syncing my bookmarks with Firefox Sync and disabled Xmarks plugin(testing) and I’m thinking hard about the password managers. If anyone out there is using BitWarden please let me know what you think about it.

Night Folks



Bills: I am up, I have had my breakfast, got the gate open to the park this morning, paid my bills and wash up, so … I guess my day is on it’s way.

Bird of the Week: Let me see what it’ll be …. Okay this one everybody sees, Canada Goose.

Flower: I took a picture of some wild flowers that I liked but the sun light was too harsh, so I used a filter effect in Photoshop, some kind of paint thing.

Exercise: I do a lot of walking and bike riding while I’m working around the camp ground so I have not been doing any exercise for the sake of exercising. I am getting plenty.

Desktop: I get really use to the Laptop and the tablet when I am in the boom-docks but it don’t take me long to get back spoiled to having the big screen of the desktop, back in front of me.

Firefox and tight controls: I use a lot of plugins with Firefox that gives me a little better control over what web site do and see. Here is a list of them.

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. Better Privacy
  3. DoNotTrackMe
  4. HTTPS Everywhere
  5. No Google Analytics
  6. No Script
  7. Self-Destructing Cookies

I also use these and they are very helpful.

  1. Exify
  2. Lastpass
  3. Xmarks

Firefox is the only Browser that allows this much control, that I know of.  This is why I try to use it on my tablet when I can.

Night folks

Dolphin Browser Fixed

On my phone the web browser Dolphin had started crashing every time I would start it and I just could not figure it out. I finally nailed it down to one of the plugins that was causing the problem. It was one of my favorites too, xmarks. The same plugin (Xmarks) was causing a crash on my Nexus 7 when I tried to sync the bookmarks with Dolphin, also. After finally putting two and two together, I have all my devices working with all my favorite software. Dolphin browser my favorite browser with xmarks my favorite plugin. I can’t live without either one of the two, both are tops in my mind.

Today is a cooler and windy day. Not much sunshine happening at all today. Although it is going up to the 60s today it still feels cooler with the wind.

My friend and I got out for a walk this morning and I may take another here in a short while. I may skip the stretching today, my bones don’t like the cooler weather. Update; Added a second walk in the afternoon. We have done that each day, one walk in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This morning I have cruised the internet looking for shocks that will fit the truck. I am thinking on getting the  bilstein shocks I have not yet figure out which ones I need. They will cost me a little more but I want something that will last. I will research it more later on this week.


Smart phone

Playing with the Smartphone. Doing the internet on a phone is a bit different. The internet browser for a Smartphone and a computer are two different worlds. I love my Firefox Browser on both my desktop and laptop but not so much on the Smartphone. So yesterday I went in search of a new browser. The one it comes with ain’t to bad but likes some things.

One of the biggest things for me is to be able to use my bookmark plugin Xmarks. Another thing that is nice is to be able to use my Lastpass plugin. Both now made by the same folks. Lasspass bought Xmarks about a year ago.  I have use Xmarks for years and when Lastpass bought Xmarks I started using both and have come to love them both.

Xmarks is tops, It keeps all your bookmarks in sync across all your computers (and now my Smartphone). That is a tool I like! Change a bookmark one place and it is changed all places, nice. When I look at my bookmarks at any place it looks they look the some as the last place I was in.

Lasspass is a great little tool also, it keeps password and user name and will log you into pages and forums on the internet whenever you go there. Either auto when you go there or you can click a to log-in.

Oh to use the Xmarks and Lasspass on the Smartphone you must have a Premium account and that cost about $20.00 a year. I have had a premium account long before I had the Smartphone. I did this to support software that I love.

Anyway while over at TWit.TV the other day I watched one of the shows,( All About Android ) and they did a show on Mobile internet browser. I learn about the Dolphin Browser, and guess what, it works with both Xmarks and Lastpass! So now I have Dolphin Browser on my Smartphone. Good stuff!

The day

Well I have spent the day running around the internet doing much of nothing. Listen to a couple of TWit show and that is about it and the day is done.

My Friday

Oh yes it is my Friday! I am glad to see it. Out of the 7 days this week I worked 4. This coming week will keep me busy with two VA appointments, one in EL Paso. I am guessing my time off will go fast.


I rode the bike this morning for about 11 miles but at a slow pace. I will see how the old stomach muscle reacts to that.  I tried to pay attention to the noise in my body. LOL as you get older, one tries to turn off the pain and not hear it.


Still having a start-up problem with my computer! Still not sure what that is all about.

Anyways today I will list some of the software that I cannot do without.

1. Mozilla Firefox – Is my web browsers and it has been for as long as it has been around. 10 to 15 years maybe? Firefox supports some add-ons that I feel that I must have.

——A. Xmarks – Xmarks is a bookmark manager and it is a good one.

——B. Lastpass – Lastpass is my favorite in browsers pass word managers.

——C. No Script – No Script is a add on that keeps all the ads off my web pages …….. unless I choice to see them!

——D. Better Privacy – Better Privacy is a add on that help keep the web from tracking you and targeting you for their ads.

2. Mozilla Thunderbird – Thunderbird is my email software, it allows me to download all my email to one place and keep the mail I want kept in a place I want it. Thunderbird also has add-ons and here are some I Like.

——A. Reminder Fox – Reminder Fox is a Calendar/Reminder. I use this a good bit. The one thing I don’t like about it is that it don’t sync with my Phone. Yet!

——B. Google Contacts – Google contacts help keep all my contacts sync across both computers and my phone, very handy!

——C. Get selected Mail – Get selected Mail allows me a click once to get all mail from any yahoo, Gmail and other accounts that I have, yes with just one click. I like this one.

I have a few more add-ons and plugins that I like but I could live without them, where as the ones of above I would really hate to lose.

3. Keepass – Keepass is a pass word manager that lives on my computer and has no connection with the internet. This is where I kept pass words that are most important to me.

The list goes on and on. I would need far more time than I was thinking I needed to list all the software that I liked best. Maybe I will list some more here on this post tomorrow.


I have watched two peaces of software that I use all the time. Software is always being updated and changed and most of the time for the better.  One: is my password manager Keepass and is is a great one I think and is freeware that does a top-notch job. Two: is a bookmark program (Xmarks)  that keeps my bookmarks sync across all my computers. It has been a free program so far.

Keepass looks like it will stay free for a while and it has some improvements coming that I will like. One of the things I like about Keepass is that it can do plugins. A plug-in that is being developed, will sync my password securely across the internet to all my computers , that will be nice.

Xmarks is being sold and will continue to have a free version but will also have a pay version and what is added to the pay version or took from the free one remains to be seen. There are a few programs that I would pay for and Xmarks is one of them. But not more than $20.00 that would be enough I think.

Oh Great

Well I just got done washing my T-mobile cell phone ……………………….Photobucket!!!! I got it laid out in the sun drying and I don’t expects this to go well …… sometimes life is not good!!! LOL

Ok the day has mostly pass and my washed phone show no sign of life but I have drug out my old phone. I put in the slims card and it works fine.