Late to post

I am often late getting started on my blog, I seem to do better if I post the first thing in the morning, but I usually have other things I want to do first. I am a better writer in the morning, mind you not good, but better than other times 😯

I took my bike out for a ride early this morning and did about 11 miles. When I got back I fired up my slow cooker and threw in some chicken breast(boneless skinless), should be good about 3pm (it is already 2pm). I am looking forward to see how it comes out.

Had a great time and a good meal with my friends yesterday at Golden Corral. There was a little food left when I left 😯 LOL. I eat heartily.

This morning I seen two baby Great Horn Owl chicks in the Owl nest. Hopefully I can get some good pictures in a day or two. I took a few shots today but the sun was near directly behind the nest from where I had to stand to take the shots, so they did not do very well. I will try again tomorrow maybe, so I will  need to go earlier to beat the sun . Too many things I like doing first in the morning.

Mid 90s today , not looking forward to that, but I think it is still too early to leave just yet. In light of that I will tough out the hot spell. I had rather be a little too hot than a little too cold.

I have not done any stretching as of yet today and I am thinking maybe today I will use some of the yoga exercise to stretch. I do this when my back gets a little fussy, and it is doing just that today, being a little fussy. Now if I can remember how to do them ………. ❓  I will come up with something.  🙂

My solar is doing very well today, the panels are laying flat on the roof (no tilt) and both the computer and slow cooker are running wide open ……… and the batteries are fully charged. I love my solar system, free power is sweet!


Lots of exercise

I did do a short walk yesterday after blogging, not much exercise but some. Today I have started with a 5 mile walk and a good stretch to wrap things up. I like getting my exercise done early. I wanted to ride the bike this morning but decide it was just to cool to ride the bike yet and I did not want to wait on getting started so walking was my ticket. I have not done my yoga thing of late but I have keep my hamstrings stretch, I should get back to it but I could probably use some guidance so maybe I will wait on it. If my back gets to bugging me again I may try a little more because I do think it is a better way to stretch. May come in handy as I get older.

Weather for today is a bit overcast so my solar is not getting all it’s sunshine. From looking at the weather report it looks like it will be cooler this week but still pretty good weather. Update 1 pm; the sunshine is back, Yea!

Had my lunch and in the chill mode for now. I did get my fresh water tank filled but that is about all I have gotten done after my exercise today. My life is very simple and I like it that way.

I am shopping for my replacement phone and service for when the times comes (end of contract with Verizon) in the spring. A ways away but I starting to look around. I am near sure I will be going prepaid after my contract. Lots of services to look at and the thing I want the most is data on the phone and I will probably do most of that by WiFi using a MiFi  device from Millenicom. So all I will need is a good smart phone with just a small amount of talk time and good WiFi. One way to do it anyway. I am thinking for now (if I had to pick today) that I might get the Nexus 4 but I am sure by when the time comes(Spring), there will be other to choose from.

Things to avoid

I have found things to not look at (avoid) and that is, watching young people do yoga, it is a bit discouraging to see them twisted up like pretzels and knowing that I am never every going to be able to do that, LOL. I do want to find a safe way to stretch because I am causing myself a little back pain sometimes when I do my stretching, (got to be careful) and I think yoga will offer me a safe path to follow if I can find the right guidance to do so safely. I will experiment and see what I come up with.

I am going to not walk today and I may not ride the bike. With the cooler weather and missing my break day this week my knees are making a bit of a fuss. I have walk a lot lately so maybe a break is not a bad thing. Once it warms up a bit I will play around with some new stretching technique.

How about a new bird of the week? This is a Wilson’s Phalarope, picture on the right, at the top of the page.

I will take a break now and get out side warm up and come back and do some stretching. Later

4:15 pm ; I had a good stretch, using the link I posted yesterday, it made for a nice hamstrings stretch. Tomorrow I may tried a different one, or add a different to this one. My back feels good and not hurting, a good sign that I did it right. I will have to add a good yoga stretch for the back too, at some point. If any of you folks out in internet land knows a good one to recommend to an 60-year-old dude, please feel free to do so, thanks.

Watching Woodpecker

As I sat here blogging I am watching a Gila Woodpecker steal little sips of sugar-water from the humming feeder, a very over-sized Hummer. LOL. I also had a Verdin try for some sugar-water. Maybe later I will put out some seed feeders.

Update 2:30pm; the Gila Woodpecker has come back to the Humming feeder a lot today.

I took a two-mile walk this morning, even if it is my lazy Sunday  🙂  I did not stretch yesterday and I have not today but I will later.

OK, It is now later (yes it is!    😉    )and I have done some stretching. I have a friend that drop me a comment on my blog about her doing some yoga so that got me to thinking more about it all, yoga and stretching. Well………. as it turns out the internet is just full of yoga stuff (never guess that, right?! LOL) and I have found a woman who I like, with her way of teaching it. Here is a link to a start that I am going to try for my old stiff hamstrings. I have watch a few of this lady’s videos and I think I like her way of doing things, she has a ton of these videos. So if you folks don’t hear from me in a while and find my RV park out on the desert with no movement going on ………….. come check on me to be sure I am not tied up in a knot and can’t get loose! OK? Today I just tried the above out a little and maybe tomorrow I will try to make it my main stretch, doing it over maybe 5 times? We’ll see.

Today started out very cold but warm up to an OK temperature. Tonight will be another cold one dropping to 37 according to the weather man, after tonight the nights are only going to drop to about the mid 40s. That won’t be to bad and the days are to be really nice with temperatures coming to near 80°, fine weather.