Cotton in the Creek

Pictures: A shot of a Yucca of some kind and a shot from a walk alone the creek with lots of Cotton-Wood Trees dropping their cotton 🙂 . These shots from a site back.



Exercise: We walked for a little over 2 miles today. Since I now have a walking partner, I am being much better at walking every day 🙂
I added about 3 1/2 miles on the bike.

Weather: The nights have turn a little cool but the days are still great. However …. it is to get a bit cooler for a week or two but after that I think we will be in the sweet spot.

Night folks



Pictures: Here is another Yucca and a flower.



MiFi Antenna: I am not all that happy with my MiFi Antenna and was looking around the net and I am starting to see more and more info on MIMO Antenna that will connect to the newer MiFi Devices with two Antenna ports on them for Verizon I guess that is the Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot AC791L and the Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730L . I see like all things the price for these Antenna are all over the place. I would love to hear from anyone that has one of these new Antennas and is using it with a two port device.

Birds: I am seeing House Finches, Lesser Gold Finches and Black-Chinned Hummers. It is good to see birds coming to my feeding areas again.

Night folks


Pictures: A Yucca, nice evening shot and a sunrise shot.

The Yucca are in full swing here.
Yucca 7D1_3818

Evening view with the Florida Mountains in the background.
Ranch 7D1_3816

Ranch 7D1_3815

Internet: I have had no internet for a couple of days 😦

This is late afternoon two days later from the time I wrote this post so

Afternoon Folks 😮

Hearty Campers

Pictures: Here is a Yucca coming alive for the summer.

Yucca 2 20d _1579

Yucca 20d_1577

Weather : Well, it is back to freezing again. Come on mother nature, give me some warm weather 😨 I got the Wave 8 heater fire up this morning and enjoying the heat as I sat here looking out the window at 7:30 in the morning and it feels toasty in the RV. I had 8 campers last night and all but one where in tents, hearty folks you ask me! I have been surprised since I got here back in the second week of March, with the hearty campers that have kept the camp ground at least half full pretty much the whole time. Oh, the other camper that is not in a tent is in a pop-up camper and it not a lot more than a tent unless it has heat in it and it might. Over the last two month I have gotten mostly people with cars and tents but I have gotten bicycle riders and a couple of people walking the Continental Divide Trail. It’ll be interesting to see how the summer goes. At any rate I must be the warmest person in the camp ground and I’m kind of glad of that 👿

Night folks

Off to the city

Blythe: Took Little trip into Blythe today, figured I had better get my shopping done before the big holiday. I should have everything I need to do me till after Xmas now. I didn’t much feel like going this morning but I felt a little better this afternoon and decided I had better go.

Pictures: Back to old shots today. Here is a couple Yucca plants.
 photo y4.jpg
 photo Y1.jpg

Night folks


Friday: This Monday is my Friday 🙂 After today I will be off for two days but they will go fast because I have things to do on both days. Tuesday I am off to Albuquerque for the day and then on Wednesday it will be chores, laundry, food shopping and such.

Work : Today was not a hard day but as always busy, the time really goes fast.

Pictures: Out though the desert into the wild blue.
 photo beenthere.jpg

Yucca, flaming white into the sky.
 photo Y1.jpg

Shoes: I sometimes find shoes that I like but for whatever reason the makers of the shoes always stop making the ones I like! What the devil is that all about? I like New Balance Trail shoes but they keep changing the numbers so I don’t know what I am getting each time. I guess I need to find a pair that I like and then buy up about 10 pair! Well okay, maybe 2 pair 🙂
I found SKECHERS Factory Outlet in Albuquerque so maybe I will stop there tomorrow.They had prices that didn’t scare me away 😉 when I talked with them on the phone. I looked on the internet at SKECHERS and they sure look very colorful o_O not a thing an old dude like myself likes ….. but we’ll see. I like a comfortable shoe that is tough, good for walking, good for working and that will last for a long time ….. all for cheap! Just like an old dude yes? LOL.

Night folks.