Long Break

Pictures: Couple of House Finches, some of the last I took while in Yuma.

House Finch 4_7D2_240116

House Finch 1_7D2_240116

Still in a slump: Not sure when I’ll get back at blogging everyday or if I will. I have not been doing much of nothing with any thing, computers, photographing or blogging. I just in one of those places where all I want to do is to chill out!!!

Moved: I have moved a couple of time since I last posted. I stayed one night in Quartzsite AZ and then moved west of Quartzsite a ways and will likely stay here for a while. The Yuma area was getting really crowded and I like a little more space. I had an RV move to within 20 feet from me in Yuma and that is a little closer then I like my neighbors. The area I’m in now is much better with the nearest RV being about 300 feet from me. And … I was a bit tired of Yuma and it was time to find a new front yard 😉 This area is a little bit away from things, stores and such, and I sometimes like being out away from things a bit. Mind you, I’m only 10 or 12 miles to a small city, ( Blythe, CA ) which has most of the things ones needs, about the only thing Blythe is missing is a Walmart. The nearest Walmart is about 60 miles or so away that is a good ways for me but for many western folks that is just down the road.

Night folks

Moved and update to 8.1

A fast Hello, a little updating of location links and Windows 8.1 news. I am in Yuma at the VFW. All my location links have been updated, I was going to wait till tomorrow and do the location stuff but I think with all the moving around I did over the summer I have gotten pretty quick at doing it, a good thing. I usually do a location link in the blog post itself, update the Where I am now link on the right side of the blog and update the Location of Past stops link at the top and the right side of the blog.

I got here before noon and spent the rest of day riding around with my friends here in Yuma, so a fun day.

Hey, I did get Windows 8.1 installed and it did break a thing or two, that I have found so far, but I was able to get them fixed. Like I said, this is so far. The first thing it did was it tried to make Sky Drive a default thing for pictures and such and I sure do not have the bandwidth for that kind of thing as an RVer. Luckily it did give the option to op out of it but you needed to watch for it. Second, it makes signing in a much, so I had to fix that. What that needed was to have netplwiz  run from the run box (right-click the returned Start Button and pick Run, then type in netplwiz). Oh, by the way, you have to have a Microsoft account to set up Windows 8.1 so if you don’t have one you will have to do that. What made me think of this is, you need the password from that account to get pass the need to login each time you start the computer. Once you run netplwiz,  you uncheck user must enter a username … click apply and then you have to put in the password twice and click OK, all this with a restart should have you going. Here is a link to Youtube showing you how to do this.

The next thing up was each time I shut down my computer it would crash 😦  ………… this turn out to be a driver for an old dial-up modem (software) that some laptops have (it is not really needed) so disabling it fixed that problem. So far that has been all for the laptop, but more could turn up, so a few days testing will be in order. I have not started on the desktop just yet, maybe tomorrow.

By the way, things with the computer are a bit easier here because I have good 4G speeds for the internet.

My friend (who is also at the VFW) and I took us a short walk late this evening, for just a little exercise.

Night folks.


The weather is giving us a little above average temperatures this month, by about 10°. We are in for some more of that for the rest of the week. Still it is only bad in the late afternoon and early evening, all other times are kind of nice.

Exercise was my usual bike ride, just over 10 miles. I have not had a day off now for a while and the knees are doing OK with it. I usually don’t do but about 10 miles at a time of late though, so that helps. Update; added a walk of about one mile and another 4 miles on the bike (down to the store and back). The bike is becoming my car for short runs.

I have decided that tomorrow will be my running-the-roads day. I will visit a friend and do a little shopping and that will probably be my last trip to Yuma, till next fall.

I think that I will be hitting the road some times next week, going a little to the east.


Yuma visit

My friend (Max) and I, headed to Yuma this morning and visited with our friend (Mickey) and then did a little shopping and headed back to Wellton. While I was visiting, my friend (Mickey) let me use the washer and dryer for my laundry, so that is all caught up. At any rate ……. like always when I go to Yuma, it takes up the day, pretty much.

Exercise; Max and I took a short walk once we got back from the big city. I will not do any stretching today. Maybe tomorrow I will get in a bike ride.

It is already the 8th of Feb and in only about a month and half from now it will be time to move on back to NM for a spell. I am thinking about the running the state parks again but it is not a sure thing just yet. The NM State Park Pass will cost me $180.00 for the year. With the park pass I can boon-dock free in any of the state parks for 14 days or hook up for a small fee for 14 days. It was 21 days but starting April 1 of 2013 it will only be 14 😦    I may go somewhere else. It is one of them, we’ll see things. Here is a link to the NM State Parks rules.

That is about the whole of my life for this day 🙂 ,  all is well.

Nice bike ride

Today a I rode 17.5 miles at a slower pace of about 11.5 miles an hour. After getting back, I did a little bit of stretching , so I’m all set for today.

Tomorrow my friend and I might go into town (Yuma) and mess around for while visiting friends, shopping, and whatnot.

I cooked up another port pot roast today and it was not too bad, I’ll have another round of it later today.

I am again using the tablet to post with today, and I am liking it better for this use each time I post with it. Between the swiping and the voice recognition it is getting easier to use all the time. I am slowly getting better at using it to post to the blog. I like the technology of the new kids, now if we can just get them to stop doing it while they are driving!

I enjoy it when my friend (Max) is hanging out with me, we both like talking tech stuff, not that either one of us is all that high-tech but we both enjoy the tech stuff. I guess all this high-tech stuff just fascinate us old dudes!

OK, I am back on the laptop now with a nice keyboard to type with. 🙂   The tablet is handy for adding one liners and then catching up to them later on the computer too. Good for making a fast voice entry.

I am going to get off this computer and join my friend outside, so later.

Back from the city

Went to Yuma today for a visit and shopping. Enjoyed my visit and got my bit of shopping out-of-the-way. I got back about 2pm and I was dying for my hit of tea/caffeine/sweetener! It is a little after 3pm now and I am on my second glass of tea ……….. sure does taste good 😀  If I let my self go I could easily drink a gallon before bed time, but I won’t , I’ll be good.

Update 3:30pm; I just finish my second glass of tea and I can feel all that good caffeine running through my veins, it is good 😯

Exercise is off for today but I did get my stretching done. Tomorrow I will ride the bike if the weather is cooperating with me, as in not too much wind. Today has been a beautiful day.

Last night I seen a fire truck and ambulance at one of the RVs just over the way. Not sure what happen but I hope it was not too bad a thing for whoever it was. When in a community of older folks (most RVers are older) I guess one will see that now and again.

One evening here soon, I think I will fire up the generator and run it for 2 or 3 hours. It will give it some exercise and I can update the desktop which is way behind by now, seeing as I have not had it running for a good while. Maybe I’ll run the generator Saturday evening/night, that would be a good night to sat around on the computer because Saturday night TV is not too good, It will give me something to do Saturday evening.

I am going out to enjoy some more of this fine weather. Later.

Ugly cool spell coming

The weather is about to turn cooler and even forecasting a freezing day or two. Today is the start of it all with heavy overcast skies. I don’t like the overcast days much ………. I miss my solar charging and my solar heat from the slide side of the RV which has 4 windows to let in the sunshine. Even on cool days if there is sun I will have some heat in the RV by mother-nature but not today it is about 55° outside and the very same 55° inside the RV. Today is support to go to 66 but it needs to get busy because it is already 11am. The highs for the next two days is just over 50° and the highs for the next 10 days are all in the 60° and below, so Jan will be a cool month this year. That is OK, Feb will come soon enough and it will warm up.

Thinking about what I will do today …….. I could head into Yuma and goof off a while but I think I will hold off till tomorrow for Yuma. I could fire up the Honda Generator and do a few things that need lots of power, like running the vacuüm, updating the Desktop computer and I could maybe run one of my small electric heaters for a short spell. Of course if I really want heat I can fire up the Wave 8 heater and I might because I feel a little chilly.

OK I have decided ………….. I am going to go run the roads so I will catch you folks later!

City Chores done! It is near 5 pm now and I am back from the city and got the things done that needed done. The weather looks like it is starting …….. lots of wind blowing around and I bet it will bring the cold weather with it before the night is over, the high tomorrow is not much as I stated above just in the 50,s . I wash the truck today so a nice coat of dust coming in with this wind to get the truck started back to its desert state of mind, LOL.

No exercise today, trips to the city take up the whole day, pretty much. OK catch you back here tomorrow, everyone have a nice night.

Yuma gets LTE

Yea, Yuma is getting LTE ………… not sure if it is on yet but if not its coming. So maybe next year if I come back to Wellton the LTE will be expanded to here. I got one of the Verizon E-mails saying it is expanding to Yuma.

Today I did another short upper body workout and my stretching, still giving the knees a rest. It was a very short workout but I felt it a plenty, LOL. Not hard to feel the burn when you have not work the upper body for some years. I hope to get the upper body into my weekly routine of workouts, so I just need to do it till it feels good every time I workout. That takes some time. We’ll see.

I think I will have a large plate of vegetable, all that 15 minute workout made me hungry, LOL. Good thing I did not do a real workout I would have to eat the RV. Food on the stove.

Tomorrow I will head into Yuma (first trip), visit, do a little shopping and pick up my mail (my friend is gracious enough to let me have my mail sent to her house) . Always good to visit with friends.

The sun is giving me good solar love today so my batteries are taking in the juicy. When on solar, one loves a good sunny day.

Vin check

Today I had someone from the sheriff’s department come out and do a Vin check on the RV so I don’t have to hook it up and haul it down to the DMV to get it registered . The parking lot is small and it is a pain to move just for a short period of time like that and then just come back and do all my hookups again.  So in the morning I will have to be off the the DMV to register the 5th wheel. I will have to go early if I don’t want to be there all day, because it gets busy.

Exercise; I was not full of energy but I got it done. Some days are better than others but none are really bad days. For those of you that exercise you know how it is to have one those “good days” and once you have a few of them you just keep looking for more. 🙂  Over all my knees have been doing pretty good except on humid days.

Yuma; I will probably make it to Yuma at some point this year and I kind of look forward to it. This year I will take a little more time getting there and maybe not even make it over till after xmass. I kind of want to go by some other places I like, just to hang out for a bit.  Of course, they will be boon-docking spots.

Windows 8; One dead piece of software so far, my Ditto (a clip board manager) is broke.  It is a program that I use a lot. Maybe it will get updated by the time I get Windows 8 install on this machine.

Shopping in Yuma

Well in Walmart anyways, not much of a shopping trip but a much-needed one. Two more trips to the Walmart in Yuma this year will be all for me and maybe one. Today a got much of what I will need to finish the month here in Wellton, I will need to pick up a couple of more items and that will do me. Before I know it the month will be gone and I will be headed back east a bit for my summer Workamping job, which I will more than likely stay at for 6 months or so.

I have not exercise today so that is about 3 in a roll off. I will have to get back at it before long but I want the knee to be in good shape and it is feeling fair today. The rest, has done it some good.

The wind is blowing pretty good today and it has made me worry a bit about the solar panels being tilted up because the wind is coming out of the north somewhat and that is putting it right under the tilt of my panels. 3 panels can catch a lot of wind, being as they are about 5 feet by 8 feet all together. A good size area for the wind. The weatherman is saying that it will dead down a little this evening but it is not happening just yet and it is already 5pm. It is March and the sun is starting to get pretty high in the sky now and I will be able to put them down for the year soon and maybe now. I think this is about the time of year I let them down last year and I did fine on solar power. For those of you who don’t know the sun is pretty low in the south sky during the winter and we all tilt our solar panels up toward the south in order to catch more of the sun rays.

Night folks